• Israel eliminates Germans from lacrosse competition (but they still have the World Cup)

    Germany scored one goal on Sunday, which was enough to win soccer’s World Cup. It scored one goal on Tuesday and was eliminated from another international sporting competition. At a sports complex near Denver, Israel’s national team defeated Germany, 15-1, at the World Lacrosse Championships and advanced to Wednesday’s quarterfinals. Israel will meet Australia, Canada… More ▸

  • What’s behind Bibi’s firing of Danny Danon

    Apparently, Danny Danon went too far. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday fired Danon, a hawkish Likudnik who had been deputy defense minister, from his post after Danon slammed the Israeli Cabinet decision to endorse a proposed cease-fire with Hamas. Danon had called the decision a “slap in the face to all the residents of Israel.” Netanyahu… More ▸

  • Elsewhere: Underground haredi schools, siren strategy, who is disproportionate?

    Strategy behind the sirens: Israel’s warning sirens involve a complex process of negotiating the danger to specific zones — and it all takes place within a matter of seconds. (Times of Israel) Disproportionate conflict?: Although the war is disproportionately hurting Gazans, politically and morally the disproportion is in the other direction, with Gaza instigating far more than Israel,… More ▸

  • Palestinian deaths vs. Israeli deaths

    In my roundup of 8 things you need to know about the Gaza-Israel conflict, I forgot to include one important point: the Palestinian death toll. The number of Palestinian deaths to Israeli deaths is clearly disproportionate — as of this writing, about 192:1. There are a few different ways to look at this rate. Critics of… More ▸

  • Correcting Hamas’ Hebrew grammar

    Hamas has targeted many Israelis with a spate of threatening Hebrew-language text messages. But one recipient — Elizabeth Tsurkov, who works for the Israeli NGO Hotline for Refugees and Migrants — is taking issue not just with the messages’ content, but their grammar. In a Twitter exchange with @qassamhebrew, which identifies itself as the military arm… More ▸

  • Hamas is texting me

      I just got a text from someone who’s trying to blow me up. “The stupidity of your leaders put all of Israel under fire, and forced all the Israelis to go into shelters,” it said, sent by a user named SMSQASSAM. “We will continue bombing every place in Israel until they answer all of… More ▸

  • An Israel sports success story: lacrosse

    Israel may not have qualified to play in soccer’s World Cup, but it’s doing quite well in another international sports competition. Israel’s national team continued its dominating play in the World Lacrosse Championships, advancing to the second round with an 18-9 victory over Ireland on Monday afternoon near Denver. Its next game will be Tuesday… More ▸

  • How to shrink your day school tuition bill by $163,000

    When the parents of three school-age children sat down with their financial adviser to try to figure out how to minimize their anticipated private school tuition bill of $810,000 through high school, they came up with a plan that shrunk the bill by $163,000. How’d they do it? Well, mostly by pre-paying, according to The… More ▸