• What Obama’s speech has to do with Israel and the Palestinians

    President Obama did not mention Israel or the Palestinians during his national address Wednesday night. But his pledge to lead a U.S.-coordinated effort to destroy ISIS could end up doing more to get  Israeli-Palestinian negotiations back on track than anything that Secretary of State Kerry and his team managed to produce with their shuttle diplomacy…. More ▸

  • Ethan Bronner dishes on NYT’s Israel coverage

    Once upon a time, says Ethan Bronner, the former Jerusalem bureau chief of The New York Times, almost all the criticism the Times got for its Israel coverage came from the Jewish, pro-Israel side. That changed in 2007. In an interview with Moment Magazine, Bronner talks about why, what current Times bureau chief Jodi Rudoren should focus on,… More ▸

  • Come to Israel, where the videos are better

    nbsp; Can a clever and potentially viral video encourage young American Jews to make aliyah? Apparently the Israeli government thinks so. On Tuesday, the Ministry of Aliyah and Immigration’s Israel Student Authority posted “Come Study With Us,” a tongue-in-cheek video pushing the message that life in Israel is more exciting and interesting than the humdrum,… More ▸

  • Elsewhere: A soldier’s suicide, Israel’s weapons exports, aliyah’s fall?

    A soldier’s suicide: David Menachem Gordon, an American IDF soldier who took his life this summer, was a victim not just of childhood sexual abuse but of rabbinical courts that protected his abuser, Rabbi Yehoshua Looks writes. (Haaretz) Aliyah’s fall?: Israel’s bureaucracy can’t fix sagging immigration rates. Instead, new programs are needed to bridge cultural gaps, writes Haviv… More ▸

  • Elsewhere: Haredi hit squad, Righteous Muslim Gentiles, ‘The Jewish Schindler’

    Haredi hit squad: Rabbi Mendel Epstein, 69, was known as “the Prodfather” for his gruesome practices on men unwilling to divorce their wives. Matthew Shaer chronicles his eventual downfall. (GQ) Righteous Muslim Gentiles: As Jewish-Muslim tension rises globally, a new PBS documentary sheds light on the Muslims who harbored Jews during World War II. (Washington Post) Defamation or delusion?: The… More ▸

  • Elsewhere: ‘Maus’ vs. Israel, did Orthodox bankrupt schools?, Abu Mazen’s way

    ‘Maus’ vs. Israel: After a lifetime of silence about the Jewish state, artist/author Art Spiegelman of ‘Maus’ fame weighs in with a new collage about the Gaza war. Israel advocates probably won’t be pleased. (Forward) Did Orthodox Jews bankrupt schools?: Is East Ramapo’s Orthodox dominated school board to blame for the school district’s financial problems? An investigation… More ▸

  • Bruce Levenson: Worse — and [UPDATE: Somewhat] better — than Donald Sterling

    Read the email that cost Bruce Levenson his ownership of the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks. It’s ten times less raw and salacious than Donald Sterling’s racist rant to his mistress. At the same time, it’s ten times worse. This wasn’t a man allegedly suffering dementia telling his mistress — in the heat of a private jealous rage — not to bring black guys to the game,… More ▸

  • Jack the Ripper: A shanda?

    When I first saw the headline — “Jack the Ripper identified through DNA traces: sleuth” — I joked to myself: Don’t let it be a Jew. Well, joke’s on me. Courtesy of AFP: But after extracting DNA from a shawl recovered from the scene of one of the killings, which matched relatives of both the… More ▸