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  • Algerian Refugees Reported Integrating with Jews in France

    The American Jewish Committee reported today that a survey showed that integration of the more than 200, 000 immigrant North African Jews into French life was being substantially aided by their increasing intermarriage with native-born French Jews and French Jews of Eastern European origin. The survey studied Jewish marriages from 1955, when the North African… More ▸

  • Moscow’s May Day Parade to Bid for Friendship of Egypt and Algeria

    Egypt and Algeria were singled out for greetings among the hundreds of slogans issued by the Central Committee of the Soviet Communist Party for the May Day parade, according to Moscow Radio, monitored here, Some of the slogans are “warm greetings to the peoples of the Arab countries”; “warm greetings to the heroic people of… More ▸

  • Ort Opens New School for Algerian Jews; French Government Aids

    The American ORT Federation announced here today the opening of a second trade school for Algerian Jewish refugees in Toulouse, where the Jewish population has increased from 3, 500 five years ago to 13,500. A school for the refugees was set up in Toulouse last year as part of an expanded job training program offered… More ▸

  • Algerian Jews Seek Arrangement for Getting Matzoth from France

    A delegation of Algerian Jews, the first to come to France since Algeria won its independence, arrived in Paris today to arrange for the shipment of matzoth and other ritual supplies for the forthcoming Passover celebration. The five-man delegation, representing the 5, 000 Jews still living in the former French territory- – a small fraction… More ▸

  • Algerian Premier Attends Rally Launching Anti-israel Propaganda Week

    Premier Ahmed Ben Bella attended yesterday a mass meeting and an exhibition here to launch a week of anti-Israel propaganda throughout Algeria. Similar meetings were staged under Government sponsorship in all major centers. The Government-controlled press and radio urged Algerians to support “the just cause of Arab Palestine.” Although an office of Palestinian Arabs was… More ▸

  • Algerian President Operated on by Jewish Surgeon; is Doing Well

    Algerian President Ahmed Ben Bella, who in recent months has intensified a series of anti-Israel and anti-Jewish statements, was operated on yesterday by a Jewish surgeon for a long-standing nasal ailment. An official communique described the operation, performed by Dr. Maurice Sedbon as “successful” and said that the patient was doing “as well as could… More ▸

  • Nasser and Algerian President Call for Action Against Israel

    Three North African heads of state, including Egypt’s President Nasser, met in Bizerte this weekend to stress efforts toward “Arab unity.” For two of them, this meant doing something against Israel. Nasser set the tone by calling for unity against Israel, “one of the last sequels of colonialism.” He was seconded by President Ahmed Ben… More ▸

  • One of Few Jewish Officials in Algeria Dismissed from His Post

    One of the few remaining Jews still serving in an official post in Algeria, Robert Levy, has been dismissed from his position, it was reported here today from Algiers. The Algerian Ministry for Tourism dismissed Levy without explanation from his post as director of Local Handicraft Industry. An Algerian Moslem has been named to replace… More ▸

  • Moroccan Jews Pledge to Defend Country Against Algerian Aggression

    The “unswerving attachment” of Moroccan Jewry to King Hassan in the current upsurge of border fighting with Algeria was pledged today in a telegram to the King from the Council of Moroccan Jewish Communities. Simultaneously, the Casablanca Jewish Committee sent a message expressing its readiness, “together with our Moslem compatriots” to defend Morocco and to… More ▸

  • Tense Situation in Algeria Prompts Remaining Jews to Leave Country

    The tense political situation which has developed during the past few days in Algeria has prompted most of the 4, 000 Jews still in that country to make plans to leave, it was reported here today. Scores of Jewish families are again arriving in France from Algeria. Most of them have been able to take… More ▸