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  • For Sharon, the Gaza Withdrawal May Determine His Place in History

    For better or for worse, Israel’s withdrawal from Gaza and the northern West Bank is certain to be one of the defining moments of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s political career. Sharon will be remembered as the Israeli leader who did the most to build settlements and then, when he became prime minister, tore them down…. More ▸

  • The Disengagement Summer Post-withdrawal, Sharon Faces Challenges on More Than One Front

    With its planned withdrawal from Gaza and the northern West Bank virtually a fait accompli, Israel is bracing for the morning after. Israeli decision makers expect challenges on several fronts: international, Palestinian and domestic. The first challenge could be a call for a new international conference to kick-start the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. France first suggested… More ▸

  • Sharon Mends Fences in France As Figures Show Anti-semitism Falling

    A year ago, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon caused a diplomatic flap when he urged French Jews to flee anti-Semitism at home and move to the Jewish state. This year, just ahead of a fence-mending visit to Paris — called to repair rifts caused not just by the Israeli prime minister’s comments but by France’s… More ▸

  • As Gaza Withdrawal Approaches, Worries Mount for Israel’s Sharon

    With the planned Israeli withdrawal from Gaza less than three weeks away, right-wing leaders say they haven’t yet given up hope of preventing it. According to the Israeli Defense Forces, about 2,000 right-wingers have managed to pass through the army cordon around Gaza and are planning to join up with radical settlers there to resist… More ▸

  • Facing Protests and Party Rebels, Sharon Struggles to Stay the Course

    With Israel’s withdrawal from the Gaza Strip just six weeks away, escalating right-wing and settler protests threaten to plunge the country into anarchy and could provoke a strong anti-settler backlash. Protesters this week blocked major highways, poured oil and scattered spikes across a busy road, occupied buildings in Gaza and stoned Palestinians and Israel Defense… More ▸

  • As Sides Coordinate Pullout, Sharon Insists That P.A. Move Against Terror

    Prime Minister Ariel Sharon conceived the withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and northern West Bank as a unilateral step, but it’s increasingly being coordinated by Israeli and Palestinian negotiators. The two sides are working on joint military plans to stop Palestinian terrorists from firing on Israeli soldiers and civilians during the pullback, slated to begin… More ▸

  • Ahead of Sharon-abbas Meeting, Rice Sees Deal on Gaza Housing

    Just as the cracks were showing in Israel’s attempt to coordinate its upcoming Gaza Strip withdrawal with the Palestinian Authority, in stepped the United States to cement a deal. U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, visiting the region ahead of a meeting this week of the Israeli and Palestinian leaders, announced that the sides had… More ▸

  • Not If, but When: Netanyahu Set to Challenge Sharon, Pundits Say

    Everyone in the Israeli political establishment knows it’s only a matter of time before Benjamin Netanyahu challenges Prime Minister Ariel Sharon for leadership of the Likud Party and the country. But speculation is now rife that the challenge could come sooner than expected. Though Netanyahu denies rumors that he intends to resign soon as finance… More ▸

  • Ariel Sharon Cheered, Protested As He Defends Gaza Plan in New York

    When Ariel Sharon spoke here this week, he met the fury of Jewish protesters vociferously opposed to his plan to withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and parts of the West Bank. “Jews don’t expel Jews,” yelled a heckler — one of three who sporadically interrupted the Israeli prime minister and were forcibly removed from the… More ▸