• Elsewhere: Reasons to invade, 317-million-state solution, hijabs and haredim

    Reasons to invade: Israel had logical reasons for launching its ground invasion of Gaza, Aaron David Miller writes. (Politico) Don’t just blame Hamas: The current war might have been avoided had Israel and the United States responded differently to the Palestinian unity government, Nathan Thrall writes. (N.Y. Times) Western liberals vs. Israel: Israel is being treated as if it is… More ▸

  • This Week in Jewish Farming: The cardinal truth of tomatoes

    I will now share a cardinal truth of the life agrarian: If you give them tomatoes, all else is forgiven. OK, the truth may only be trivial. It might not even be true. But some conviction along those lines must have lain behind my decision to plant 1,000 — yes, 1,000 — tomato plants this… More ▸

  • Hillary Clinton talks Gaza with Charlie Rose, Jon Stewart

    On “Charlie Rose” Thursday, Hillary Rodham Clinton talked a bit about the current Gaza conflict. Things got more animated earlier in the week when she discussed the same topic with Jon Stewart on “The Daily Show.” The portion of the interview in which Gaza was broached did not air but was released online. On it,… More ▸

  • Elsewhere: Jewish popularity, disproportionate death data, Yiddish shorthand anyone?

    Whose body count?: Because Israel won’t publish its numbers on Gaza casualties until weeks after the operation ends, the world is forced to rely on unreliable Palestinian reports, Raphael Ahren writes. (Times of Israel) Disproportionate death data: A series of charts illustrates the widening disparity between Israeli and Palestinian death tolls since 2000. (Vox) Yiddish shorthand anyone?: As New York’s… More ▸

  • Israeli soldiers’ anthem: ‘We will yet return to Gush Katif’

    Some of the Israeli soldiers stationed on the Gaza border are calling for Israel to resettle the Gaza Strip — in song. In a video posted yesterday, a group of soldiers recorded “The Protective Edge Anthem,” named after Israel’s 10-day-old operation in Gaza, which has so far consisted solely of airstrikes. Israeli soldiers are discouraged… More ▸

  • Chelsea Handler’s latest Hitler comedy not funny, ADL says

    Were Hitler jokes taken too far on the late-night comedy show “Chelsea Lately”? The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) certainly thought so. “While we try to give comedians leeway and do not believe that Nazi jokes should be completely off-limits, this was an instance of taking a Hitler parody to the extreme,” the ADL said in a… More ▸

  • Israeli airstrike kills four children — next to a journalists’ hotel

    Israel’s fight in the PR war just got that much harder. Since the beginning of Operation Protective Edge last week, journalists and commentators — Jon Stewart included — have criticized Israel for the lopsided death count in the conflict. And an errant airstrike today next to a journalists’ hotel has led to a fresh wave… More ▸

  • Elsewhere: Hamas leaders skinny-dipping?, Jon Stewart wrong on Gaza, Brussels shooter’s story

    Do Hamas leaders skinny-dip?: In this selection of clips from recent Egyptian TV broadcasts, Egyptian commentators slam Hamas leaders for their purported stupidity and sybaritic lifestyle, including swimming at nude beaches. (MEMRI) Jon Stewart: Wrong on Gaza: The “Daily Show” host misrepresented the conflict between Israel and Hamas, David Horovitz writes. (Times of Israel) The Gazan… More ▸