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  • Deal Roundup: What’s in store for Samberg, Douglas and Stiller

    “Ant-Man” is shaping up to be quite the Jewish superhero flick. According to Variety, Michael Douglas will star as Hank Pym, joining already-committed Paul Rudd. At first everyone thought Rudd was playing Pym, but instead he’s really playing Scott Lang, a reformed thief. The confusion stems from the fact both Pym and Lang have been alter-egos of… More ▸

  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Paul Rudd vying for ‘Ant-Man’ role

    It’s tempting to assume that Marvel’s latest comic book feature, “Ant-Man,” will be a Jewish film — and not just because the title sounds like a Semitic surname. Two Jewish actors, Joseph-Gordon Levitt and Paul Rudd, are the front-runners for the lead role, Variety reports. This won’t be another Hebrew Hammer, though. “Ant-Man” centers on… More ▸