• Elsewhere: Hijacking the black struggle, war on Israeli dissent, car crash crowing?

    War on Israeli dissent: Israeli critics of Operation Protective Edge — and even those who express sympathy with Palestinians — are being demonized, Etgar Keret writes. (New Yorker) Hijacking the black struggle: Chloe Valdary, an African-American pro-Israel activist, accuses supporters of the Palestinians of misappropriating the language of civil rights.” (Tablet) Jewish deli, Palestinian films: A Toronto Jewish… More ▸

  • Al Franken vs. BDS

    “SNL” funnyman-turned-U.S. senator Al Franken apparently doesn’t think that the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement is a laughing matter. JTA’s Ron Kampeas spoke with several attendees at a meeting between Jewish leaders and Democratic senators, and was told that Franken offered to use his unique skill set to take on the BDS movement. Here’s the… More ▸

  • From the Archive: When Ukrainians accidentally shot down a plane from Israel

    Investigators are still searching through the rubble from the Malaysian Airlines plane that was shot down in Ukraine last week, leaving 298 people dead. A similar tragedy, albeit one with less than one-third the death toll, unfolded in October 2001, when the Ukrainian military mistakenly shot down a Russian airliner, killing all 78 people aboard. Initially… More ▸

  • Elsewhere: Hamas’ Arab enemy, psychoanalyzing Shmuley Boteach, Jews kissing Arabs

    The enemy of my enemy: Still reeling from the Muslim Brotherhood’s brief rule, Egypt has no love for Hamas, and Egyptians’ media commentary on the Gaza war is strikingly similar to Israel’s. (Associated Press) Psychoanalyzing Shmuley Boteach: Whether acting as a reality-show therapist, a congressional candidate, Oxford impresario or rabbi to the stars, the “Kosher Sex” rabbi can’t… More ▸

  • When William Rapfogel wanted to expose scandals

    Earlier this week, William Rapfogel was sentenced to prison for stealing millions of dollars from the Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty, the group he headed for more than two decades. The sentencing — between 3 1/3 and 10 years — marked the final chapter in a scandal that first became public last August when Rapfogel,… More ▸

  • This Week in Jewish Farming: The community thing

    Folks in the food scene love to talk about how farms build community. It’s a trope that always makes me roll my eyes a little, both because sardonicism is generally my default setting, but also because I’m skeptical that any kind of thick communal ties are likely to arise between people who happen to shop at the… More ▸

  • Obama defends FAA’s temporary ban on Israel flights (VIDEO)

    The FAA lifted its ban on flights to Israel late Wednesday. But on Thursday President Obama was still facing questions on the issue. Check out his comments to CNBC: More ▸

  • Almost 80 years after ordination, the first woman rabbi finally gets her due

      Ask most Jews where and when the world’s first female rabbi was ordained, and they’ll likely guess 1970s America. But they’d be off by four decades and a continent. The first woman rabbi was not Sally Priesand, ordained by the Reform movement in 1972, but Regina Jonas, who earned the title in 1935 in… More ▸