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  • What about Obama playing the warmonger card?

    JTA’s own Ron Kampeas has a post up arguing that Ron Dermer’s “just the facts” repudiation of the Iran deal works better than his boss’ speculation about President Barack Obama’s “desire.” In particular, Kampeas questioned the wisdom of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s decision to assert that “we were right when we said that the desire to… More ▸

  • In Europe, worried Iranian expats warn mullahs can’t be trusted

    Thinking of his native Iran brings professor Afshin Ellian a mix of pain and pleasure. Under police protection for his vocal opposition of Islamist extremism, Ellian feels the pain of millions languishing under the Islamic regime and Western sanctions that he views as consequences of the regime’s warmongering. But Ellian — a law professor at Leiden… More ▸

  • Unlike Netanyahu, Ron Dermer wisely sticks to facts in blasting Iran deal

    Ron Dermer, the Israeli ambassador to Washington, D.C., outlined Israel’s objections to the Iran nuclear deal in an op-ed Wednesday in The Washington Post. The op-ed outlines “four major problems”: Iran’s nuclear infrastructure remains intact; key aspects of the deal “sunset” after as little as 10 years; it could lead to a regional nuclear arms race, and it… More ▸

  • Obama vs. Israel: The rhetorical faceoff on Iran

    When the Obama and Netanyahu administrations argue over the agreement on Iran’s nuclear program, they often seem to be talking past each other. So if you can’t decide who to support, here — point by point — are the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s key criticisms of the deal struck Tuesday and President Barack… More ▸

  • Nicky Hilton marries into the Tribe

    Paying for the wedding was probably not a problem. Last Friday, Nicky Hilton, heiress of the decades-old Hilton Hotel empire wed James Rothschild, scion of the centuries-old Rothschild banking family, in yet another high-profile union involving a Jewish groom. (Think Lauren Bush and Ralph Lauren, Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky, Ashley Biden and Howard Krein and… More ▸

  • Lena Dunham to launch newsletter named after ‘old Jewish man’

    Lena Dunham, creator of the hit HBO show “Girls,” is starting a lifestyle newsletter and naming it Lenny — “the name of an old Jewish man,” according to her business partner. Lenny is “the name that people call us by accident all the time on the walkie-talkie” on the set of “Girls,” the partner, Jenni Konner, told… More ▸

  • Why critics of the Iran deal should hope Obama is like Neville Chamberlain

    It was just a few weeks after the Sept. 11 attacks and suddenly U.S.-Israel tensions were erupting. The White House was furious at Prime Minister Ariel Sharon for essentially comparing President George W. Bush’s efforts to line up Arab support for his war on terror to Neville Chamberlain’s policy of appeasement. “Don’t repeat the terrible… More ▸

  • Live blog: The Iran nuclear deal

    6:05 PM: Netanyahu and Obama have tough talk So was the call on speaker phone? Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Barack Obama have a contentious phone call on the Iran deal. 12:45 PM: Read the talking points the White House is giving sympathetic Jews The White House issues Iran-deal talking points based on the recent letter… More ▸

  • Netanyahu’s Farsi Twitter handle changes the language, but not the message

    Iran has a new unlikely Twitter sensation: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Since creating a Farsi-language Twitter account Monday morning, Netanyahu, who is one of the Islamic Republic’s fiercest critics, has attracted 1,218 followers. Not bad, considering that he has posted only two tweets so far and is following only four people — Netanyahu Twitter… More ▸