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  • From the Archive: As first lady, Hillary was a prized Jewish keynoter — until she kissed Suha Arafat

    Last week, Hillary Clinton formally announced she would run once more for president, and not surprisingly, many pundits and voters are scrutinizing her record as President Barack Obama’s secretary of state and, before that, as New York’s junior senator. We decided to go back a little further in time to Clinton’s eight years as first lady…. More ▸

  • How Sabra hummus conquered America

    A couple of decades ago, almost no one in America ate hummus. It was hard to find, the chickpea pastes labeled as hummus were pretty lousy and no one could pronounce the food correctly. Americans still can’t pronounce hummus, but now it’s available at nearly every supermarket in the country – not to mention at airports, NFL stadiums… More ▸

  • Is the Obama administration making nice with Israel?

    On Monday, President Barack Obama met with two sets of Jews, and from what we were told, essentially wondered aloud each time why his love for the Jewish people and for Israel is not more widely known. The second group comprised donors and strategic advisers, and their answer, we’ve heard, was: You don’t write, you… More ▸

  • Watch Sheldon Silver’s indicted son-in-law lecture on the Talmud

    Former New York State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver’s son-in-law, who was charged this week with operating a $7 million Ponzi scheme, is an Orthodox rabbi. When not running Allese Capital, the fund through which he is alleged to have defrauded investors, Rabbi Marcello “Yair” Trebitsch frequently delivers lectures about Talmud. More than 70 of his… More ▸

  • ‘It Shoulda Been You’ has laughs, but little originality

    For a musical comedy that traffics in stereotypes and has a weak score, “It Shoulda Been You,” which opens on Broadway on April 14, does surprisingly well when it comes to the gauge of audience laughter. Directed by David Hyde Pierce and with a cast full of recognizable faces, the show pits a Jewish mother… More ▸

  • At Cannabis Seder, Bob Marley tunes and a blessing over the weed

      This seder included a legal disclaimer. “The cannabis products at this Seder are available to OMMP cardholders only,” the sign at the check-in table read, referring to the state of Oregon’s medical marijuana program. “All others consume at your own risk.” The fine print explained the facts: While Oregon voters legalized recreational marijuana use… More ▸

  • Some good news coming out of France’s Jewish community: top-ranked schools

    When mainstream French media report about Jewish schools, it’s usually not good news. Sometimes, the reports are about controversies surrounding public funding of such institutions in a country with a strong separation between religion and state. More often, the news is in the context of security around Jewish schools, which are under heavy protection by police… More ▸