• Elsewhere: Gaza vs. Hamas, haredi birthing coaches, let Fatah-Hamas rule

    Let Fatah-Hamas rule: The unity government that was condemned by Israel may in fact be the Jewish state’s best chance at finding peace, Akiva Eldar writes. (Al Monitor) Gaza vs. Hamas: Palestinians need to help get rid of Hamas and demilitarize Gaza, Palestinian human rights activist Bassem Eid writes. (Ynet) Does Hamas prefer occupation?: Proponents of a two-state solution should… More ▸

  • Wanna kill me? Take a number

    My friend Alain Azria gave me a puzzled look when I told him, with some indignation and disbelief in my voice, that I had just heard talk of killing Jews at an unauthorized anti-Israel demonstration last month in Paris. A young black man with a Parisian accent told a dozen friends loudly, but without shouting,… More ▸

  • Elsewhere: Silence on Gaza, naming haredi sex offenders, reanimating the Holocaust

    Silence on Gaza: Afraid to jeopardize friendships or be judged, many New Yorkers are avoiding sharing their opinions about the Israel-Gaza conflict, Tim Murphy writes. (N.Y. Magazine) Hamas’ reign of terror: Gazans may be unhappy with Hamas, but they are too scared to speak up against it, human rights activists say. (Times of Israel) Breaking up with a community: Divorce… More ▸

  • Missing Mrs. Doubtfire

    More than anyone, it was Robin Williams who introduced me to the movies. “Good Morning Vietnam” and “Dead Poets Society” would always be rentals for me. But I saw “Hook” at age 5, “Aladdin” at 6 and “Mrs. Doubtfire” at 7. I was 11 when “Good Will Hunting” came out, just adolescent enough to appreciate… More ▸

  • ‘Schmutz’ and other Jewish Scrabble moves

    Next time you’re playing Scrabble, you can put down “schmutz,” “schtum” or even “tuchus” without fear of being challenged. (“Tuchuses,” the plural, is also acceptable.) These are just some of the new Yiddish words to be added to Merriam-Webster’s “Official Scrabble Players’ Dictionary.” The dictionary’s fifth edition, published this month, includes more than 5,000 new words in… More ▸

  • Hawaii’s Jewish senator in limbo

    Saturday night was arguably the biggest night in Brian Schatz’s political career, as the results of Hawaii’s Democratic primary would determine whether he would remain Hawaii’s senior United States senator, or whether he would go down in defeat after less than two years in office. (In overwhelmingly Democratic Hawaii, the general election is expected to be… More ▸

  • Elsewhere: Let Jews have Israel, adapting to intermarriage, Israeli chef’s cracked past

    Chef’s cracked past: Mike Solomonov, an eminent Israeli-American chef, talks about losing his brother to Hezbollah sniper fire in 2003 and his subsequent struggle with addiction. (N.Y. Times) Let Jews have Israel: The Gaza war is no excuse for anti-Semitism, and Diaspora Jews shouldn’t have to cut off ties to Israel “as a condition for admission into polite… More ▸

  • WATCH: Vacationing in bomb shelters, false alarms and scary Hamas

    As Code Red air raid sirens and barrages of missiles continue to disrupt Israeli life, some videos satirizing their new routines have popped up in Israel. “Did you hear that?” In this one (all in Hebrew, but the words are secondary to the sounds and images), Israelis mistake all kinds of sounds for air raid sirens. “Attack!… More ▸