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  • Why Ivanka Trump is her dad’s first lady

    Ivanka is to Donald Trump as Lisa is to Homer Simpson: brainy, composed and unflinchingly loyal to her outrageous and unpredictable father. At least that’s the portrait painted in a Politico article published Thursday. The article explores the relationship between the Republican presidential front-runner and the daughter who has managed to grow up gracefully under his… More ▸

  • Sarah Silverman opens up about her depression

    Jewish comedian Sarah Silverman is known for her in-your-face R-rated sense of humor about sex, religion and current events. So her very personal essay about her 30-year struggle with clinical depression published in Glamour magazine on Tuesday came as a surprise to some. The 44-year-old explained that acting in her upcoming film, “I Smile Back,”… More ▸

  • Matisyahu: Leaving Orthodoxy ‘one of the hardest things’

    With his clean-shaven face and hip clothing, it’s easy to forget that Matisyahu was a Hasidic icon before he was just a Jewish one. But on a segment of HuffPost Live on Tuesday, the Jewish reggae singer called leaving the Hasidic community “one of the hardest things [he] had to go through.” From 2001 to… More ▸

  • With Jewish fans, Bernie Sanders wins Democratic debate on social media

    The media may have declared Hillary Clinton the winner of the first Democratic presidential debate on Tuesday in Las Vegas, but Bernie Sanders clearly won the night on social media. The Jewish senator from Vermont gained 35,163 new Twitter followers Tuesday night, while the other four Democratic candidates — Hillary Clinton, Martin O’Malley, Jim Webb… More ▸

  • Is Mets pitcher Steven Matz Jewish?

    On Tuesday night, New York Mets fans will look to rookie left-handed pitcher Steven Matz to help them win their first playoff series in nine years. Many of the team’s Jewish fans will likely have another question about the local southpaw: Is he Jewish? Though his name sounds like a Jewish adaptation of the team’s,… More ▸

  • 7 Jewish Playboy playmates from 62 years of nudity

    This post is safe for work. All those who claim to read Playboy “for the articles” might now actually mean it. On Tuesday, Playboy announced that starting in March, its magazine will no longer feature nude models. It will, however, still have “sexy, seductive pictorials of the world’s most beautiful women,” according to a news release…. More ▸

  • WATCH: 2 videos of the violence in Israel

    The violence in Israel continued on Friday with multiple stabbings and shootings. Hamas’ chief in the Gaza Strip declared a third intifada, and some were inclined to believe him. In the morning, an Israeli Jew stabbed four Arabs in an apparent revenge attack for Palestinian terrorism. The victims suffered light to serious injuries. Around noon,… More ▸

  • Does Susan Rice think Benjamin Netanyahu is a racist?

    Dennis Ross’ book about the United States-Israel relationship is about to come out, and it includes a bombshell revelation about tensions between President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Ross, in a passage excerpted from the book Thursday in Politico, says that Susan Rice, the U.S. national security adviser, was so furious with… More ▸