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  • News Brief

    An advocacy group for agunot is declaring the current Jewish month “Freedom for Agunot Month.” The Brooklyn-based L’maan B’nos Yisrael International is coordinating special days throughout the month of Nisan in which husbands who have refused their wives a get, or Jewish divorce, can do the proceedings free of charge at numerous rabbinical courts. More ▸

  • News Brief

    British campaigners held a candlelight vigil Sunday in London for Jewish women whose husbands have denied them a religious divorce. The Agunot Campaign designated the first night of Chanukah as “Agunot Awareness Day.” Agunot is the term used for women denied gets, or religious divorces. More ▸

  • Jewish Relatives of Terror Victims Confront Issues of Burial and Divorce

    Rabbi Avi Weiss has three families in his congregation waiting for New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani to decide whether their relatives are dead or alive. “We’re in a period of mourning between death and burial, which is in limbo,” said Weiss, spiritual leader of the Hebrew Institute of Riverdale in the Bronx, N.Y. The three… More ▸

  • News Brief

    The rabbinic organization for U.S. centrist Orthodoxy urged its synagogues to punish people who deny their spouses a Jewish divorce, or get. The Rabbinical Council of America’s resolution, which enables communities to withhold synagogue membership or deny honors without first waiting for a ruling from rabbinic courts, is expected to help agunot, Jewish women unable… More ▸

  • News Brief

    The director of Israel’s rabbinical courts and seven well-known Orthodox rabbis from the United States will participate in a conference Sunday on “approaches to deal with the agunah crisis.” The Brooklyn gathering with Rabbi Eliyahu Ben-Dahan will discuss strategies for helping observant women who are prevented from remarrying because their estranged husbands refuse to give… More ▸

  • ‘chained Women’ May Be Freed by Religious Divorce Standards

    `Chained women’ may be freed by religious divorce standards In what some say is a historic breakthrough for Orthodox women unable to divorce, several prominent Orthodox rabbis have endorsed standards for rabbinic courts. The standards would require that a get, or Jewish divorce, be the first step in divorce proceedings. The recommendations are expected to… More ▸

  • Panel Trashes Jewish Leaders in Britain for Divorce Problem

    The Orthodox Jewish establishment here is insensitive to the problem of Jewish women whose husbands refuse to grant them religious divorces, women’s advocates say. The accusation follows a public forum devoted last week to the issue of agunot, as women in this predicament are called. It’s an issue that is a contentious one in the… More ▸

  • Proposal for Orthodox Women Who Want Divorces Dies in Britain

    British advocates for the rights of women whose husbands will not grant them Jewish divorces are disappointed at the defeat of a bill designed to remedy the problem. The Board of Deputies, which represents most British Jews, vowed to continue to press for a change to the law after the House of Commons rejected the… More ▸

  • Orthodox Prenuptials Would Save Couples from Future Grief, Rabbi Says

    A group of influential Orthodox rabbis has thrown its weight behind prenuptial agreements in an effort to persuade more young couples to sign such documents before they marry. Eleven roshei yeshiva, or senior professors of Talmud, at the rabbinical school of Yeshiva University, have signed on to a statement urging greater use of pre- marriage… More ▸

  • British Rabbi to Post Names on Web to Help Give Orthodox Women Divorces

    An Orthodox rabbi in London is preparing to name and shame estranged husbands who refuse to give their wives a Jewish divorce that would enable them to remarry according to Jewish law. Rabbi Pini Dunner of the Saatchi Synagogue in London said the names will be posted on his shul’s Web site next month. “We… More ▸