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  • As Gaza Withdrawal Looms, Egypt’s Role Becomes Essential

    While Israelis were engaged in a heated national debate over disengagement from Gaza, the political scene on the Palestinian side was rife with drama of its own. As Dov Weisglass, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s outgoing chief of staff, was coordinating disengagement plans with the Americans, the Palestinians were busy negotiating with Omar Suleiman, head of… More ▸

  • Highlights of Jewish News: 5764 October 2003

    MOSCOW Belarus’ Jewish community protests a decision by the country’s Education Ministry to close a Jewish studies institute. NEW YORK Russian Jewish scientist Vitaly Ginzburg is awarded the Nobel Prize in physics. Ginzburg is honored “for pioneering contributions to the theory of superconductors and superfluids,” the Nobel Prize committee says. JERUSALEM Twenty-one people are killed… More ▸

  • Around the Jewish World South African Rabbi Says Jews Must Do More for Black Outreach Program

    South Africa’s chief rabbi has accused the country’s Jews of not sufficiently supporting MaAfrika Tikkun, the community’s outreach initiative, implying that Jews must do more to uplift and empower the country’s blacks. “What we need from the Jewish community, which we still haven’t got, is something called acceptance,” Cyril Harris told JTA in a recent… More ▸

  • As Ties with Israel Warm, Uganda Bucks Consensus at United Nations

    When the Palestinians and their allies bring forth anti-Israel resolutions in the United Nations, they know they can count on the support of countries in the developing world, and certainly in Africa. But that support is no longer unanimous: On July 20, when the U.N. General Assembly voted overwhelmingly to order Israel to tear down… More ▸

  • Sprint Puts South African Man in Masters’ World Record Book

    A Jewish centenarian has set a world record for his age group in the 100-meter sprint, even though his best time wasn’t accepted because of a clock malfunction. Philip Rabinowitz, 100, completed the distance in 30.86 seconds on July 10. A July 4 race in which he ran the distance in 28.8 seconds was not… More ▸

  • Israelis Hope South African Venture Will Provide Profit — and Help Blacks

    An Israeli initiative aims to help a black empowerment project in South Africa play a major role in supplying a rare fruit to the world market. The Sharon fruit, one of hundreds of varieties of persimmon, until recently was supplied almost exclusively by Israel. But Eran Rotem, an Israeli farmer who works for the biggest… More ▸

  • Jewish Groups Step Up Efforts to Stop Crisis Developing in Sudan

    It seems the phrase “never again” isn’t just for the Holocaust anymore. In recent weeks, Jewish groups have stepped up their efforts to stop the government-sponsored killing of tens of thousands of black Muslims in Sudan. The efforts have come as world attention begins to focus on the crisis in Sudan, where hundreds of thousands… More ▸

  • Moat May Be Israel’s Defense Along the Gaza-egypt Border

    With its latest proposal for the Gaza Strip, Israel is assuming that the principle that good fences make good neighbors also applies to moats. Last week, Israel’s Defense Ministry ran newspaper ads calling for contractor bids to build a 2.5-mile long moat along the Gaza-Egypt boundary in an attempt to halt arms smuggling through tunnels… More ▸