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  • Indian Government Urged to Extend Visas of 300 Afghanistan Refugees

    The World Jewish Congress today cabled Pandit Jalvarial Nebra, head of the provisional Indian Government, appealing for an extension of the visas of 300 Afghan Jews now in Bombay, who face deportation on Mar. 31. The cable, which was signed by Dr. Stephen S. Wise, president, and Dr. Manried Perlzweig, chairman of the political committee… More ▸

  • Indian Government Delays Deportation of 300 Jewish Refugees Who Fled Afghanistan

    Three hundred refugee Jews from Afghanistan threatened with immediate expulsion from India have been granted an extension of stay until the and of March, according to a cable from Bombay received by the World Jewish Congress. The cable said that the deportation order has been stayed and that negotiations are continuing to prevent the forced… More ▸

  • India Asked to Give Temporary Havens to Jewish Refugees Fleeing Afghanistan

    The World Jewish Congress announced today that it has intervened with the Indian Embassy in Washington concerning 300 Jewish refugees from Afghanistan who recently fled to India to escape persecution. The Congress has urged the Indian Government to allow the refugees to remain until permanent havens can be found for them. More ▸

  • Russia Opposes Admission of Transjordan to U.n.; Jews Protest Afghanistan Application

    The admission of Transjordan into the United Nations was opposed yesterday by the Soviet Union’s delegate on the Security Council’s membership committee during a discussion of Transjordan’s application for membership. At the same time, Afghanistan was accepted by the membership committee despite the opposition of the World Jewish Congress which submitted a memorandum outlining the… More ▸

  • All Trades but Shoe-blacking Closed to Afghanistan Jews

    According to the latest news reaching India from Afghanistan, the economic position of the Jews in Afghanistan has undergone a change for the worse as a result of the growing nazi influence in the country. The Jews in Afghanistan are not permitted to engage in any business activities. The only occupation open to them is… More ▸

  • Ghetto Code Enacted by Afghanistan

    “Ghetto laws” obligating the Jewish population to wear special clothes, with red flags across their breasts and with a rope around their hips have been enacted by the government of Afghanistan, according to a report which reached Palestine today. The new code forbids Jews to shave their beards and to ride in the streets. Jewish… More ▸

  • Trials of Jews in Afghanistan Bared in Persia

    Denial of religious liberty, complete restriction of movement, and the ruthless hounding of all classes of the Jewish community in Afghanistan, are now coming to light in reports brought here by refugees from Kabul and in letters which are evading the strict censorship. It appears that the new King, Mohamed Zahir Khan, who succeeded his… More ▸

  • Afghanistan Issues Edicts Against Jews

    The Afghanistan government issued a series of anti-Jewish laws today. Jews were declared to be non-citizens; special taxes were imposed on them and they were forbidden to r###side in certain sections of the country. The government also announced that the property of the Jews would be confiscated in the event that Jews were found among… More ▸