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  • WATCH: Check out this year’s leading Passover parody videos

    If there had been just one “Uptown Funk” parody for Passover, Dayenu. It would have been enough. But there are two professionally produced knockoffs of the hit Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson song, which seems to be this year’s “Let it Go” when it comes to Passover-themed parody videos. (Ever since Hanukkah 2010, when the Maccabeats turned Mike… More ▸

  • Israeli press talking out of its asteroid?

    Many a joke has been made about the Jews’ penchant for worrying — surely you’ve heard about the “Start worrying, details to follow” telegram. Thus it’s not surprising that Israel appears to be the only country where several media outlets reported, wrongly, that a harmless asteroid could end the world. The Times of Israel noted today that several… More ▸

  • From the Archive: When Jewish candy stores battled Upper East Side Nazis

    The colorful and old-fashioned candy shop Economy Candy is, as JTA recently reported, one of the last remaining Jewish family-owned businesses on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. But less than 100 years ago, Jewish-owned candy stores dotted not just the Lower East Side, but much of New York and the United States. In a 1929 article about cigarette price wars… More ▸

  • Seder2015 brings Passover into the digital age

    An appreciation for classics and architecture does not necessarily foster interest in the Passover seder. However, those interests are what have led Michael Hebb, a former restaurateur and the founder of meal-related projects such as Death Over Dinner and Drugs Over Dinner, to adapt Passover to the digital age. Hebb’s latest project,, is a… More ▸

  • Ben & Jerry’s charoset and 10 more Passover ice cream ideas

    A few weeks after Ben & Jerry’s founders indicated that marijuana-infused ice cream may one day join its product line, the company’s kosher-for-Passover charoset flavor has been generating buzz. In case your memories of last year’s seder are blurred by too many cups of wine, charoset is the fruit-and-nut puree that symbolizes the mortar Hebrew… More ▸

  • Why J Street loves Jim Baker

    J Street’s youthful activists delivered a big chunk of conference time to James Baker, an octogenarian known for cursing out their parents. Baker, who as George H.W. Bush’s secretary of state back in 1991 is reported to have said “F— the Jews” since they don’t vote for Republicans anyway, delivered a well-received speech to the conference Monday… More ▸

  • On election night, remembering when Israelis loved Iran

    While Israel’s election results were still rolling in, one predominantly Jewish audience in New York was watching Israelis talk about Iran. But the Israelis in the documentary screened Tuesday night at the Center for Jewish History weren’t addressing the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program or the role Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s hard-line approach to it (including… More ▸

  • From the Archive: Bibi’s first big win

    A close election in which exit polls initially suggest a Labor win. Benjamin Netanyahu emerging triumphant. The Democratic president of the United States, who had been rooting for a more dovish candidate, grudgingly sends congratulations. Sounds like the news from this past week, right? It was also the scenario 19 years ago, when Netanyahu, then 46,… More ▸