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  • Op-Ed: Time to replace programmatic model of Jewish affiliation

    LOS ANGELES (JTA) — It’s that time of year, when Jewish institutions pull out their 2013-14 calendars and fill them with events. Many of the programs are very good, with clever names and slick marketing: Jews and Brews, for young Federation leadership; L’mazeltov, for expectant parents; Torah and Tacos, for synagogue members who favor a… More ▸

  • Op-Ed: How shmitta can help us kick the consumerist habit

    For many Jews, religious practice is just one more thing to do, like going to the gym or the movies. Educator Sarah Chandler writes that the ancient practice of shmitta offers some guidance on how to change that. More ▸

  • Op-Ed: For Carmen, preserve Jewish heritage in Egypt

    If we redouble our efforts to preserve and protect the Jewish heritage of Egypt, it will be a blessing for Carmen Weinstein, the late head of the country’s Jewish community who toiled in that effort, an American Jewish Committee official writes. More ▸

  • Op-Ed: Don’t ruin Robinson’s Arch

    A lifelong Conservative Jew hopes the plan to expand egalitarian prayer at Robinson’s Arch doesn’t end up ruining the area’s serene and spiritual nature. More ▸

  • In Germany, some closure for the son of survivors

    For the son of Holocaust survivors, a business trip to Germany turns out to be an act of closure for his personal history that he says even his parents would have understood. More ▸

  • Op-Ed: Jews should work to reduce fossil fuels, not ally with gas and oil companies

    A new alliance between Jewish leaders and domestic gas and oil companies to promote energy independence does not represent the Jewish community. Instead, the authors argue, we should be promoting the reduction of all fossil fuels to improve energy security, reduce greenhouse gases and help Israel in the long run. More ▸

  • Op-Ed: Jews obliged to intervene on behalf of WIC program

    Jews are called on by their faith, their humanity and their obligation to future generations to intervene on behalf of the 600,000 low-income women, infants and children who will lose a vital lifeline with the sequester cuts to the WIC program, write two Jewish leaders. More ▸

  • New pope is an old friend of the Jewish community

    A rabbi formerly in Argentina recalls Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, now Pope Francis, promoting interfaith dialogue and expects him to follow in the footsteps of his two papal predecessors. More ▸