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  • Actor Jason Segel opens up about childhood as Jewish outsider

    Actor Jason Segel — best known as the star of  “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” and “How I Met Your Mother” — opened up on Marc Maron’s “WTF” podcast this week about growing up with one Jewish parent and as a complete outsider. Segel sat down for the Monday podcast ahead of the release of his film “The… More ▸

  • Emerging GOP debate on Iran deal: To Huckabee or not to Huckabee?

    There isn’t much debate among the 15+ GOP presidential candidates over the Iran deal — they all say it’s a disaster. But there has been some back and forth over just how far it’s OK to go in criticizing the deal. Here’s how candidates have lined up on the issue. The “Obama is marching Israel to the gas… More ▸

  • Israel said to have turned off blacks in Congress, and other Iran deal news

    Don’t count on the Black Caucus  Washington Post columnist Colbert King recently rounded up a litany of horrors to explain why the Congressional Black Caucus isn’t going to give Israel the support it needs to kill the international nuclear agreement. “Should it come to a search for 40 Democratic votes to join the House’s 247 Republicans in voting to… More ▸

  • Iran deal or no deal, a look at Israel’s options

    In the not-so-warm afterglow of the announcement of the Iran nuclear deal, two high-ranking Israeli figures — Dore Gold, director-general of Israel’s Foreign Ministry, and Amos Yadlin, former chief of Israeli military intelligence — are making the rounds in the United States talking about how problematic the deal is. On Wednesday, they spoke to a receptive crowd in… More ▸

  • What Huckabee could learn from Bibi about Holocaust analogies

    Much of the outrage over Mike Huckabee’s Holocaust-Iran analogy was about sense and sensibility. First, sensibility. Sure, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu compares the ayatollahs to the Nazis all the time — and warns that permitting them a pathway to the bomb is opening the door to another Holocaust. But in Netanyahu’s analogy, the Obama administration… More ▸

  • The Israeli razor ad that will make you cry

    What happens when you shave a beard that you’ve had for 14 years without alerting your family? That’s the storyline behind a three-minute ad for Israeli pharmacy chain Super-Pharm’s line of Life M6 razor blades, which netted over 845,000 views in its first day on YouTube. Fourty-four year old Amit (nicknamed “Mook”) predicts that shaving… More ▸

  • WATCH: Jack Black, Morgan Freeman urge Americans to support Iran deal

    Actors Jack Black and Morgan Freeman join other big shots, including Queen Noor of Jordan, in a comedic video released Tuesday that plumps for the Iran deal. The celebrities urge Americans to contact their representatives in Washington to encourage them to support the agreement between world powers and Iran, which Congress has until September to review. Congressional… More ▸

  • 10 other things that start with ‘J’ for JDate to sue

    When it comes to the relationship between JDate and JSwipe, you could say “it’s complicated.” JDate, one of the world’s largest Jewish dating services, is suing its up-and-coming competitor, Jswipe, which has been nicknamed the “Jewish Tinder,” for a surprising reason – the “J” at the front of its name. JDate claims to hold a… More ▸

  • 9 best Jewish moments from ‘Wet Hot American Summer’

    Welcome back to Camp Firewood! “Wet Hot American Summer,” cult classic movie from 2001, will soon be a Netflix miniseries, premiering July 31. Camp Firewood isn’t an observant place, but it’s chock full of Jews — there’s even a camper named David Ben-Gurion. The movie is reportedly based on director David Wain’s childhood experience as a camper at… More ▸