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  • Watch Bernie Sanders discuss his ‘absolutely dope’ civil rights record with Atlanta rapper

    Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders recently sat down for a videotaped talk with an unorthodox interviewer: Killer Mike, a rapper and black activist known for being half of acclaimed rap duo Run the Jewels. The interview took place at an Atlanta barber shop owned by the “raptivist,” real name Michael Render, in late November, just before he introduced… More ▸

  • How The NY Times misrepresents Christian Zionist pastor John Hagee

    The New York Times on Tuesday night posted a roundup of responses to an incendiary video by the Israeli right-wing group Im Tirtzu that targets human rights NGOs as “terrorist moles.” (We cover the same issue here.) The Times story is thorough and sober. That is, until it ends with a gratuitous swipe at Pastor… More ▸

  • Roman Polanski, 10 other Hollywood Jews open up about surviving Holocaust

    The Hollywood Reporter is commemorating the 70th anniversary of the end of the Holocaust with a feature on 11 survivors who went on to careers in American entertainment. The project, released Wednesday morning online and in print, includes moving video interviews with all the subjects, including director Roman Polanski and sex therapist Ruth Westheimer. Director Steven Spielberg, the founder… More ▸

  • Is Trump really a fascist, or just an ugly capitalist?

    You may remember Arthur Chu, the Jeopardy! contestant whose strategies last year kept him in the game for 11 episodes and earned him plaudits and derision alike. He’s also a political columnist on the liberal side of the spectrum, and in a column for Salon on the Donald Trump phenomenon, he says enough with the Hitler and… More ▸

  • New $41M Jaffa penthouse said to be priciest in Israel

    Are your many millions burning a hole in your pocket? Here’s a new place to park it: A $41 million top-floor apartment is now up for grabs in Jaffa, Tel Aviv. It’s allegedly the most expensive penthouse currently on the market in Israel. The penthouse at the W Tel Aviv Hotel, as the pad is called, boasts more… More ▸

  • Bubbe says vote for me! Would-be congressman touts grandma’s support

    My colleague Daniel Treiman wrote the other day about how President Barack Obama used “chutzpah” in a fundraising pitch. Joel Rubin, running for Congress in a suburban Maryland district, did Obama one better by bringing bubbe into it. “Today is my bubbe Yetta’s 93rd birthday,” Rubin said. “This morning she told me that her birthday wish… More ▸

  • Kerry to New Yorker: Israel doesn’t know what it wants

    John Kerry hasn’t given up on a two-state solution. But the party responsible for making it happen, the secretary of state and his subordinates make clear, is Israel. A lengthy profile in the New Yorker traces Kerry’s work with Iran, Syria, Israel and the Palestinians, as well as his lingering bitterness over his failed 2004 campaign for president…. More ▸

  • The true story of the modern latke – a shocking timeline

    The latke is one of those Jewish foods that feels steeped in tradition, as if it’s been made the same way since the days of the Maccabees. But in a revelatory article, Atlantic senior editor Yoni Appelbaum explains that the latke as we know it — grated potatoes fried in olive oil — is a relatively new culinary… More ▸

  • Which Diaspora rabbis does the Rabbinate trust? It depends on this guy

    Remember Itamar Tubul, the mid-level bureaucrat who decides who can marry in Israel? Tubul evaluates requests from Israeli immigrants seeking a marriage license. To do so, he needs to ensure that they’re Jewish, and receives proof-of-Judaism letters to that effect from around the world. Tubul made the news two years ago for rejecting a proof… More ▸

  • Obama’s ‘chutzpah’ email

    It’s not every day one receives an email from the president of the United States with the one-word subject line “Chutzpah.” But on Friday, Barack Obama used that very line in a Democratic Party fundraising email blasting Republicans for their persistent efforts to undo his signature health care reform. “[L]ast week Senate Republicans passed yet… More ▸