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  • Airline Pilots Federation Will Pressure Algeria to Return Passengers, Crew, Plane

    The International Federation of Airline Pilots Association will attempt this week to apply pressure to the Algerian Government for the release of 12 Israeli passengers and 10 crew members of a hijacked $6 million El Al airliner being confined in Algeria. The Association told the JTA that the two emissaries, leaving for Algeria on Friday,… More ▸

  • Leading Newspapers Assail Hijacking, but Algerian Government Organ Praises It

    Leading newspapers joined today in condemnation of the hijacking by Arab terrorists Tuesday of an El Al Israeli airliner and strongly advised the Algerian Government to release the plane and the Israeli passengers and crew detained in Algiers. In Geneva, the International Air Transport Association, representing the world’s major carriers, issued a call to all… More ▸

  • Halpern Urges Halt in U.S. Economic Aid, World Loans to Algeria

    The hijacking of an Israeli airliner and the detention of the plane crew and some of its passengers by Algeria brought a demand in Congress today that American economic aid to Algeria be halted and that world lending agencies withhold further loans to the Algerian regime. Rep. Seymour Halpern, New York Republican, told the House… More ▸

  • Israel Charges Algerian Troops Took Part in Suez Canal Clashes

    Israel charged today that Algerian troops joined, along with Egyptian forces, in violations of the cease-fire in the Suez Canal fighting on July 15. The complaint was made by Ambassador Gideon Rafael, Israel’s permanent representative here, in a note to Secretary-General U Thant. The envoy said that “according to press reports, Algerian troops took part,… More ▸

  • Algerian Leader Finds Arab People No Longer Hostile Toward Israel

    Arab leaders may continue their traditional enmity against Israel, but major changes have occurred among the Arab people “who no longer hate Israel or want war with Israel,” an exiled Algerian revolutionary leader declared here today. The Algerian is Abdel Razek Kader, who was one of the foremost leaders of the anti-French revolutionary forces in… More ▸

  • Israel Refuges Entry to Algerian Who Came to Defend Arab Terrorist

    An Algerian attorney who came to Israel determined to appear at the trial of an Arab terrorist was flown out of Israel today on the same airliner which brought him to Israel last night. An Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman said that Jacques Verges could not be considered as having been expelled because he had never… More ▸

  • Jewish Population of Algeria is Reduced to 3,000; Was 130,000 in 1960

    The Jewish population of Algeria dropped from 130,000 in 1960 to about 3,000 at the present time, it was reliably reported here today. The number fell to 50,000 in 1962, most of the Algerian Jews going to France after Algeria achieved independence from French rule. There were 17 synagogues in Algiers prior to the country’s… More ▸

  • Jean-paul Sartre Seeks Adoption of Algerian-born Jewish Girl

    Jean Paul Sartre, the famous, French author and existentialist philosopher who, last month, turned down the Nobel Price in literature, filed a petition today in the Seine District Court, seeking authorization to adopt and name as his heiress, Miss Arlette Elkain, a Jewish girl born in Algeria. Miss Elkain, who is 28, came to France… More ▸