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  • Andy Kaufman stand-up to be performed by his hologram

    A cult of hardcore fans believes that Jewish comedian Andy Kaufman is still alive. The eccentric prankster died of lung cancer in 1984 at the age of 35. But some say he faked his death as a practical joke and is hiding out, waiting for the perfect moment to jump back into the spotlight and deliver… More ▸

  • Bernie Sanders talks Larry David’s impression, marijuana and his idea for post-office banks

    After Larry David impersonated Bernie Sanders to perfection last weekend on “Saturday Night Live,” it was only a matter of time before the Jewish presidential candidate responded to the Jewish comedian’s lauded performance. Sanders went on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Wednesday to address the “SNL” skit and wound up talking about some topics that don’t usually make… More ▸

  • Most religious Zionists want Arabs out of Israel, study finds

    During the previous wave of terror in Israel, 11 months ago, Jewish Home party chairman Naftali Bennett said in a speech, “99.9 percent of Arab-Israelis are loyal to the State of Israel, and there’s a very small minority that acts against it.” Apparently, his religious Zionist constituency disagrees. A new poll by the Miskar agency, which… More ▸

  • 7 of the funniest reactions to Netanyahu’s Hitler-mufti theory

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the World Zionist Congress on Tuesday that the mufti of Jerusalem gave Adolf Hitler the idea for the Holocaust, prompting swift and widespread condemnation from serious people. German Chancellor Angela Merkel was quick to put the Nazi leader back on the hook, saying “Germany abides by its responsibility for the Holocaust.” And Israeli… More ▸

  • 9 more Jewish symbols UNESCO should claim for other religions

    On Monday, news broke that UNESCO, the United Nations cultural agency, is to vote on a Palestinian-backed proposal declaring the Western Wall a Muslim site. The last remnant of the long-destroyed Jewish Temple, the Western Wall is hands-down Judaism’s holiest site and arguably the most famous site in Israel. It’s adjacent to the Temple Mount, known to Muslims… More ▸

  • Along with Jewish vendors, another Cubs legacy at risk: Losing

    I wrote a story last year about the Orthodox Jewish vendors that used to work Cubs games at Wrigley Field. The story, “At Wrigley Field, Orthodox vendors going the way of Cubs wins,”prompted an outpouring of reminiscing in Jewish Chicago about the good old days, including a letter from a reader about the first Orthodox… More ▸

  • Yitzhak Rabin’s murder: ‘This American Life’ examines the holes left behind

    The assassination of President John F. Kennedy shocked the American public; the assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin reshaped Israel’s. This week, the long-running, long-form radio journalism program “This American Life” examines the circumstances surrounding Rabin’s 1995 assassination and its imprint on Israeli politics, policy and psyches. The episode, called “The Night in Question,” is narrated by Nancy… More ▸