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  • Algeria Warns It May Take ‘counter-measures’ over Pilots’ Boycott

    Algeria warned today that it would take counter-measures against foreign airlines and their pilots who observed the air boycott called for by the International Federation of Airline Pilots Associations (IFALPA). The nature of the counter-measures was not specified. But reports from several Arab capitals indicated that the Arab world was ready to back up Algeria…. More ▸

  • Israelis Meet Italian Officials over Alitalia Continuing Algeria Flights

    Israeli representatives conferred with Italian officials In Rome today following the announcement by Alitalia, the government-owned Italian national airline, that it would not participate in the boycott of Algeria called by the International Federation of Airline Pilots Associations. Spokesmen for the Italian airline Indicated that they still had hopes for some sort of settlement with… More ▸

  • UN Sources Report Apparent Hardening in Algerian Stand on Israeli Plane

    Informed sources reported here today there has been an apparent hardening of Algeria’s position on release of the hijacked Israeli airliner and its 12 detained Israeli passengers and crew members. That evaluation was understood to stem from two meetings Secretary-General U Thant held yesterday with Tewfik Bouattoura, the Algerian envoy, and one with Yosef Tekoah,… More ▸

  • Air Traffic Experts Weigh Effectiveness of Flight Boycott on Algeria

    Air traffic experts here today were weighing the possible effectiveness of the boycott of flights to and from Algeria called by the International Federation of Airline Pilots Associations yesterday after its efforts to negotiate Algeria’s release of an hijacked El Al Israel Airliner and its 12 Israeli passengers and crew members apparently failed. International cooperation… More ▸

  • Airline Pilots, Maintenance Workers Announce Boycott of Flights to Algeria

    The International Federation of Airline Pilots Association announced today a boycott of flights to Algeria, effective at midnight tonight, because of Algeria’s continued detention of the hijacked El Al Israel airliner and its 12 Israeli passengers and crew members. Capt. Charles C. Jackson, federation executive secretary, who announced the boycott, said that the federation’s two… More ▸

  • Tekoah Expresses Optimism on Issue of Hijacked Plane, Israelis Held in Algeria

    Yosef Tekoah, Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations, told newsmen today that he is more optimistic today than earlier in the week about the release of the El Al Boeing 707 and 12 Israeli crewmen and passengers held in Algeria since July 23. He spoke to newsmen after conferring with Secretary-General U Thant, at Mr…. More ▸

  • Trade Unionists Warn Algeria of Boycott if Israeli Plane, Captives Are Not Released

    The International Transport Labor Federation Joined the Maritime Committee of the American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations in the United States today in threatening to boycott Algeria unless Algerian authorities .releases the El Al Israeli plane and 12 Israeli citizens it has detained since the airliner was hijacked on July 23. The federation voted… More ▸

  • American Maritime Unions Warn Algeria of Boycott Unless Israeli Plane is Released

    The maritime committee of the American Federation of Labor, Congress of Industrial Organizations, joined by the United Steel Workers, served notice on President Boumedienne of Algeria that unless the hijacked El Al plane and all the occupants are released immediately, “these unions will take all available steps against the Algerian Government including the picketing of… More ▸