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  • How JTA helped a Christian hate monger change her ways

    This week’s issue of the New Yorker has an amazing story about how Megan Phelps-Roper came to leave Westboro Baptist Church, the Kansas-based congregation notorious for picketing the funerals of gay men and American soldiers killed overseas with signs like “God Hates Fags” and “Thank God for Dead Soldiers.” It turns out her exit was facilitated… More ▸

  • World Series of Poker: Who are the Jews dominating the finale?

    The World Series of Poker Main Event champion will be decided Tuesday night, and two of the three contenders for the title and a $7,680,021 grand prize are Jewish. Neil Blumenfield and Josh Beckley will take their seats at the most prestigious poker table in the world along with Joe McKeehen, the odds-on favorite with a chip count of… More ▸

  • After Baratz, 4 famous Israeli ‘burns’ of US officials

    Ran Baratz was topic-non grata at the meeting Tuesday between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Barack Obama, White House officials said. But that doesn’t mean Netanyahu’s pick for his public diplomacy chief is far from Obama’s mind. The Obama administration has taken note of Baratz’s pre-appointment remarks calling Obama an anti-Semite and U.S. Secretary of… More ▸

  • 5 questions for the first woman to chair the Union for Reform Judaism

    Last week was a big one for Daryl Messinger. A resident of Palo Alto, California, and an active board member of several organizations, Messinger was installed as chair of the Union for Reform Judaism, becoming the first woman to hold that post. And she chanted Torah for the first time — in front of 5,000 worshippers… More ▸

  • Biden: Should be ‘no tolerance’ in Jerusalem for derogatory comments about POTUS

    Vice President Joe Biden spoke Saturday night in Orlando to thousands of Reform Jews at their biennial convention. He sounded some familiar notes (settlements bad, but even allies disagree; U.S.-Israel alliances is rock solid; the Obama administration will continue to strengthen Israel’s security, will not let Iran go nuclear,  and will fight efforts to delegitimize… More ▸

  • Roger Waters and BDS: How ‘The Wall’ became anti-Israel

    Former Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters is said to have written “The Wall” in 1979 as a metaphor for his internal isolation. But in recent years, he has increasingly politicized the seminal album, particularly to criticize Israel’s polices toward the Palestinians. In an interview with Rolling Stone on Monday, Waters said the message of “The Wall,” on which… More ▸

  • Stray cats, and 8 other things Israel has tried to transfer abroad

    Most Israelis firmly reject population transfer as a solution to the country’s problems. But on Monday, Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel proposed a transfer not of people, but of the cats that crowd Israel’s streets. Ariel quickly withdrew the idea. It’s not the first time Israelis have tried to expel something — or someone — from… More ▸

  • WATCH: ‘Broad City’ pays Halloween homage to Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Judge Judy

    Who makes for a better Halloween costume: Ruther Bader Ginsburg or Judge Judy? Both of the veteran Jewish justices have loyal followings and their share of memorable quotes. Whose opinions are more influential — “the Notorious RBG”‘s, issued from the Supreme Court, or Judy Sheindlin’s, delivered on afternoon television — is up for debate. The girls… More ▸