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AIPAC Policy Conference

  • So maybe Obama’s speech wasn’t kosher

    The other day I had a post titled “O.U. says Obama kosher on Jerusalem.” Well, let’s just say the O.U. is either to keep up with on the kosher status of ham. The Obama story has taken some twist and turns in the past day, making things difficult for the O.U.’s man in D.C., Nathan… More ▸

  • Jewish Dems and GOPers clash over Obama speech

    The Republican Jewish Coalition and the National Jewish Democratic Council are clashing over Barack Obama’s AIPAC speech. First, the RJC issued this statement accusing Obama of attempting to rewrite his Iran policy: Obama Tries to Rewrite His Iran Policy Washington, D.C. (June 4, 2008) – The Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) issued the following statement today:… More ▸

  • O.U. says Obama kosher on Jerusalem

    The Orthodox Union is praising the section of Barack Obama’s speech in which he declared that Jerusalem must “remain the capital of Israel” and “remain undivided”: *OU APPLAUDS OBAMA?S COMMITMENT TO AN UNDIVIDED JERUSALEM* June 04, 2008 For Immediate Release: *UNION OF ORTHODOX JEWISH CONGREGATIONS APPLAUDS SEN. BARACK OBAMA’S COMMITMENT TO AN UNDIVIDED JERUSALEM AS… More ▸

  • Obama’s speech: The text, the audio, the video

    Here’s the complete audio of Obama’s speech to AIPAC today: $(document).ready(function () {swfobject.embedSWF(“/flash/player_v2.1.swf”,”jtaaudio_999385″,”290″,”27″,”9.0.0″,”/flash/expressInstall.swf”,{audioPath: “″},{wmode: “transparent”});});Flash is required. Video and text after the jump. And here’s the prepared text (please note, this is not an actual transcript): Obama remarks at AIPAC (AS PREPARED for delivery) Remarks at AIPAC Policy Conference Senator Barack Obama June 4, 2008… More ▸

  • Hillary: Obama is a friend

    It does seem like the news in Hillary Clinton’s AIPAC speech was this line: “Let me be very clear: I know Senator Obama will be a good friend to Israel.” Clinton may not have dropped out of the race, but she spoke as if Obama would be the Democratic nominee and aimed her criticisms at… More ▸

  • Hillary Clinton (live)

    11:04 Hillary Clinton introduced by Lonnie Kaplan as “a Democratic candidate for president.” 11:04 Big standing O. 11:05 Feels like a big “family reunion.” 11:06 Remembering Tom Lantos. 11:07 Quotes from Isaiah. 11:07 I “reject” the argument that our “common commitment to Israel’s survival and well being is not in the best interest of America.”… More ▸