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AIPAC Policy Conference

  • Will there be rifts in U.S.-Israel relationship?

    Two top Middle East experts expressed concern Sunday at the AIPAC policy conference about potential rifts between the U.S. and Israel — on two different topics. Robert Satloff, executive director of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, said that by next year at this time, he worries about a possible "deep disagreement" about how… More ▸

  • Harman says she’s a ‘warrior’ for the Constitution

    Rep. Jane Harman (D-Calif.) said she is "not a victim" but a "warrior on behalf of our Constitution and against abuse of power." "I will not quit on this until I am absolutely sure this can never happen to anyone else," said Harman defiantly, speaking at the opening session of the AIPAC policy conference and… More ▸

  • BFF: Biden to give big speech at AIPAC conference

    And this year’s top administration speaker at the AIPAC policy conference will be… Vice President Joe Biden. You thought the Swine flu remarks were bad… you may recall the back in August, in a conference call with the Jewish media that was clearly aimed at trying to boost then-candidate Obama’s standing among Jews, newly named running-mate… More ▸

  • AIPAC kicks off with L.A. mayor

    "Israel will always have a friend in the city of the angels," said Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa as he kicked off the annual AIPAC policy conference Sunday morning. (UPDATE: Check out the video.) Villaraigosa said Israel’s struggle in the Middle East echoes his own Hispanic community’s "struggle for civil rights" and said that when… More ▸

  • RJC asks if you’re “concerned about Barack Obama”

    “Concerned about Barack Obama? You should be.” That’s the tagline for a new ad campaign just unveiled by the Republican Jewish Coalition. The word “naive” is a common theme of the two ads, which started running in Jewish newspapers last week. One calls the Democrat’s foreign policy “weak and naive,” while the other calls his… More ▸

  • Attacking Obama for having the same position as McCain

    After hearing the charge three times in the last 36 hours, it is obvious that attacking Barack Obama for “flip-flopping” on the issue of Jerusalem is going to be a major talking point for Republicans in the Jewish community this fall. But there’s one huge problem with it. While even Obama has acknowledged that, at… More ▸

  • At RNC, foreign policy on stage, and in the margins

    Not a lot of foreign policy in Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s vice-presidential acceptance speech on Wednesday night at the Republican Party convention in St. Paul, but what little there was nodded to pro-Israel concerns about her thin resume. (Palin met with officials of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee on Tuesday.) Lots of red meat… More ▸

  • Political Tidbits: “It’s still iffy, which is freaking me out”

    “It’s still iffy, which is freaking me out”: That, according to the New York Times, was what one Boca Raton precinct coordinator had to say about the attitude of some “lifelong Jewish Democrats” toward Barack Obama. The coordinator was attending a Hillary Clinton appearance for Obama in South Florida. More details on the rally in… More ▸

  • Obama in Israel: What to look for

    It’s not quite as big a stage as the AIPAC policy conference in Washington, but plenty of pundits and Jewish observers will be paying attention Wednesday as Barack Obama visits Israel (the first half of the sentence was a joke … I think). Obama spoke at the AIPAC parley back in early June, the morning… More ▸

  • Obama’s foreign policy team

    The New York Times has a feature today on Barack Obama’s foreign policy team. Behind the e-mail messages is a tight-knit group of aides supported by a huge 300-person foreign policy campaign bureaucracy, organized like a mini State Department, to assist a candidate whose limited national security experience remains a concern to many voters. “It… More ▸