• From the Archive: A Purim massacre’s 20th anniversary

    This year marks the 20th anniversary of Baruch Goldstein’s Purim massacre of 29 Palestinian worshippers in the Muslim section at Hebron’s Cave of the Patriarchs. The 37-year-old American-born settler and physician was beaten to death while still in the mosque. His shooting rampage sparked Palestinian rioting, disrupted the Oslo peace negotiations and triggered an Israeli… More ▸

  • Elsewhere: Rabbi’s bipolar episode, Jews who love baseball, Israeli hockey coexistence

    Hungary, France and anti-Semitism: Georgette Bennett relates her personal “tale of two countries” in light of rising anti-Semitism in Hungary and France. (Huffington Post) Jews who love baseball: Jewish baseball stars form role models, and heroes, for American Jews. (Tablet) The Millennial Jewish question: For Jews born after 1980, the question “who is a Jew” is more often replaced… More ▸

  • Elsewhere: Underestimating Purim, wordy Jews, 32 crazy hamantaschen

    The complications of a Jewish state: Ari Shavit and political scientist Shibley Telhami talk about the issue of recognizing Israel as a Jewish state and its implications for the peace process. (NPR) Stop underestimating Purim: The Book of Esther has important lessons for how to survive as a nation in the diaspora, Rabbi Jordie Gerson writes. (Huffington Post) Jews… More ▸

  • Fast times at the NCJW

    The National Council of Jewish Women announced this week it will lead a day of fasting for immigration reform on Thursday, which is also the Fast of Esther. While the connection between this minor fast, which precedes Purim, and the challenges faced by immigrants living in the United States illegally might seem tenuous at first… More ▸

  • Kippah-wearing 5-year-old recites ‘A Few Good Men’ monologue for Fox News

    Sruli Muschel, 5-year-old viral video star, reprised his viral bathtub video of Jack Nicholson’s monologue from “A Few Good Men” for Fox News. The YouTube wunderkind from Boca Raton, Fla., was wearing a yarmulke during his performance. 5-year-old recites famous movie monologues by memory Sruli’s knack for memorizing movies previously landed him on “Jimmy Kimmel… More ▸

  • The guy who missed the Malaysia Airlines flight

    The popular travel discount blog Dan’s Deals is circulating a story that a Jewish passenger who was supposed to be on the missing Malaysia Airlines plane was switched to an alternative flight because his Orthodox Jewish travel agent in Israel refused to book him on an itinerary that would have him traveling on Shabbat. Under… More ▸

  • Elsewhere: Seven dubious Jewish foods, Hasidic whistleblower’s grief, Lena Dunham goes biblical

    Orthodoxy and feminism on the radio: Emma Barnett, Women’s Editor at the UK’s Telegraph newspaper, grapples with her Orthodox upbringing and her staunch feminism. (BBC Radio 4) Seven dubious Jewish foods:  From pickled herring to kishkes, here are seven Jewish foods that baffle even well-meaning gentiles. (Huffington Post) Hasidic whistleblower’s grief:  Despite being acquitted of extortion, Samuel Kellner… More ▸

  • Holocaust survivor Leo Bretholz shares his story

    In 1942, Leo Bretholz managed to pry open the bars of a French train bound for Auschwitz and jump out before it reached the France-Germany border. This weekend, his timing was not so fortunate. Bretholz, 93, died Saturday, a few days before he was to testify on behalf of a Maryland bill making railroad firms… More ▸