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  • Meet the new ‘Jewish Oprah’

    On April 1, Naomi Firestone-Teeter became executive director of the Jewish Book Council, which promotes the reading, writing, publishing and distribution of English-language Jewish books. Firestone-Teeter, whose predecessor Carolyn Hessel has been called “the Jewish Oprah” for her success at promoting books, has been working her way up in the organization since graduating from Emory University in 2006, serving most… More ▸

  • NPR’s ‘From the Top’ airs from the bimah

    It’s not every day that a National Public Radio show broadcasts from a bimah. But that’s what happened last week, when Temple Beth Elohim in Wellesley, Mass., hosted “From the Top With Host Christopher O’Riley,” a nationally distributed program showcasing the work of young classically trained musicians. Recorded March 26 before a live audience, the Beth… More ▸

  • What biblical villain is Obama most like (besides Haman, of course)?

    UPDATE: On Wednesday, in an interview with JTA, Riskin took back his statement comparing Obama to Haman and said, “Let me make it very clear: Haman is not, God forbid, President Obama. Haman is Iran.” In his seven years as president, Barack Obama has had plenty of unflattering comparisons thrown his way. Detractors of the Democrat… More ▸

  • These guys just killed a lamb on video … for Passover

    This ain’t your mother’s Passover brisket. Ever wonder what actually happened at the Holy Temple 2,000 years ago for Passover? What that sacrifice recounted in the Haggadah really looked like? Wonder no more. The Temple Institute reenacted the entire process of the paschal offering, blood, bare lamb carcass and all. Then they put it on YouTube…. More ▸

  • Maccabeats don lederhosen for Passover

    I never thought I would witness an Orthodox Jewish male a cappella group perform in lederhosen. After all, the traditional German outfit long has been associated with Nazis and their sympathizers. But the Maccabeats (you were probably wondering whatever happened to them when they didn’t show up in our Passover parody video roundup last week) get their… More ▸

  • What does Trevor Noah think about Israel?

    Many late-night comedy fans had the same reaction Monday morning when it was announced that Trevor Noah, a 31-year-old South African standup comedian who is relatively unknown in the United States, will replace Jon Stewart as the next host of “The Daily Show”: Who exactly is this guy? Viewers had been calling on Comedy Central… More ▸

  • WATCH: What happens when a bunch of Israeli engineering students mark Passover

    Looking for a Passover video, but pop-song parodies are not your style? Several mechanical engineering students and two architecture students at Israel’s Technion have taken a novel approach to YouTube holiday commemoration: a Rube Goldberg machine that symbolically depicts the highlights of the Exodus, from Moses setting off in a basket down the Nile to the 10… More ▸

  • WATCH: Check out this year’s leading Passover parody videos

    If there had been just one “Uptown Funk” parody for Passover, Dayenu. It would have been enough. But there are two professionally produced knockoffs of the hit Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson song, which seems to be this year’s “Let it Go” when it comes to Passover-themed parody videos. (Ever since Hanukkah 2010, when the Maccabeats turned Mike… More ▸