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  • The Bulletin’s Day Book

    By special dispensation from Herr Hitler himself, a few prominent and formerly powerful Jews have been awarded the “Aryan” diploma or “Aryan” racial certificate, Thus the offspring and heir of Abraham Mendelsohn, head of the old German Jewish banking firm, carries a diploma today assuring one and all, whomever it may concern, that 100 per… More ▸

  • Rabbinical Assembly’s Annual Convention to Open Today

    The Rabbinical Assembly of America, of which about 200 Conservative rabbis are members, will open its annual convention here tomorrow. Many matters of vital importance to American and world Jewry will be taken up by the convention. The following subjects affecting American Jewish life will be taken up at the various sessions: “The Community Federation… More ▸

  • Mrs. Kohut, President of Jewish Women’s Congress, Returns from Europe

    Mrs. Alexander Kohut, president of the Congress of Jewish Women, declared her satisfaction over the action taken by the delegates at the International Congress of Jewish Women, held recently at Hamburg. "I consider," stated Mrs. Kohut on her return on board the S. S. Leviathan, "that the action of the Congress on the Agunoth question… More ▸

  • Tuttle Aids Rabbis’ Group in Problem of Deserted Women

    The office of the United States District Attorney will gladly cooperate with the Federation of Orthodox Rabbis of America, with headquarters at 198 E. Broadway, New York, in helping to solve the problem of Jewish women who were deserted by their husbands. The matter is particularly acute in the cases of hundreds of Jewish women… More ▸

  • Women Propose Reforms in Religious Marriage and Divorce Laws

    If you are pleased with the “Jewish Daily Bulletin” you friends to subscribe. A proposal to seek certain reforms in the Jewish religious laws concerning marriage and divorce so that certain customs and regulations causing hardships may be eliminated, was presented at the session of the World Jewish Women’s Conference in session here. The proposal… More ▸

  • Demand Creation of Supreme Religious Body for Orthodox Jewry

    (Jewish Daily Bulletin) The creation of a Beth Din Ha’Gadol, a supreme religious court for Orthodox Jews, to decide all matters pertaining to religious questions was demanded in a resolution adopted at a joint session of the two rabbinical organizations, Degel Ha’Rabanim and Kenesseth Ha’Rabbanim, which concluded their convention here yesterday. The court would be… More ▸

  • Ukrainian Rabbi Sails for U.S. to Seek Relief for Deserted Wives

    (Jewish Telegraphic Agency) The plea of large numbers of Agunoth, Jewish women who have lost track of their husbands in America, will be presented by Rabbi Jacob Tversky of the Ukraine, who sailed for New York on the Mauretania. It was stated that Rabbi Tversky is proceding to the United States in behalf of the… More ▸

  • Rabbinic Council to Revise Religious Laws on Basis of Tradition Proposed for U. S

    The creation in the United States of a rabbinical council which would be endowed with authority to interpret, in accordance with the spirit of Jewish traditions, the Biblical and Talmudic laws in accordance with the requirements of the time, was the suggestion put forward by Professor Chaim Techernowitz, at the last meeting of the Chavrutha,… More ▸

  • Rabbis Convention Considers Measures to Strengthen Congregational Unity

    The adoption of measures to bring about greater unity in the ranks of the Orthodox congregations, particularly in relations between the congregations and the rabbis, as well as between the rabbis themselves concerning the supervision of the sale of kosher meat occupied the attention of the twenty-fourth annual convention of the Union of Orthodox Rabbis… More ▸