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AIPAC Policy Conference

  • Left-wing groups try to counter AIPAC (CORRECTED)

    With 6,500 AIPAC activists in town this week to lobby Congress, some left-wing pro-Israel groups which disagree with AIPAC on certain issues — particularly Iran sanctions — urged their own activists to call their members of Congress. Americans for Peace Now sent out an alert Monday stating that "thousands of ‘pro-Israel’ activists will be on… More ▸

  • Biden: The video

    Joe Biden had tough words for Iran and Palestinian terrorists, but called on Israel to freeze settlements and push for a two-state solution. Here are some highlights.  More ▸

  • Live blogging Joe Biden — Israel and Palestinians have commitments

    9:52 Biden takes the sate [standing ovation]. 9:52 Protester hustled out [huge applause]. 9:53 Warm words for Larry Weinberg. 9:55 Dubs Shimon Peres the best speech maker in the world. 9:57 Change is coming. But one thing constant: commitment to safety and security of Israel. 9:59 Calls Bibi a friend. 9:59 Imitation is the highest form… More ▸

  • Dermer talks three tracks

    New Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the AIPAC policy conference via satellite on Monday evening that he supported a "triple track" approach to talking with the Palestinians — covering security, economic and political negotiations. At a policy conference breakout session the day before, Ron Dermer, a top adviser to Netanyahu, explained how the prime… More ▸

  • Loving joltin’ John, Joe and Jane

    From where I was sitting at the Monday night gala dinner at the AIPAC policy conference, it sounded like John Bolton, Joe Lieberman and Jane Harman received the loudest applause during the roll call of all the former and current U.S. lawmakers and officials who attended the parley. More ▸

  • Live Blogging Bibi at AIPAC

    Benjamin Netanyahu addresses AIPAC delegates via satellite. 8:03 Bibi says hello. 8:04 Respects Obama, looking forward to seeing him in a few weeks. (Applause is halting.) 8:04 Arabs and Israel both worried about Iran. 8:05 "Iran must not be allowed to develop nuclear weapons." 8:05 "We want peace with the Arab world, but we also… More ▸