• Elsewhere: Why neighborhoods ‘change,’ the evolving shul, dating and waiting

    Why neighborhoods ‘change’: Like other white sections of American cities in the postwar years, Jewish ones benefited from housing and lending policies that put African-Americans at a disadvantage, Lila Corwin writes. (Sh’ma) The evolving shul: Synagogue 3000 co-founder Ron Wolfson reflects on how synagogues have changed in the past 20 years — and what’s still needed. (Reform Judaism… More ▸

  • Elsewhere: Pro-Palestinian campus bullies, from anti-Semite to Orthodox, no shuffleboard for Peres

    Pro-Palestinian campus bullies: With nearly 100 chapters in North America, the increasingly strident Students for Justice in Palestine intimidates pro-Israel Jewish undergrads and anyone else who disagrees with its agenda, writes Perry Chiaramonte. (Fox News) From anti-Semite to Orthodox: Since discovering he was Jewish, the one-time Jew-baiting Hungarian politician Csanad Szegedi has broken with his party and embraced… More ▸

  • ‘D3: The Mighty Ducks’ scrapped an anti-Semitism scene

    If you feel Disney’s “The Mighty Ducks” trilogy could have ended better, you’re not alone. Producer Jordan Kerner recently told Time that part of his original plot line for D3 — the Ducks failing to defend their title at the international Goodwill Games — would have featured an off-the-ice fight triggered by an anti-Semitic comment… More ▸

  • When is the ‘Jeopardy’ contestant a rabbi?

    Sari Laufer isn’t allowed to say how well she did on the TV quiz show “Jeopardy” until the first episode featuring her airs Wednesday night. One thing the 35-year-old Reform rabbi will share, however, is that she was “really determined” to answer correctly the one Jewish question that arose during the game. “No matter how… More ▸

  • Elsewhere: Soccer with big goals, philo-Semitism in the Gulf, Hasidim steer industry

    Soccer with bigger goals: Brooklyn’s annual Crown Heights Cup brings together Hasidic Jews and black immigrants from the Caribbean in an area once plagued by racial tensions. (N.Y. Times) Philo-Semitism in the Gulf: While other Persian Gulf states have virtually no Jews, the Arab monarchy of Bahrain protects its country’s small Jewish community, allowing its members to ascend… More ▸

  • Reuven Rivlin: Israeli president should ‘bridge conflicts, not create conflicts’

    Will he refer to Reform rabbis as rabbis? We still don’t know. But Reuven Rivlin, Israel’s front-runner in this week’s presidential election, has signaled recently that should he be elected, his goal will be to embrace non-Orthodox Jewish communities rather than antagonize them. Rivlin got a boost in the race on Saturday when his main… More ▸

  • Elsewhere: Singing over BDS, Jew vs. tattoo, taxpayer-funded terrorists

    Singing over BDS: Despite pro-Palestinian activists’ efforts to promote a cultural boycott, numerous major pop stars, including Rihanna and Madonna, have performed in Israel recently. (Washington Post) Jew vs. tattoo: Shira Dicker struggles to reconcile her mid-life desire for a tattoo with concerns about alienating her children, husband and Jewish community.  (Huffington Post) Mick medaber ivrit: Twelve Hebrew… More ▸

  • From the Archive: A Wilkes-Barre matron’s thwarted gift to Polish city’s ‘poor Jews’

    Like many small cities in the United States, the economically depressed Wilkes-Barre, Pa., is home to a dwindling Jewish community, JTA reported this week. In the late 1920s, however, when the northeast Pennsylvania city was a coal-mining hub and double the population of today, a prosperous American Jewish resident — Mrs. Leonard Cohen (presumably no… More ▸