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  • No need for Obama to visit Israel

    To the Editor: I really don’t see the need for President Obama to go to Israel. There is so much turmoil in the region. This trip just encourages “crazies” to get publicity for their causes. He is a husband and father and should not put his life at risk to make a few Republicans happy…. More ▸

  • Misinformation on Iran’s nukes

    To the Editor: In the item about Obama visiting Israel, there is the usual degree of misinformation regarding Iran’s nuclear program, e.g., your statement that "… Western intelligence agencies have accumulated much evidence that such a weapon is in the development stages." I have read the last two IAEA reports on Iran and the leaks… More ▸

  • Factual but misleading on O.U.

    To the Editor: The headline and lead to the Breaking News item "Orthodox Union, world’s largest kosher certifier, in disarray" may be factual, but they are misleading, to say the least. To be transparent: I am friendly with some of those connected to the O.U.; I am not Orthodox, to say the least; and I… More ▸

  • Party politics on Hagel

    To the Editor: Jewish Democrats have chosen loyalty to party over loyalty to country and fundamental decency. If any Republican had said the things that Hagel said, Democrats like Schumer and Wasserman Schultz would take to the airwaves to call the offender an anti-Semite. That’s what they correctly did with Pat Buchanan. Now the issue… More ▸

  • Seeking answers on Hagel

    To the Editor: Why does JTA end its story on Chuck Hagel noting the softening tone of Jewish critics with a quote from the marginal organization J Street? Is this the JTA view also? Why doesn’t the story provide the evidence that Hagel’s positions on Israel are distorted, as Hagel claims? Hagel claims that the… More ▸

  • Czech’s Fischer not Jewish

    To the Editor: Jan Fischer is not Jewish and to invoke the Holocaust is a new one in claiming to be a Jew. Leon Fonfa Brooklyn, N.Y. More ▸

  • Left is clueless on gun control

    To the Editor: The Ron Kampeas article about the horrors that occurred in Newtown, Conn., said that "Jewish groups" were weighing in on the event by calling for more gun control. The piece then referred to a Reform rabbi and B’nai B’rith. I am embarrassed when the term "Jewish" is substituted for what is really… More ▸

  • Obama not a top gentile in ’12

    To the Editor: Re "Gentiles of the Year 2012": If anyone in his right mind would list supporters of Israel and Jewish causes, surely Canadian Prime Minister Harper should take first place, and all those wonderful people who spoke up in defense of Israel should follow, including Nazi hunters, sportscasters, etc. Milliped is cute and… More ▸