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  • Elsewhere: NSA’s overreach, Egypt’s Jewish remnant, war on endless loop

    Too much intel: The NSA abused its power in communications with the Israeli military’s Unit 8200, James Bamford writes, and that should concern Americans and Israelis. (N.Y. Times) Egypt’s Jewish remnant: The elected leader of Egypt’s much diminished Jewish community speaks on her role as guardian of the country’s vanishing Jewish legacy. (BBC) War on endless loop: The only… More ▸

  • An artist reclaims Jewish sites in Kosovo

    Since 2011, American conceptual artist Elana Katz  has been performing in Europe at sites once identified with Jewish communities, through a project called Spaced Memory. “The history of these places is unacknowledged, forgotten and in some cases even concealed,” the Berlin-based Katz, who has worked with pioneering conceptual artist Marina Abramovic, explains in a crowdfunding appeal… More ▸

  • Joshua Venture Group announces first all-female cohort

    One gets Jewish teens and b’nai mitzvah students involved in community service work in urban Detroit. Another is working to improve online Jewish education options. And another is developing a unique curriculum based on women of the Bible. All of them are women. Joshua Venture Group (JVG), a nonprofit organization that has been investing in Jewish entrepreneurs… More ▸

  • Elsewhere: German anti-Semitism reborn, Israel’s not-so-secret nukes, kiosk complications

    German anti-Semitism reborn: Germany’s new and intensifying anti-Semitism — much of it originating from Europeans with a Muslim background — shows that all Germans must learn about the country’s past oppression of Jews, Jochen Bittner writes. (N.Y. Times) Israel’s not-so-secret nukes: It’s well known that the Jewish state is sitting on a nuclear arsenal, but the U.S. government’s… More ▸

  • 5774: Top 10 viral videos

    NEW YORK (JTA) — For a few days this year, they clogged up our Facebook feeds and then, perhaps, our subconscious. In our list of the top viral videos of 5774, we bring back those videos that had you hitting “share” again and again. Prairie dogs under Gaza What was supposed to be a Hamas war anthem translated… More ▸

  • Oops! Palestinian typo promotes ‘violent’ protest

    In a press release advertising an upcoming speech by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas at New York’s Cooper Union, organizers write that Abbas will address, among other things, “Why violent protest is the best method by which Palestinians should seek their rights.” Does this herald the coming of a new intifada, or is this a Freudian slip — or… More ▸

  • Lone soldiers unwind at Lady Gaga concert

    Israeli Lone Soldier Adam Berman admits that it was a “rough summer.” Berman, 24, made aliyah a year ago from Columbus, Ohio, serves at the Erez Crossing between Israel and Gaza and lives on Kibbutz Alumim, also located on the Gaza border. So he did not escape this summer’s constant barrage on southern Israel before… More ▸

  • Bill and Hillary disagree on Netanyahu? Not so much

    Politico and Haaretz have seized on C-Span video from Iowa that they claim suggests Bill and Hillary Clinton diverge on how ready Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is for peace. Hillary Rodham Clinton appears to be stumping for an as yet unannounced presidential bid in the first caucus state, and the video shows Bill Clinton… More ▸