• Op-Ed: By hosting BDS conference, college gave imprimatur to hate speech

    There’s nothing wrong with hosting a conference challenging the legitimacy of the Jewish state. The problem is that Brooklyn College’s political science department gave the event its seal of approval, writes a leading official for the Jewish Council for Public Affairs. More ▸

  • Op-Ed: Oscars crossed a line into bigotry

    Sunday night’s Academy Awards ceremony featured a not very subtle onslaught of sexist, racist, homophobic and anti-Semitic “jokes,” crossing the invisible line between satire and bigotry, writes a Los Angeles academic and author. More ▸

  • Op-Ed: We tore our Hillel down, an organizational makeover

    The Tulane University Hillel tripled attendance at weekly Sabbath dinners and boosted fundraising by 78 percent in just three years. Its executive director explains how it was done. More ▸

  • Is Judaism a religion, race or culture?

    Rachel Stein was the winner of BBYO’s BBG Oratory Contest, the results of which were announced at BBYO’s International Convention 2013, which ended Sunday in Washington, DC. She addressed the prompt: “Is Judaism a religions, race or culture? Can it be all three? Is it something entirely different?” More ▸

  • What does Jewish “brotherly love” look like in 2013?

    Nathan Levy was the winner of BBYO’s AZA Oratory Contest, the result of which were announced at BBYO’s International Convention in 2013, which ended Sunday in Washington, DC. He addressed the prompt: “What does brotherly love look like in 2013 and how can it be made stronger? More ▸

  • Op-Ed: Lessons today from Sophie Scholl’s anti-Nazi resistance

    Though Sophie Scholl and the students of the White Rose resistance were executed by the Nazis 70 years ago this month, the example they set of courage in the face of authoritarian repression remains relevant today, writes the co-author of “Sophie Scholl and the White Rose.” More ▸

  • Op-Ed: Advocacy needed to push initiatives for the disabled

    A Jewish Federations of North America official urges the Jewish community to speak up for the Community First Choice option in Medicaid and the Achieving a Better Life Experience Act. More ▸

  • Op-Ed: Play the money card to push rights for disabled

    It’s time to use the power of the purse to stop the discrimination against the disabled, writes the co-founder and director of the Mizrahi Family Charitable Trust. More ▸