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  • With Ethiopian Aliyah Ending, Uncertainty for Those Left Behind

    The sight of a mother trying to coax one more spoonful of mushy cereal into her child’s mouth is a far cry from the horrifying famine that engulfed Ethiopia in 1984. Today, the hundreds of young mothers and wide-eyed infants crowded into the Gondar Beta Israel Association’s feeding center face another problem: seemingly endless waiting…. More ▸

  • South African Jews Aid Refugees Under Attack

    She stood outside on the sidewalk between the kosher restaurant and shop in a Jewish area of Johannesburg, plying her handicraft. To the housewives sipping their coffee or buying groceries, she could have been any other street vendor, save for the ragged clothes and the pain and fear etched on her face. Joyce — not… More ▸

  • At Forum Prepping for Durban Ii, Muslim States Go Easier on Israel

    On a morning that began with charges that an Israeli shelling in Gaza had killed four Palestinian children and their mother — typically the kind of event that unleashes a torrent of anti-Israel condemnation at the United Nations — Arab and Muslim diplomats in this Swiss city remained focused on keeping the 2009 U.N. World… More ▸

  • Violence, Political Future Worry South African Jews

    Violent crime, political change and an energy crisis are fueling a growing sense of panic among South African Jews. Several weeks ago the Jewish community was shaken when a Jewish man in Johannesburg named Sheldon Cohen was shot to death while sitting in his car waiting for his son to finish soccer practice. In the… More ▸

  • Out of South Africa Initiative by Aussies Strikes Wrong Chord

    South African Jewish leaders are fuming over a new initiative by Sydney’s Jewish community to help Jews emigrate from Africa to Australia. Zev Krengel, the national chairman of the South African Jewish Board of Deputies, wrote a letter last month urging Jewish leaders to suspend Project Sydney, a joint initiative of the New South Wales… More ▸

  • Gaza-egypt Border Breach Prompts Israel to Strategize Anew

    The few hundred pounds of TNT that brought Rafah’s border wall tumbling down also has shaken Israel’s strategy of isolating Hamas. The Olmert government watched helplessly on Wednesday as the Islamist group, responding to Israel’s tightening of its blockade on the Gaza Strip, blew holes through the border wall between Gaza and Egypt, enabling tens… More ▸

  • Tense Talks As Israel, Egypt Spar over Smuggling into Gaza

    Old warriors-turned-statesmen from Israel and Egypt met Wednesday to head off a diplomatic dispute over the smuggling of weapons into the Hamas-led Gaza Strip. Two days after Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni told a Knesset panel that Cairo was doing a “dismal” job of preventing weapons and cash from reaching Gaza via the Egyptian Sinai,… More ▸

  • As Ethiopian Aliyah Nears End, Advocates Push for 8,500 More

    With Israel’s Interior Ministry on the verge of bringing its Ethiopian aliyah operation to a close, a coalition of Ethiopian advocacy groups is pressing the government to add another 8,500 would-be immigrants for the ministry’s consideration. For now it seems nothing short of a court order will force the Interior Ministry to screen the additional… More ▸

  • Egypt Playing Negative Role As Peace Parley Approaches

    As the Annapolis peace parley rapidly approaches, some of the Arab and Muslim players expected to play a key role in creating conditions for a favorable outcome are proving to be more of an obstacle than asset. Egypt, Syria and Turkey — each in its own way — are complicating efforts to hold what the… More ▸

  • U.N. Conference Has Groups Worrying About Durban Sequel

    Jewish groups are casting a watchful eye on the first preparatory meetings for what some are calling Durban II, the follow-up to the infamous U.N.-sponsored conference against racism in 2001. The World Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance, held in Durban, South Africa on the eve of the terrorist attacks of Sept…. More ▸