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  • Feeling bad for Kardashian

    To the Editor: I cannot grasp how someone like Kim Kardashian can be publicly flogged for expressing a heartfelt sympathy for two peoples at war with each other and appealing to her God for mercy on the innocents caught up in the conflict on both sides. Would Twitter followers be equally incensed if the comments… More ▸

  • Leaving Obama camp over Israel

    To the Editor: I voted for Obama four years ago. Since then I have noted his actions rather than his words. I did not vote for him Tuesday. Why? Because I fear that Obama’s re-election will be the beginning of the end of the alliance between Israel and the USA, and thus the eventual end… More ▸

  • Babs errs on Obama

    To the Editor: On Barbra Streisand’s National Jewish Democratic Council video, I have always been a great fan of Streisand but I thoroughly disagree with her. As a Jew and also a believer in God, which unfortunately are not necessarily the same, I absolutely know in my heart that Barack Obama does not have Jewish… More ▸

  • Biased for Obama

    To the Editor: Why doesn’t JTA just endorse President Obama already? I am sick of reading your articles that pretend to be fair but are thinly disguised promotion for Obama. The “kishkes” test? I mean really. As if Jews had nothing to worry about — or no other president has been subject to suspicion on… More ▸

  • Giving in to haredim

    To the Editor: The arrest of a woman for leading a prayer service at the Kotel is a completely disgusting thing. The haredi Orthodox are placing themselves in the position of Hashem. If they read their Torah, they will find that the wearing of tzitzit and the reading of the Shema is incumbent on all… More ▸

  • ‘Mein Kampf’ a valuable study tool

    To the Editor: I am amazed at the shortsightedness concerning the publication of an annotated "Mein Kampf" in Germany. I studied Nazi Germany, World War II and National Socialism at Smith College, the University of Massachusetts and on my own. To do so without including "Mein Kampf" seems like studying Christianity without a Bible or… More ▸

  • Christians violated trust

    To the Editor: In “Christians’ letter was reasonable, worded sensitively,” Rabbi Brant Rosen misses the mark both on the substance and process aspects of the Protestants’ letter to Congress. Contrary to his piece, the dialogue between Jewish and Christian representatives is quite honest, including significant criticisms of Israeli policy coming from the Christian side. We,… More ▸

  • Boycott call for pluralism

    To the Editor: In reference to "Anat Hoffman’s arrest at Western Wall galvanizing liberal Jewish groups," I’ll bet a boycott of all donations to and support of Israel by American Conservative and Reform Jewry would have some impact in getting the laws changed. As an American Jewish woman I would gladly support this action, and… More ▸

  • On Nazis’ sexual abuse of boys

    To the Editor: Re the item "Jane Fonda to host Holocaust event on sexual violence": My mom, Elza Breuer, a Holocaust survivor, always spoke about the time she saw a block full of "round-faced pretty boys" at Auschwitz when she was shipped there from Hungary in July 1944. Later she was transferred to Ravensbruck. The… More ▸

  • Starting point of Soviet Jewry movement

    To the Editor: The Op-Ed "Celebrate and learn from the Soviet Jewry movement" by Daniel Eisenstadt and Michael Granoff provides us with an immediate lesson to be learned: how the memory of the Soviet Jewry struggle can be misappropriated. The authors do note and give credit to a "generation-long struggle" and "grass-roots" activists, but constructing… More ▸