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  • From the Archive: Israel’s friend in Hanoi

    To mark more than 20 years of diplomatic relations between the two countries, Vietnam will host its first Israeli film festival in November, the Israeli Embassy in Hanoi announced last week. Israel and Vietnam officially established diplomatic relations in July 1993. Unofficially, however, diplomatic relations began much earlier. In 1966, JTA revealed the details of a… More ▸

  • WATCH: Tablet’s satirical in-flight ‘spiritual safety’ instructions

    Been following the recent trend of hared Orthodox men refusing to sit next to women on airplanes — and the flight attendants struggling with whether or not to irk other passengers and risk delays in order to accommodate them? Well, Tablet has posted a humorous animated video — a tongue-in-cheek proposed in-flight “spiritual safety” instructional… More ▸

  • This Week in Jewish Farming: First frost

    Sometime in the early morning hours of Oct. 19, the temperature on the farm dipped down to 30 degrees: first frost. It was a light one. The mercury fell barely below freezing and did not stay there for very long, but it was enough. By the time I arrived at the farm, the eggplant looked… More ▸

  • Michael Jordan wades into the Obama-Bibi “sh*t” storm (sort of)

    You think it’s bad when an aide to the leader of the free world calls you “chickenshit”? Don’t worry Bibi — that’s nothing compared to having the most iconic athlete on the planet say you wouldn’t make it into his dream foursome because you’re a “shitty” golfer. Your browser does not support iframes. More ▸

  • Haaretz stands by its explosive Bibi cartoon

    Haaretz, often described as Israel’s New York Times, didn’t do itself any favors Thursday when it published this cartoon featuring Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu flying a plane into the World Trade Center: The cartoon struck many as tone deaf, akin to depicting Netanyahu as Hitler. Not surprisingly, it inflamed those who already believe Haaretz is so left… More ▸

  • How do you say ‘chickenshit’ in Hebrew?

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu confronted quite a challenge when the Atlantic’s Jeff Goldberg quoted Obama administration officials calling him a “chickenshit.” Israeli reporters, in turn, faced their own challenge: How to translate “chickenshit” into Hebrew. Modern Hebrew is rich with phrases alluding to the Bible and rabbinic literature. Swear words, not so much. A… More ▸

  • Jewish NBA owner’s ‘Yiddish’ snafu

    Oy. Talk about auto-correct fails. In an email to team employees, the Jewish owner of a pro basketball team said he wanted to learn “hoodish.” He apparently meant to write “Yiddish.” Golden State Warriors co-owner Peter Guber sent out a follow-up email clarifying that the use of “hoodish” (which this writer’s auto-correct keeps trying to change… More ▸

  • From the Archive: The funeral (and TV movie) of Klinghoffer

    Last Monday, amid much criticism and controversy, “The Death of Klinghoffer” opened at New York’s Metropolitan Opera. On two separate occasions before the curtain rose, thousands gathered outside the Met to protest its staging of the opera, which they argued is too sympathetic to the Palestinian hijackers who murdered the 69-year-old wheelchair-bound Leon Klinghoffer on the Achille Lauro cruise ship in 1985…. More ▸