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  • African-American pastors meet Israel’s African migrants

    The Tel Aviv office of Mesila — a city government unit that helps African migrants — isn’t a stop you’ll find on most Israel tours. The office is located in a house down a side street around the corner from the city’s grimy, dim, semi-dystopian Central Bus Station. On Sunday morning, its waiting room was… More ▸

  • Israel’s real-life national cop drama, explained

    BLOG Israel’s real-life national cop drama, explained By Ronen Shnidman (JTA) — An outsider is tapped to clean up a police department with a reputation for corruption and sexual harassment. But the new guy has a troubled past of his own. Is he up to the task? It sounds like the premise of a gritty… More ▸

  • Play JTA’s Jewish News of the Year Quiz

    Happy New Year! But first, here’s a look back at the old one, in quiz form. There were, of course, lots of Jewish doings, some kosher, some not so much, in 5775 (a palindrome!). Good luck remembering the meaty, the mighty and the mishigas. And welcome to JTA’s brand-new news quiz — to be a… More ▸

  • How Hillary Clinton turned gefilte fish into a hashtag

    We are nowhere near Passover season, if there is such a thing, but gefilte fish is trending across the Internet. How this much-maligned fish dish became a social media sensation is a story that’s almost too good to be true — involving Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, American-Israeli relations and, of course, carp. The tale began… More ▸

  • Auschwitz ‘showers’ for tourists cool off some, offend others

    Of all the places on Earth, where would one least expect to see a new shower of any kind installed – even one that just mists overheated visitors? The Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp has to be on the short list. But that was what tourists saw this weekend at what is now the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum in… More ▸

  • Obama to U.S. Jews: ‘We’re not giving away anything’ to Iran

    In an address to American Jews on Friday, President Barack Obama insisted that the agreement negotiated between world powers and Iran blocks the Islamic Republic from developing nuclear weapons without limiting the United State’s options in case of violations. “This deal blocks every way, every pathway Iran might take to obtain a nuclear weapon,” said… More ▸

  • The Hamptons Jewish cemetery is so trendy, even non-Jews want in

    Forget sprawling estates and yacht slips, the hottest real estate in the Hamptons might just be a Jewish cemetery. The Shaarey Pardes Accabonac Grove Cemetery, a private plot owned by the Jewish Center of the Hamptons, a Reform synagogue in East Hampton, has become one of the most exclusive pieces of land in the wealthy area… More ▸

  • How the Pew study reveals a gulf between U.S. and Israeli haredi Jews

    Did we need the Pew Research Center to tell us that American haredim are different than other Jews? It’s no surprise that American haredi Orthodox Jews marry young, have big families, care more about religion and skew further right politically than the rest of the American Jewish community. But when compared with similar data from Israel, Pew’s… More ▸

  • Curt Schilling compares Muslims to Nazis and gets suspended from ESPN

    As a top pitcher in Major League Baseball for nearly 20 years, Curt Schilling didn’t make many errors. On Tuesday, however, he admitted that he made a costly one. On that morning, the three-time World Series champion tweeted an image of Hitler against a dark blood-red background that compared modern Muslims to the German population… More ▸