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  • JCPA on Title VI legal protection

    To the Editor: In the April 16 Op-Ed on JTA “Jewish groups should embrace new legal protection for Jewish students,” authors Morton Klein and Susan Tuchman of the Zionist Organization of America misconstrue the Jewish Council for Public Affairs’ position on the Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights determination that religious identity should be covered… More ▸

  • Obama policies hurting survivors

    To the Editors: It is appropriate that President Obama will speak next week at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in commemoration of Yom Hashoah. Remembering the victims of the Holocaust and the lessons of the Shoah is an indispensable act for any American president. However, there is an overarching need to account for those who… More ▸

  • On respecting Birthright participants

    To the Editor: Birthright Israel has succeeded by allowing more than 300,000 young Jews to experience Israel’s magic directly, not through the distorting lens of conflict-obsessed reporters. But Birthright’s success also reflects its humanistic, person-centered educational philosophy. This approach bears repeating to counter the false impression of the JTA article reporting on a debate between… More ▸

  • Let survivors go to court

    To the Editor: The American Insurance Association ran an ad last week asserting that the “insurance industry seeks to ensure that all unclaimed and unpaid insurance policy from the Holocaust era are appropriately paid.” The AIA ad is not only cynically timed, it is highly misleading. The insurers’ ad was launched nine days after the… More ▸

  • Dismayed by TAPPS stance

    To the Editor: As director of the statewide advocacy group for private schooling in Texas, I was dismayed by the Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools’ (TAPPS) refusal to accommodate Jewish day school Robert M. Beren Academy’s Sabbath observance by amending the state basketball tournament schedule. Though pleased with TAPPS’ eventual reversal, I was… More ▸

  • Gefilte Fish Pond?

    To the Editor: I am Jewish and retired military. I suggest the name Jew Pond be retained and the pond stocked with catfish and carp or another whitefish, so it can become a source of Jewish sushi — gefilte fish. The town could then boast as having the source of a well-established culinary delight. Paul… More ▸

  • Ban metzizah b’peh ritual

    To the Editor: It’s time to condemn metzizah b’peh, the barbaric direct oral suction of an infant’s genitals, in the strongest terms and demand that it be outlawed. Then the Orthodox can say they have an excuse to stop doing it. Ron Low Chicago, Ill. More ▸

  • Uninformed Santorum

    To the Editor: As a former senator, I would think Rick Santorum would have more knowledge about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. And as someone who prides himself on being such a devout Christian, I would think he would know all of the passages in the Bible that refer to peace and abolishing war. I am not… More ▸

  • Plaudits for YU coach beyond record

    To the Editor: I must register my disappointment with your blurb concerning the article on Yeshiva University’s basketball coach, Jonathan Halpert ("Bad News Maccabees"), in the Daily Briefing of Feb. 21. In fact, he is one of the "winningest" coaches in college basketball, a fact that is born out in the article, which stresses his… More ▸

  • On violating religious tenets

    To the Editor: Regarding the recent controversy over the contraception mandate, the Jewish organizations are missing the fundamental issue. This has nothing to do with the contraceptives and everything to do with the ability of the federal government to mandate activities that violate religious tenets. Suppose the government issued a rule that the work week… More ▸