• Sheldon Silver’s evil twin

    Evil twins make frequent appearances in the cheesier sorts of movies and television shows, yet tend to be less common in state politics. But not according New York State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver. Silver has never lacked for chutzpah, but he appears to have taken it to Olympian heights with his most recent dodge. In… More ▸

  • Elsewhere: Pretoria’s man in Tel Aviv, Al Qaida in Israel’s backyard, Congress in the settlements

    Pretoria’s man in Tel Aviv: South Africa’s new envoy to Israel, Sisa Ngombane, criticizes Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians but says he wants to engage in dialogue with the Jewish state. (Times of Israel) Al Qaida in Israel’s backyard: Within sight of IDF tanks patrolling the Golan Heights, Syrian Islamist fighters are strategizing against the regime in… More ▸

  • Elsewhere: Spain’s Jewish problem, Ukraine’s minority report, Jill and the Jews

    Spain’s Jewish problem:  The recent round of hateful tweets following Israel’s Euroleague victory over Madrid should give pause to Jews considering its recent citizenship offer, writes Jonathan Tobin. (Commentary)   Ukraine’s minority report: In Donetsk, Jews are not the only minority groups concerned about the risk of turmoil in eastern Ukraine. (The Independent)  Jill and the Jews: The challenges… More ▸

  • Rabbi Jonathan Sacks: Religious liberty’s under threat — on both sides of the pond

    Rabbi Jonathan Sacks was praised by a Catholic cardinal and then blessed by a Mormon apostle. The former British chief rabbi was being honored by the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, a Washington-based public interest law firm that’s been busy representing clients — such as Hobby Lobby — who say their religious freedoms are being… More ▸

  • The fashion show fundraiser comes to Tel Aviv, courtesy of a N.Y. teen

    Israel is known for many things — startups, falafel, an often intractable territorial conflict — but fashion has never been one of them. A T-shirt, jeans and sandals is considered proper attire both at the workplace and at weddings. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gained notice early in his tenure simply for wearing a tie in… More ▸

  • Dem nominee for Pa. gov a big JCC macher

    In his coverage of last night’s primary elections, Slate political reporter Dave Weigel mentioned an odd fact: Tom Wolf, Pennsylvania’s newly crowned gubernatorial nominee, has given so much to his local Jewish community center in York, Pa., that many reporters assumed he was Jewish. Only he isn’t. So why is a non-Jewish businessman one of… More ▸

  • At World Cup, Israel cheers from the sidelines

    Blue and White soccer fans may not be able to rally behind the Israeli team with bold colors and flags at this year’s World Cup, but their country won’t be underrepresented in Brazil. According to the most recent data from FIFA, Israel (11,222) ranks behind Canada (28,542) for the largest number of tickets purchased by… More ▸

  • Elsewhere: Sabras in Berlin, Israel’s impending crash, hubby’s Hitler issues

    Sabras in Berlin: Young Israelis are increasingly moving to Germany’s capital, where a complicated Jewish past is both resonant and irrelevant. (The New Yorker) Israel’s impending crash? Israel’s economic boom is a bubble similar to those that caused the global financial crisis, writes Jesse Colombo. (Forbes) Hubby’s Hitler issues: The Atlantic republishes a 1939 essay by a “pro-German” American woman… More ▸