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  • How open should Hillels be?

    In dueling JTA Op-Eds, Boston College senior Evan Goldstein argues with Hillel International’s chief, Eric Fingerhut, over how open Hillel chapters should be when it comes to Israel discourse. The Op-Eds come as the Open Hillel campaign — a student-led effort to change Hillel International’s rules barring partnerships with groups Hillel considers anti-Israel or anti-Semitic — holds its first-ever conference,… More ▸

  • Amar’e Stoudemire scoring for United Hatzalah

    In this season of good deeds, Amar’e Stoudemire is making a point. In the upcoming NBA season, United Hatzalah is hoping the New York Knicks’ standout scores plenty of them. Stoudemire, 31, has launched Amar’e Saves to promote a campaign that encourages youngsters to contribute to the Israeli ambulance service he has adopted as a… More ▸

  • From the Archive: Conversion ‘epidemics’ of the 20th century

    JTA recently published several stories about conversion to Judaism in the United States. But in JTA’s first few decades, conversion from Judaism was a more frequent occurrence, particularly in Europe. In a 1926 article, JTA reported on the exodus of some 20,000 Hungarian Jews since the end of World War I, describing it as a… More ▸

  • Elsewhere: Protection or paranoia?, anti-hacker high school, Israeli photobomb

    Protection or paranoia?: Unjustified global hostility toward Israel has provoked an intense feeling of us vs. them among Israelis that can lead to a dangerous sense of self-righteousness, writes Shmuel Rosner. (N.Y. Times) Anti-hacker high school: Determined to become a cybersecurity superpower, Israel is investing in school computer science programs to prepare a new generation of soldiers in… More ▸

  • Three wheels and three walls: New York’s tricycle sukkahs

    The holiday of Sukkot commands Jews to live in “booths” — commemorating the temporary dwellings their ancestors inhabited while wandering the desert for 40 years. Though many Manhattan apartments measure only slightly larger than those original booths, unless the apartment roof is retrofitted with twigs from Central Park, it doesn’t quite qualify as a sukkah. Thankfully,… More ▸

  • ‘Bibi’ is A-OK. Just ask the ZOA

    The Zionist Organization of America shoots over an e-mail questioning whether it’s “appropriate” for President Obama to refer to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as “Bibi” in a press conference. “It is not likely that President Obama is simply being warm and friendly when he calls the Israel Prime Minister by his nickname, ‘Bibi,’ given the… More ▸

  • Netanyahu’s odd ‘American values’ gambit

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over the weekend told “Face the Nation” that the Obama administration’s slam on his government for its Jerusalem building start was “against American values.” I’ll leave to others the arguments about the political wisdom of the leader of another country instructing American presidents about American values. What struck me as odd… More ▸

  • At 86, Holocaust survivor graduates high school

    A high school diploma may not be worth as much nowadays as it once was. But for one Holocaust survivor, it’s still extremely valuable. The Holocaust interrupted the high school education of Henry Friedman, a Poland native who now lives on Mercer Island. But this week, at 86, he will get an honorary diploma from the Seattle… More ▸