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  • Q&A with Jorma Kaukonen on Jefferson Airplane and Judaism

    Jorma Kaukonen, who played guitar in classic rock bands Jefferson Airplane and Hot Tuna, has just released “Ain’t In No Hurry,” his first solo album since 2009. While Kaukonen’s guitar skills are legendary, few people know that he bought his first electric guitar by cashing Israel Bonds he received from his Jewish grandmother. On the eve of Jefferson… More ▸

  • Opening the floodgates of Israel bashing

    Commentary magazine called it “flood libel.” described it as “dam busted.” And Camera headlined it “Dam Lies.” Agence France Presse’s report earlier this week falsely alleging that Israel intentionally opened a large dam in the South in order to unleash floods upon Gaza’s already beleaguered residents has released a torrent of puns. But it also opened the… More ▸

  • Can exotic flavors bring back SodaStream’s fizz?

    Is “enhanced water” the new soda? SodaStream hopes so. In the hopes of bringing back some positive fizz to its profit line, the Israel-based soda maker company is, according to the New York Times, developing a line of carbonated water flavors to complement its current soda varieties. Starting in June, SodaStream owners will be able… More ▸

  • When Israeli brashness goes too far

    Israelis don’t exactly have a reputation of being polite. But even in a country known for its rudeness, some things cross the line. Yesterday an argument over duty-free chocolate prompted nationwide soul-searching on local manners — or lack thereof. A video making the rounds on Israeli social media shows a woman — followed by her family members — screaming at… More ▸

  • Pawlikowski talks down the Oscars orchestra

    Polish director Pawel Pawlikowski won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film — and then quickly found out just where that ranks in the Hollywood pecking order. Pawlikowski hurried up to the stage to accept the statue for his film, “Ida,” about a Catholic nun who discovers she is Jewish and her parents were killed in the… More ▸

  • Saperstein’s ‘two visions’ teaching gets emotional applause

    Rabbi David Saperstein is no stranger to teaching, having led the Reform movement’s Religious Action Center for forty years. Now that he’s the Obama administration’s envoy for religious freedom, he’s got a different — perhaps broader — audience, but he’s still flexing the same muscles. The closing to his speech at his swearing-in Friday got him enthusiastic… More ▸

  • From the Archive: The Star of David myth and the World War II rescue of Danish Jewry

    Last weekend, Denmark was shocked by the latest terrorist attack on a European Jewish institution. After shooting up a Copenhagen cafe, a gunman attacked the city’s main synagogue, killing a Jewish security guard. Danish Jews have been encouraged by the response of their government and fellow citizens to the attack. “The response of Danish society has been… More ▸

  • Gary Shteyngart’s bittersweet romance with television

    Novelist Gary Shteyngart has made his reputation with wry explorations of ambivalent, conflicted, often frustrated love. Now he is launching into a new affair with television, and it seems that he’s carrying a full freight of mixed emotions. Last week came the news that Ben Stiller has signed on to executive produce and direct a television… More ▸

  • Ewan McGregor to direct adaptation of Philip Roth’s ‘American Pastoral’

    The film adaptation of Philip Roth’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel “American Pastoral” just gained a lot more hype. Ewan McGregor, the acclaimed Scottish actor known for his roles “Trainspotting” and the “Star Wars” franchise, announced on Wednesday that he will make his directorial debut at the helm of “American Pastoral.” “I’ve wanted to direct for years… More ▸

  • At Boston festival, shining light on disabilities through film

    With this month’s observance of Jewish Disabilities Awareness Month, community groups across the country are discovering the power of film to shed light on the subject and defy stereotypes of people living with disabilities. “Films are an accessible way to create community and to educate and entertain,” said Jaymie Saks, executive director of the Boston… More ▸