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  • Rabbinical Ruling Ends ‘agunah’ Status, Permits June War Widows to Re-wed

    The Israel Army chaplaincy announced today that all the Israeli soldiers killed in the Six-Day War have been identified, freeing the widows of men previously reported missing but whose bodies had not been identified, of the status of "agunah." Under Jewish religious law, the wife of a missing person is not permitted to remarry. The… More ▸

  • Orthodox Rabbis Charge Conservatives Plan to Change Marriage Ritual

    The Union of Orthodox Rabbis of the United States and Canada yesterday charged the Rabbinical Assembly of America, the association of Conservative rabbis, with plans “to change the Jewish marriage ritual.” A resolution unanimously approved by 400 delegates at a one-day conference of the Orthodox rabbis asserted that “Conservative rabbis do not have the knowledge… More ▸

  • U.S. Congress Urged by Rabbinical Convention to Vote Grant-in-aid for Israel

    President Truman and Congress were today urged to assist Israel with a grant-in-aid of $150,000,000 to develop Israel’s economy and “to promote the security and general welfare of the U.S. and Israel” at the concluding session of the 51st annual convention of the Rabbinical Assembly of America. The 275 rabbis from all parts of the… More ▸

  • Problem of Deserted Wives Aired at Detroit Rabbinical Parley

    Possibility of America’s involvement in the war with the resulting problem of deserted wives revived the proposed “agunah” reform at today’s session of the Rabbinical Assembly’s fortieth annual convention, which is being held at Shaarey Zedek Congregation. The body of Conservative rabbis has indicated approval in principle of a proposal by Rabbi Louis Epstein that… More ▸

  • London Beth Din Acts to Facilitate ‘agunah’ Divorces

    A decision to facilitate Jewish religious divorce for the “agunah”, wife who has not heard from her husband in many years, was announced today by the Beth Din, Jewish religious court. The move, taken to avoid the same “agunah” problem which arose from the last war, provides for the signing of a declaration by departing… More ▸

  • Rabbis Draft Program on Palestine

    The Rabbinical Assembly spent the greater part of the closing day of its three-day 37th annual convention today in executive session drafting a program on Palestine. Adoption of resolutions and lection of officers were scheduled. The 150 rabbis were meeting at the Jewish Theological Seminary. The discussion on Palestine revolved about a report submitted by… More ▸

  • Orthodox Rabbis Re-affirm Opposition to Agunah Reform

    The Union of Orthodox Rabbis today re-affirmed its opposition to the reform introduced by the Conservative rabbinate permitting an agunah (deserted wife) to obtain a divorce, and issued a volume, “Unto the Last Generation,” offering the views of 1,500 rabbinical authorities throughout the world upholding the traditional view. The action was taken at the union’s… More ▸

  • Conservative Rabbis Support Palestine Tree-planting Drive

    Resolution supporting birth control, collective bargaining, peace movements and the campaign to plant 100,000 trees in Palestine were adopted last night at the closing session of the thirty-sixth annual convention of the Rabbinical Assembly. Officers elected are: Rabbi Eugene Cohn, president; Simon Greenberg, vice-president; Alexander Basel, treasurer; Henry Fisher, recording secretary; Arthur Neulander, corresponding secretary,… More ▸

  • United Synagogue Holds Rabbis Must Espouse Social Economic Justice

    A resolution expressing the view that discussion of social and economic problems properly belongs within the synagogue was adopted by the biennial convention of the United Synagogue of America, which closed last night. It added that it was not only the right but the duty of the clergy and laity to espouse all causes which,… More ▸

  • Ickes Calls on United Synagogue to Aid in Correcting Social Order

    Secretary of Interior Harold L. Ickes tonight appealed to the United Synagogue of America, representing the Conservative Jews, to aid in making the United States “a land of equal opportunity for all, regardless of race or color or creed, a land where every man may aspire to at least a modest ownership of private property… More ▸