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  • Recognize Palestinian nonviolence

    To the Editor: In his JTA Op-Ed, Rabbi Kenneth Cohen dismissed the Palestinian nonviolence movement as irrelevant as "a Flat Earth Society in Gaza" and opposed an alleged overconcentration on that movement by Churches for Middle East Peace and by Quakers.  As a Quaker lobbyist representing the Friends Committee on National Legislation on the CMEP… More ▸

  • Churches’ group on the Middle East

    To the Editor: Churches for Middle East Peace is grateful to Rabbi Kenneth Cohen for his sincere reflections about our annual advocacy conference. We hope that Rabbi Cohen’s commentary will open further dialogue between CMEP and the Jewish community. CMEP is a coalition of 24 national church denominations and organizations from Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox… More ▸

  • No ‘right’ concessions for Israel

    To the Editor: James Klutznick’s conclusions in his Op-Ed are profoundly misguided. The rule of law should be applied equally. No one, in Jewish communities or Arab settlements, should be permitted to build on land legally owned by another. Israeli law finally emulates American law in outlawing direct foreign government funding of organizations opposed to… More ▸

  • German hospital’s circumcision shame

    To the Editor: Under the circumstances of the Cologne ruling on circumcision, I could understand general hospitals not allowing religious circumcisions. But a so-called Jewish hospital going along with that — in of all places Berlin, Germany — I find alarming, disturbing and highly disappointing. What’s so Jewish about this Jewish hospital, and from whom… More ▸

  • Syrians couldn’t hit Israeli jet

    To the Editor: Re the Syrians mistakenly shooting down a Turkish jet: If it were an Israeli jet, they would not have been able to shoot it down. Bruce S. Bevitz Longwood, Fla. More ▸

  • On the term ‘Polish death camps’

    To the Editor: Re your Archive blog post about Obama: History should be based on the facts, not conclusions. The term "Polish death camps" didn’t come out of nowhere but was popularized by former Nazi Alfred Benzinger in 1956. Through his special "Agency 114," Benzinger invented a plan to introduce the expression "Polish death camps"… More ▸

  • Finding humane solution for Africans

    To the Editor: In your article regarding refugees and asylum seekers in Israel from African countries such as Sudan, JTA refers to these individuals as "illegal migrants." I am ashamed and disheartened by your use of this unwarranted term. The people of whom you speak are refugees and asylum seekers, fleeing war and violence in… More ▸

  • Karski’s deserving awards

    To the Editor: I was pleased to read that Jan Karski is being posthumously awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. My husband and I were privileged to get to know Jan during his later years. He was an outstanding humanitarian, a highly respected professor and a quintessential gentleman. Despite the frustrations that he must have… More ▸