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  • Help Israel’s ally Palau

    To the Editor: On Nov. 29, in opposition to Israel’s position, 138 countries voted to grant Palestine non-member observer state status in the United Nations. Forty-one countries abstained and only nine fearlessly stood with Israel. One of the nine was Palau, a nation of only 21,000 people spread out over 250 islands throughout the Pacific…. More ▸

  • Misleading on BJ rabbis ‘regret’

    To the Editor: Your headline on the Breaking News item "N.Y. shul’s rabbis ‘regret’ email praising U.N. Palestine vote" was misleading. The B’nai Jeshurun rabbis did not regret the substance of their message or the fact that it was communicated; they regretted that some people felt alienated by it.  Many of us, however, welcome their… More ▸

  • Changing face of activism

    To the Editor: Re the Opinion piece by Cheryl Halpern on student activism: I am a Jewish senior at the University of Maryland. I recently attended this year’s Jewish Federations of North America General Assembly conference in Baltimore, where Elie Wiesel and Natan Sharansky engaged in a "Historic Dialogue" surrounding the 25th anniversary of the… More ▸

  • Differences on restitution claims

    To the Editor: Re the letter from Alex Storozynski of the Kosciuszko Foundation: We know this is not only a Jewish issue and we work together with Szypowski’s owners’ organization OPOR in Poland. The Holocaust Restitution Committee, as well as the World Jewish Resitution Organizaton, are invited and speak at OPOR conferences that take place… More ▸

  • Emanuel should focus on Chicago

    To the Editor: As a Chicago resident, I have a suggestion for Mayor Rahm Emanuel: Focus on issues in our city. Crime in Chicago is out of control. Fight the exponential growing crime rates in the city that will affect us later on by reducing tourism and business. Reduce taxes or come up with a… More ▸

  • Censure Poland over restitution

    To the Editor: After pondering the very informative article "Holocaust restitution making little headway in E. Europe, Poland seen as worst offender," I am not immediately aware of any charter elements or codicils that would preclude administrative action by NATO and the European Union against Poland — to include possible member suspension or suspension of… More ▸

  • Restitution not just a Jewish issue

    To the Editor: The article “Holocaust restitution making little headway in E. Europe, Poland seen as worst offender” was biased and misleading. First, this is not merely a Jewish issue. Of the Polish property that was confiscated by Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia, only about 18 percent belonged to Jews, while the remaining 82 percent… More ▸

  • Stevie Wonder’s bias

    To the Editor: Stevie Wonder and his representatives are leaning toward, if not entirely supporting, the views of the enemies of Israel — a country facing existential threats on a biblical scale — as foretold in prophecy. Eric Lon Nicholasville, Ky. More ▸

  • Dialogue with Iran is senseless

    To the Editor: Dialogue and diplomatic endeavors have failed. They allow time to those who refuse to recognize Israel, yet clamor for its destruction, to aquire capital to rearm, reposition, plan and execute bombings and kidnappings, set booby traps and engage in small arms sniping. Iran has been a major weapons supplier to Hamas and… More ▸

  • U.S. lawmakers out of bounds

    To the Editor: Re "Senators Cardin and Collins warn Abbas about U.N. bid": The Palestinians are under Israeli occupation and Israel is in violation of numerous U.N. resolutions. Palestine wants to enter into an official dialogue with other countries in order to improve its citizens’ lives. What business do United States senators have in disputing… More ▸