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AIPAC Policy Conference

  • Liz Cheney to AIPAC: Problems with Bush administration’s Mideast policy

    Liz Cheney – daughter of V.P. Dick Cheney – fired off a few shots during her appearance today at the AIPAC conference, essentially aimed at her former boss, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, and her former boss’ boss, President Bush. Cheney didn’t call either of them out by name, but, among other things, did criticize… More ▸

  • Protocols: The Clinton-Obama-McClellan conspiracy

    Three signs that the anti-Semites are right… 1) Hillary Clinton has booked Baruch College for her election night event in New York on Tuesday. 2) Clinton and Barack Obama will both be giving their first post-election night speeches at the AIPAC policy conference on Wednesday morning. 3) On Wednesday night, Scott McClellan will make his… More ▸

  • Jewish Democrats: McCain’s AIPAC speech is a page out of Bush/Rove playbook

    The National Jewish Democratic Council is out with a response to John McCain’s AIPAC speech: NJDC: McCain Continues Bush/Rove Tactics of Fear and Smear in AIPAC Speech Today WASHINGTON, DC – Ira N. Forman, Executive Director of the National Jewish Democratic Council (NJDC), released the following statement criticizing the Senator McCain’s attacks on Senator Obama… More ▸

  • McCain to AIPAC: Obama is bad news

    Courtesy of AIPAC Last week JTA’s Ron Kampeas told you to expect some hard-hitting speeches from the presidential candidates at this week’s AIPAC policy conference. Well, McCain was first up this morning (Obama and Clinton are scheduled for Wednesday), and he took clear aim at Obama. [UPDATE: The National Jewish Democratic Council has issued a… More ▸