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  • Elsewhere: The intel on Hamas, all I heard was Palestine, teen travel at 92

    The intel on Hamas: Recapping the war, an Israeli intelligence official explains why Hamas rocket launchers were hard to spot, how Hamas surprised Israel and what Hamas wants to do next.(Washington Post) All I heard was Palestine: Amy Klein writes about the political and professional fallout after she accidentally misquoted pop star Rihanna on the Middle… More ▸

  • Israel’s stormy baby boom

    It appears that December showers bring August babies. Hospitals throughout Israel noticed a baby boom last month, nine months after a month of heavy rainstorms as well as a blanket of snow in much of the north and center of the country brought some areas of the country to a standstill. Kaplan Medical Center in… More ▸

  • Elsewhere: Boycotting the Times, Sotloff’s Israel days, the near-extinct bialy

    All the news that’s fit to boycott: A leading Reform rabbi’s recent public parting of ways with The New York Times is emblematic of the American Jewish establishment’s increasing unwillingness to hear Israel criticism, Chemi Shalev writes. (Haaretz) Sotloff in day school: Danielle Berrin writes about attending Jewish day school with Steven Sotloff, the journalist ISIS recently… More ▸

  • Gaza war’s price tag: $2.5 billion

    Now we know how much Israel’s war in Gaza cost — and it’s even more than we expected. Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon revealed Tuesday that the total military cost of Israel’s 50-day war in Gaza this summer amounted to $2.5 billion. That number doesn’t include an estimated $1.3 billion hit to Israel’s GDP due… More ▸

  • In his reporting, Steven Sotloff favored ‘vox pop’ style

    Steven Sotloff, the journalist beheaded Tuesday by the Islamic State, was Jewish and a dual U.S.-Israeli citizen whose detailed and colorful reporting told stories of ordinary people caught in conflicts across the Middle East. Among articles filed for a range of publications, Sotloff reported stories from the Arab world to the Jerusalem Report. He would… More ▸

  • ‘Dr. Strangelove,’ fluoride and Israel’s health minister

    Israeli Health Minister Yael German would have fit right into the cast of “Dr. Strangelove.” Much like Jack D. Ripper, the macho general in Stanley Kubrick’s 1964 Cold War satire who began a nuclear war because he was afraid the Russians had fluoridated America’s water supply, German is very concerned about the H20 her countrymen are drinking…. More ▸

  • For Dodgers’ Joc Pederson, there is no joy in debut

    It was a scenario straight out of “Casey at the Bat”: a screaming crowd, ninth inning, two outs, two men on base, the home team down by two runs, the slugger striding to the plate with a chance to win the game. The slugger on Monday night in Dodger Stadium was Joc Pederson, a hotshot… More ▸

  • Manhattan’s Ramaz school clarifies advice on concealing kippahs

    When Rabbi Haskel Lookstein, the principal of Ramaz, an Orthodox day school on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, first heard about last week’s attack in the neighborhood on a Jewish couple by a mob bearing Palestinian flags, he had an instinctual response. Maybe the male students at his school should consider wearing baseball caps over their yarmulkes when… More ▸