• Carl Levin does not like AIPAC’s Senate Iran letter

    Sen. Carl Levin (D-Mich.), the venerable (and Jewish) chairman of the Senate Armed Forces Committee, will not sign onto an Iran letter backed by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee — at least not the one the AIPAC wants him to sign. He will sign onto the letter that AIPAC is distributing in the U.S…. More ▸

  • Elsewhere: Crimea’s Jewish past, traveling to Hebron, specter of the Jew

    Crimea’s Jewish past: From Karaite settlements to Zionist training encampments, Crimea has a storied Jewish past all its own. (Tablet) The specter of the Jew: A new book tackles the many iterations of “the imaginary Jew” in philosophy and political ideology. (N.Y. Review of Books) Religion: Good for women?:  From Blu Greenberg to Renita Weems, a diverse array of… More ▸

  • Watch Live: AIPAC Policy Conference

     More ▸

  • A year of haredim taking to Jerusalem’s streets

    A bus of black hats, whispered prayers and gender-segregated seating A mass of haredi Orthodox men — and some women — walking slowly together, packing the streets of northern Jerusalem. Hundreds of thousands of voices wailing prayers of penitence, portraying a recent event as a tragedy beyond measure — and vowing to rededicate themselves to… More ▸

  • Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew at AIPAC

    Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew addressed the opening day of the 2014 AIPAC policy conference. Lew, an Orthodox Jew, is the first of two U.S. Cabinet members on tap to speak at the conference. Tomorrow, Secretary of State John Kerry is scheduled to take the dais. More ▸

  • Jewish story lines at the Oscars: ‘Omar,’ Woody, ‘Her,’ three docs and ‘Hustle’ vs. ‘Wolf’

    For those looking for Jewish angles at tonight’s Academy Awards, here are a few: * Two of the best picture nominees, “American Hustle” and “The Wolf of Wall Street,” feature Jewish scam artists as their protagonists. Both are played by non-Jewish actors — Christian Bale and Leonardo DiCaprio — who are competing for the best… More ▸

  • AIPAC’s Howard Kohr: Iran diplomacy needs continued pressure

    This morning, on the opening day of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee’s 2014 Policy Conference, the group’s CEO made the case for being very skeptical of Iranian intentions and for ratcheting up U.S. pressure on Iran during negotiations. “Across the table in Vienna today sit the representatives of a radical, revolutionary regime, ideological, unyielding,… More ▸

  • Elsewhere: Christian Zionist complexity, protesting haredi women, Jewish magic

    Christian Zionism’s complexity: Can Jews embrace Christian Zionism, with its undercurrent of evangelism? According to Robert Nicholson, the answer should be yes. (Times of Israel) Ukraine’s Jewish condition: Yes, there are neo-fascists and ultranationalists in Ukraine’s protest movement. But the position of Ukraine’s Jewish minority is far from hopeless, Adam Weinstein writes. (Gawker) Could haredi… More ▸