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  • Ex-rugby star turned NFL player: ‘Jews killed Jesus’

    Jarryd Hayne is an Australian rugby star trying to make an unusual transition to the NFL as a potential member of the San Francisco 49ers. He also seems to be trying to stir up a millennia-old anti-Semitic debate. “Jesus wanted to help people but was killed by his own people,” Hayne tweeted on July 1…. More ▸

  • With Europe drifting away, is Israel making new friends in the U.N.?

    PARIS (JTA) — While significant, the vote by European countries in favor of adopting the latest United Nations report accusing Israel of possible war crimes in the 2014 Gaza war is neither unique nor particularly surprising. More noteworthy were the abstentions by India and four other developing countries that have historically sided against Israel at the U.N. In the vote… More ▸

  • On Reform Judaism in Israel, don’t hate the minister, hate the ministry

    Israeli Religious Services Minister David Azoulay — from the haredi Shas party — drew a wave of backlash earlier this week when he said that Reform Jews aren’t Jews. Among those who spoke out against the minister was Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. “A Reform Jew, from the moment he stops following Jewish law, I cannot allow… More ▸

  • Jewish whiz kid catches math ‘mistake’ at Boston museum

    Joseph Rosenfeld, a 15-year-old Jewish math enthusiast from Virginia, has the media abuzz about the golden ratio after questioning the accuracy of a display at the Museum of Science in Boston. Rosenfeld, a sophomore at Handley High School in Winchester, Virginia, is suddenly in the media spotlight, with coverage from the Boston Globe, Britain’s Daily… More ▸

  • What to do in and around Whitefish, Montana

    The glaciers are melting! That was the distress call that prompted my family and I to schlep across the country in June to see the wonders of Glacier National Park before the snow is all gone. I had some trepidation about traveling with family members who can’t really hike, but the park’s roadside attractions alone made… More ▸

  • David Aronson, rabbi’s rebel son, top Expressionist, dies at 91

    Boston – Golems, rabbis and less-than-holy biblical figures loom large in the legacy of Jewish artist David Aronson, who died Thursday, July 2, at age 91. Aronson, born in Lithuania and son of an Orthodox Jewish rabbi, rose from the hardships of early 20th century immigrant life to become a preeminent member of the Boston Expressionism movement… More ▸

  • U2 dedicates performance of ‘One’ to Shimon Peres

    Former Israeli President Shimon Peres may be a big U2 fan, but it seems like Bono is an even bigger Shimon Peres fan. Peres was in Toronto for an economic conference and attended U2’s performance at the Air Canada Centre there. During the encore, Bono took advantage of the opportunity to praise Peres — who… More ▸

  • 5 things to know about Israel’s failed conversion reform

    The Israeli government last November passed a landmark decision that eased the path to conversion for about 400,000 Israelis not considered Jewish by Israel’s Chief Rabbinate. The reform allowed some 30 Orthodox city rabbis to perform state-recognized conversions in Israel — an increase from the four courts controlled by the Chief Rabbinate. The law aimed to create… More ▸

  • The Holocaust survivor who coached World Cup star Carli Lloyd

    Soccer fans around the world watched in amazement Sunday night as the United States women’s soccer team netted five goals – four of them in the first 16 minutes – to defeat Japan, 5-2, in the FIFA Women’s World Cup final. Three of the first four goals were scored by midfielder Carli Lloyd, a proficient player… More ▸

  • 10 revealing facts about Orthodox Jewish converts

    There’s some tantalizingly interesting material in the final report of a committee charged with reviewing the way the Rabbinical Council of America, the country’s main Orthodox rabbinical association, deals with conversion. Much comes from a survey of 439 Orthodox converts that provides the first-ever statistics about American Orthodox converts. Some comes from a survey of… More ▸