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  • Which Diaspora rabbis does the Rabbinate trust? It depends on this guy

    Remember Itamar Tubul, the mid-level bureaucrat who decides who can marry in Israel? Tubul evaluates requests from Israeli immigrants seeking a marriage license. To do so, he needs to ensure that they’re Jewish, and receives proof-of-Judaism letters to that effect from around the world. Tubul made the news two years ago for rejecting a proof… More ▸

  • Obama’s ‘chutzpah’ email

    It’s not every day one receives an email from the president of the United States with the one-word subject line “Chutzpah.” But on Friday, Barack Obama used that very line in a Democratic Party fundraising email blasting Republicans for their persistent efforts to undo his signature health care reform. “[L]ast week Senate Republicans passed yet… More ▸

  • Photos: Hanukkah celebrations from around the world

    2015 may be the year of the anti-Hanukkah think piece. “It has become a blue and white kaleidoscope of vague Jewishness, one that tacitly enables Christmas-style material excess,” writes Emma Green in the Atlantic. “[T]he Festival of Lights, pleasant as it is, is a minor celebration of a band of violent, nut-job religious fanatics that was elevated to… More ▸

  • Star Wars’ Yoda or Jewish sage: Who said these quotes?

    The character of Yoda will not be featured in the upcoming “Star Wars” film, since he passed away peacefully at age 900 in the 1983 film “The Return of the Jedi.” But the small, green Jedi master has lived on in pop culture and beyond for his eternal wisdom — which, in some ways, resembles that… More ▸

  • Giant Texas Lego menorah sets unofficial record

    Texans like to claim that everything is bigger in their state. And when it comes to Hanukkah menorahs made of Legos, they appear to be correct. Congregation Ahavath Sholom – a Conservative synagogue in Fort Worth – recently combined almost 50,000 of the plastic toy bricks to create a functioning hanukkiah that’s more than 16… More ▸

  • This Israeli drug helped Jimmy Carter beat cancer

    A drug that was researched and tested in Israel has helped former President Jimmy Carter overcome his life-threatening case of melanoma. Carter announced on Sunday that the four cancerous lesions on his brain were gone and doctors had found no new signs of cancer growth. He also said that he will continue taking Keytruda, one… More ▸

  • Amy Schumer sings: Happy Hanukkah!

    Just how much Hanukkah charm can you pack into a 15-second video? A lot, if you’re Amy Schumer — and you post an original Hanukkah song on Twitter that was composed and performed by your little-girl self. Check out the adorable clip in full — and don’t miss our favorite part: The brief use of jingle bells… More ▸

  • Could Donald Trump happen in Israel?

    Months ahead of Israel’s elections, a rich celebrity who’s never held elected office announces he will run for prime minister. He attacks the current leadership as weak and ineffective. He vows to wield a stronger hand against terror, to shut out Israel’s enemies and to realize the country’s untapped potential. His poll numbers shoot up,… More ▸