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  • Ujc Moves to Raise $160 Million for Falash Mura and Jews in FSU

    The Jewish federation system has launched a major fund-raising campaign to assist the Jews of Ethiopia and the former Soviet Union. At a meeting Sunday in New York, the board of trustees of the United Jewish Communities, the umbrella group for the North American federation system, approved a motion to raise $160 million for two… More ▸

  • First Ethiopian Deputy Mayor in Israel Faces Problems on Job

    Balinach Ayech went from being a bank official in Addis Ababa to washing floors in Kiryat Malachi, a working-class Israeli town near Ashdod. That was 14 years ago. Today, she’s one of the town’s deputy mayors — the first Ethiopian ever voted deputy mayor of an Israeli city — but she’s involved in a clash… More ▸

  • Ethiopian Jews in New York Share Their Ancient Tradition

    For thousands of years, when storks flew overhead on their way back from Israel, Ethiopian Jews would turn their faces toward the sky and chant, “Shmella, shmella, agarachin Yerusalem behena” — Amharic for “Stork, stork, how is our country Jerusalem doing?” Today the stork is the symbol for Chassida-Shmella, an organization of Ethiopian Jews in… More ▸

  • Jewish Groups Find Going Tough As They Work to Pressure Sudan

    The Jewish community is facing resistance as it attempts to intensify pressure on the Sudanese government to ease the violence that has killed tens of thousands. Several Jewish community activists said they were not finding much interest in the issue when they tried to partner with African-American or church groups. Instead, U.S. Jewish groups have… More ▸

  • Teaming Up with Jewish Groups, Israel to Aid Distressed Sudanese

    For the first time, Israel is sending humanitarian aid to an Arab nation with which it has no ties. The Jewish state has joined the American Jewish World Service, the Union for Reform Judaism, the UJA-Federation of New York and the United Jewish Communities of MetroWest, N.J., in donating $20,000 apiece for an educational project… More ▸

  • Israeli Prisoner Returns Home As Egypt-israel Relations Warm Up

    In the Middle East, nothing signals rapprochement quite like a prisoner release. So when Azzam Azzam returned to Israel on Sunday after Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak reduced his 15-year jail sentence for espionage by half, he brought with him a new sense of diplomatic goodwill that Prime Minister Ariel Sharon hopes will last through next… More ▸

  • Around the Jewish World Ostrich-farming Jews Mark 120 Years in Rural South Africa

    The glimmer of gold once drew thousands of prospectors to the Western United States, and the promise of oil has attracted myriad entrepreneurs to the Middle East. But for Jews in the little town of Oudtshoorn, in the middle of the parched “Little Karoo” lands of South Africa, it’s another commodity that once fueled their… More ▸

  • Libyan Jews Plan Return to Tripoli Hoping They’ll Meet Gadhafi This Time

    A group of exiled Libyan Jews living in Italy did not meet as expected with Col. Muammar Gadhafi during a four-day visit to Tripoli last week. But they look forward to doing so in a follow-up visit planned for next month. Delegation member Angelo Mantin said the six-member delegation, and probably several additional people, were… More ▸

  • As Part of His ‘charm Offensive,’ Gadhafi Courts Former Libyan Jews

    In Libya, a land that at times has shown as little hospitality to Jews as its Sahara Desert does to travelers, a visiting Jewish delegation is getting the royal treatment. A group of Libyan Jews who now live in Italy met early Monday afternoon with Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi in Tripoli, according to a statement… More ▸