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  • Meeting in Israel, Jewish Legislators Network and Visit Sharon’s Hospital

    Joseph Bismouth is the only Jewish lawmaker in Tunisia — and, as he likes to point out, the only Jewish lawmaker anywhere in the Arab world. A member of Tunisia’s newly formed Senate, Bismouth was among Jewish lawmakers from 30 nations — from Costa Rica and Gibraltar to the United States and Australia — who… More ▸

  • Uncertainty over Sharon’s Condition Leaves Palestinians in State of Limbo

    Even the Palestinian Kassam rocket launchers took time out when Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was hospitalized: Either they were preparing for the Muslim holiday of Id al-Adha, or they were saying, let’s wait and see. The Kassam rockets were back in action this week. They didn’t hit anyone, but they did indicate that Sharon’s… More ▸

  • With Sharon Sidelined, Bush Team Reaches out to Potential Successors

    The Bush administration is juggling two stages of grief in dealing with the absence of Ariel Sharon: denial and acceptance. Sharon has been the premier agent of change in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict since Bush took office. One message the administration is pushing is to deny that Sharon’s disappearance from the political scene substantively changes anything…. More ▸

  • With Sharon Ailing, Elections in Israel Suddenly Up for Grabs

    Ariel Sharon’s massive brain hemorrhage has thrown Israel’s upcoming election wide open. What looked like a foregone conclusion — with the prime minister’s Kadima Party headed toward a landslide victory — could now become a close three-way race among Kadima, Labor and Likud. “From this morning we have an entirely different political situation: Three parties… More ▸

  • Israel Begins Preparations for Politics After Ariel Sharon

    Israel is resigning itself to politics without Ariel Sharon. Shock gripped the Jewish state last week when Sharon was hospitalized with a massive stroke, turning to fears for the worst when he underwent repeated surgery under deep sedation. But while doctors said they would try to bring the prime minister out of his induced coma… More ▸

  • With Sharon Ailing, Ehud Olmert, a Career Politician, Takes Top Spot

    Ehud Olmert, who has taken over as acting prime minister following Ariel Sharon’s debilitating stroke, is a career politician with a clear ideological focus. If he becomes prime minister in his own right, Olmert can be expected to carry on peacemaking efforts with the Palestinians where Sharon left off. Olmert was one of the chief… More ▸

  • As Israelis Go About Business, Sharon is on Everybody’s Mind

    As Israelis work, shop and hang out at cafes, the undercurrent of every conversation is the uncertainty of the country’s future without Ariel Sharon as prime minister. “There’s no figure who can take his place,” Nir Rosen, 26, of Netanya, said as he waited in line at the airport Thursday to check in for a… More ▸

  • Sharon’s ‘Significant Stroke’ Sends Israeli Political System Into Turmoil

    Just as Ariel Sharon seemed to have put a mild stroke behind him, a new health crisis has thrown the Israeli political system into turmoil. Less than three weeks after his mild Dec. 18 attack, Sharon suffered a “significant stroke” Wednesday night. The Israeli prime minister was rushed to Hadassah’s Ein Kerem Hospital in Jerusalem,… More ▸

  • Back from Stroke, Sharon’s Health Has Become an Issue in Elections

    Only two things seem capable of stopping Ariel Sharon’s new Kadima party from winning March elections by a landslide: a hail of Palestinian rockets from the Gaza Strip or a turn for the worse in Sharon’s health. Ever since the prime minister suffered a minor stroke last week — he’s scheduled for a heart catheterization… More ▸

  • Ariel Sharon Rests Comfortably After Suffering a Minor Stroke

    Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was rushed to the hospital after he suffered a mild stroke. Doctors said he was in good condition Sunday night and would be released from the hospital soon. Sharon, 77, briefly lost consciousness en route to the hospital, reports said. Officials at Hadassah Ein-Kerem Hospital in Jerusalem announced that Sharon… More ▸