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  • Adam Lambert’s fans want him to be the next Superbowl Idol

    Adam Lambert (yes, the one of bar fight fame, if nothing else) seems to have quite the twitter following. His fans have recently started a “twitition” calling for Adam to sing the National Anthem at the 2012 Superbowl. Their reasons are as follows: He is from Indianapolis (they must have been outraged that Bachmann lost… More ▸

  • Bloomberg goes Gaga

    In possibly the most unlikely pairing of the holiday season (egg nog and matzo ball soup are delicious together, ok??), Lady Gaga and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg shared a midnight smooch at the Times Square New Year’s ball drop. The mayor was decked out in a fantastic sweater that would be welcome at any… More ▸

  • Corey Feldman gets his dancin’ skates on

    After a significant absence from the Hollywood spotlight, teen heartthrob Corey Feldman is back in the game … as an ice skater! The line-up for the new season of “Dancing on Ice” has been announced and the “Stand By Me star is on the roster. Other D list celebrities slated to appear are Mark Rhodes, Andy… More ▸

  • Larry King, king of Jewish events

      Legendary TV interviewer Larry King has been lining up plenty of Jewish gigs in the past few weeks. First he appeared in a promotional video for the upcoming dinner of the Jewish Partisan Educational Foundation. Then he was honored Sept. 18 at the national conference of the Jewish National Fund. And, finally, on Sept…. More ▸

  • MC Hammer + JNF = Plant Touch This!

    Remember the Jewish National Fund? That organization that uses little blue metal boxes to collect your well-earned cash and invest it in planting trees in Israel?
    Well, the Toronto branch of JNF is definitely thinking outside of the box with its upcoming fund-raising party. The bash is being dubbed “The Future Party,” and who’s a better face of the future than the beloved MC Hammer.
    That’s right. MC Hammer will parachute-pants his way to help develop a sports field at the Yafit Park complex in Kibbutz HaHotrim along the northern Carmel coast. The party will happen on Thursday September 22.
    I expect it to be nothing less than epic, tickets can be purchased online.
    Man, Canadians know how to party! More ▸

  • Jonah Hill reveals real reason for losing weight: Brad Pitt.

    Jonah Hill surprised America with his remarkable weight loss, as he was preparing for the film adaptation of the late 80s classic show – 21 Jump Street. While Hill told media that he felt like his old plus-size physique simply can’t “do it anymore,” the latest edition of Star Magazine reports that he had another major motivation:… More ▸

  • Working out (life) with Kathy Kaehler

    Exercise guru Kathy Laehler boast of helping keep Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts, Cindy Crawford and the Kardashians fit. She shared some life advice Wednesday with the Women Entrepreneurs Group at the Malibu Jewish Center.   More ▸