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  • Soviet Press Reports Anti-jewish Pogrom Occurred in Afghanistan

    Official reports in the Soviet press relate that a pogrom on the Jewish population of Balche, ten kilometers from Mazar, Afghanistan, was perpetrated. Every Jewish store and many Jewish houses were robbed and wrecked. The city is in the territory where military operations against the deposed King Manuella, are being conducted. The local authorities are… More ▸

  • Afghanistan Has Element Claiming Jewish Descent

    The claim to Jewish descent is alive in the population of Afghanistan, is the revelation made in a despatch from Kabul to the London “Daily Telegraph” by Sir George MacMunn, English soldier and colonial officer. According to Sir George a part of the Afghanistan population calls itself Benei Israel and claims descent from a grandson… More ▸

  • Afghanistan Rivalled Us. As Land of Opportunity

    Afghanistan was preferred to America as a land of opportunity by Mendel Nuchimson, forsakenly owner of a private bank here, it is related today in the “Express Poranny.” Warsaw paper, which obtained the story from Nuchimson’s relatives who reside here. Nuchimson had been looking forward to emigrating to America when Poland was visited by Amanullah… More ▸

  • Pope Bestows Decoration on Levi. Afghanistan Jew

    (Jewish Telegraphic Agency) The decoration of the Order of Pope Gregory the Great was conferred upon Rene Levi, secretary of the Afghanistan Embassy in Rome, by order of Pope Pius XI. The honor was bestowed upon the representative in connection with the visit here of Amanullah Khan, ruler of Afghanistan. More ▸