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  • VIDEO: Bennett goes for gold

    Naftali Bennett is known for many things, but his stellar singing voice isn’t one of them. At a rally Sunday in Tel Aviv, Bennett, the head of the Jewish Home Party, picked up a guitar to perform the Naomi Shemer classic “Jerusalem of Gold.” Bennett struggled in the performance, switching octaves as the song veered… More ▸

  • 5 things you need to know about today’s Israeli election

    1. It’s too close to call With Israelis headed to the polls tomorrow, the race remains tight. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party is trailing Isaac Herzog’s center-left Zionist Union by a few percentage points and is expected to come in second. Five of six polls released Friday gave Zionist Union a four seat lead, commanding 24… More ▸

  • Netanyahu meets the press

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is famously media shy, avoiding interviews with Israeli journalists, declining televised debates with his opponents and communicating almost exclusively via speeches and official statements. But with his Likud party trailing in the polls just a few days before Israel’s election on Tuesday, that all changed. Netanyahu conducted a series of interviews… More ▸

  • Q&A with Asian-Jewish researcher couple Helen Kim and Noah Leavitt

    Helen Kim and her husband, Noah Leavitt – Whitman College professors who met as grad students in the social sciences department at University of Chicago – are the leading, and virtually only, experts on Asian-Jewish intermarriage in the United States. The two — she’s Korean-American, he’s Jewish — recently spoke with JTA by phone from… More ▸

  • #AskHamas is one big #TwitterFail

    Did anyone really expect Hamas to be good at public relations? Yesterday, the Palestinian Islamist organization announced that it would launch a five-day #AskHamas social media campaign to reach out to people who might label them a terrorist group. However, the plan was hijacked well before it even started on Friday by some of those… More ▸

  • From the Archive: When Oregon’s governor moonlit as synagogue president

    JTA’s Anthony Weiss recently traveled to Portland, Ore., to document that city’s shifting Jewish demographics, particularly the growing population of hip, young Jews on its east side. While Portland’s allure for hipster Jews is a relatively new phenomenon, the Pacific Northwest city and its surrounding state have been hospitable to Jews for decades. In 1930,… More ▸

  • Tragedy in Brooklyn shines light on charity crowdfunding platform

    On Sunday night, the Jewish community in Crown Heights, Brooklyn was shocked by the sudden death of Nadiv Kehaty, 30, a father of four. Kehaty, a real estate agent who helped found a local Crown Heights synagogue named Itchke’s Shtiebel, did not have life insurance. He collapsed at an event Sunday night at his son’s… More ▸

  • Why Israelis will vote on the economy, not security

    Last summer, Israel endured its longest war in decades and saw missiles fall across the country. A string of terror attacks followed in Jerusalem. A year ago, Israeli-Palestinian negotiations collapsed again. Meanwhile, there’s increased unrest on Israel’s northeast border, and world powers are negotiating with Iran over its nuclear program. So in next week’s election,… More ▸

  • Europe’s undercover yarmulke journalists

    Sending a yarmulke-wearing man out with a hidden video camera to document anti-Semitism on the streets of Europe, particularly in Muslim neighborhoods, is quickly becoming a journalistic trope. First, in January, a reporter wearing a kippah walked around the heavily Muslim neighborhood of Malmo, Sweden, where he was assaulted and cursed at. Next, in February, an… More ▸