• Hawaii’s Jewish senator in limbo

    Saturday night was arguably the biggest night in Brian Schatz’s political career, as the results of Hawaii’s Democratic primary would determine whether he would remain Hawaii’s senior United States senator, or whether he would go down in defeat after less than two years in office. (In overwhelmingly Democratic Hawaii, the general election is expected to be… More ▸

  • Elsewhere: Let Jews have Israel, adapting to intermarriage, Israeli chef’s cracked past

    Chef’s cracked past: Mike Solomonov, an eminent Israeli-American chef, talks about losing his brother to Hezbollah sniper fire in 2003 and his subsequent struggle with addiction. (N.Y. Times) Let Jews have Israel: The Gaza war is no excuse for anti-Semitism, and Diaspora Jews shouldn’t have to cut off ties to Israel “as a condition for admission into polite… More ▸

  • WATCH: Vacationing in bomb shelters, false alarms and scary Hamas

    As Code Red air raid sirens and barrages of missiles continue to disrupt Israeli life, some videos satirizing their new routines have popped up in Israel. “Did you hear that?” In this one (all in Hebrew, but the words are secondary to the sounds and images), Israelis mistake all kinds of sounds for air raid sirens. “Attack!… More ▸

  • Elsewhere: Remembering Sean Carmeli, Haaretz’s unexpected audience, Hasidic rock stars

    Why Carmeli died: Gal Carmeli, the sister of Sean Carmeli, an American-Israeli soldier killed during the recent fighting, writes about her brother, the meaning she finds in his death and how the family is coping with the loss. (Jerusalem Post) Legality in the conflict: Though Israel is entitled to defend itself, some of its actions during the current… More ▸

  • This Week in Jewish Farming: Meeting the neighbors

    Back in the spring, I struggled to figure out a good cold storage solution for the farm. I settled on the idea of buying a used cargo trailer and converting it into a refrigerator, which isn’t quite as crazy as it sounds. Several farmers I know, and supposedly thousands of other buyers across the world,… More ▸

  • Recap: JTA’s coverage of Gaza conflict

    It’s been a busy few weeks in the news business. I just wanted to take a moment to praise the hard and excellent work of our global reporting team — Ben Sales and Marcy Oster (Israel), Cnaan Liphshiz (Europe), Uriel Heilman (New York), Ron Kampeas (Washington), and Anthony Weiss (Los Angeles) — and our editors Daniel… More ▸

  • The story behind NDTV’s rocket launch footage

    Two days after NDTV’s report showing Hamas fighters in Gaza preparing and then launching a rocket aimed at Israel in Gaza, reporter Sreenivasan Jain tells the backstory of the video heard ’round the world. (The video went viral and was even featured at a news conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.) Jain gives a pretty full accounting of… More ▸

  • Elsewhere: Israel’s Ebola researcher, Hasidic in the summer, Jewish German homeland?

    Race for the cure: Ebola edition: Leslie Lobel, an American-Israeli virologist at Ben-Gurion University, has been working on an Ebola vaccine for 12 years. His research focus? Survivors. (Times of Israel) Hasidic in the summer: At a Hasidic summer camp in the Catskills, boys spend upward of six hours a day studying Torah — and swimming, playing… More ▸