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  • Mekorot Wins Contract to Construct New Oil Pipeline from Eilat to Ashdod

    The Mekorot Water Co. has won a contract to construct a 42-inch pipeline that will carry oil from Eilat on the Gulf of Aqaba to Ashdod on the Mediterranean coast. Construction costs are estimated at about $12 million apart from materials. The contract stipulates that the work must be completed within eight months and 10… More ▸

  • Construction of Eilat-to-ashdod Oil Pipeline Expected to Begin Soon

    Construction is expected to begin soon on an oil pipeline from Eilat on the Gulf of Akaba to the port of Ashdod on the Mediterranean, according to Tahal, Israel’s water planning company. Construction costs are estimated at $113 million. Tahal revealed it had completed a survey for the 42-inch pipeline which will shorten the oil… More ▸

  • Israel Rogosin Dedicates Three New Schools in Ashdod

    Israel Rogosin, American textile manufacturer, dedicated three new high schools in Ashdod today which he helped build through contributions to the Israel Education Fund of the United Jewish Appeal. The dedication ceremonies were held on the occasion of Mr. Rogosin’s 81st birthday. Mr. Rogosin owns a textile plant in Ashdod, Israel’s newest city and seaport…. More ▸

  • Terrorists Hit Eilat-ashdod Oil Pipeline; One Saboteur Killed

    Saboteurs struck at the Eilat-Ashdod oil pipeline Tuesday night but loss of oil from damages was insignificant, it was reported here Thursday. The action, in which one saboteur was killed, marked the first time the pipeline was used as a target. The victim was killed apparently while handling explosives. The sabotage was discovered when it… More ▸

  • Israel Planning Big New Oil Pipeline from Elath to Ashdod

    The Israel Government was reported today to be considering development of a 42-inch crude oil pipeline between Elath and the Mediterranean shore near the port of Ashdod. Israel now has a 16-inch pipeline carrying oil from Elath to Haifa where Israel’s refineries are located. No details were given on the extent of investment necessary for… More ▸

  • Ashdod Operations Return to Normal; Hunger Strike by 40 Continues

    Operations returned to normal today at the Ashdod port after two days of picketing by wives of dismissed port workers. Police continued to patrol the area. Forty dismissed workers went on a hunger strike in protest against their lay-offs. Wives of 30 of them formed a living wall at the port to prevent other workers… More ▸

  • Port of Ashdod Docks Blocked in Protest Against Workers’ Lay off

    Wives and relatives of 40 temporary port workers again blocked the port of Ashdod this morning in support of demands for permanent work. The men had gone on a hunger strike when they were laid off. The women who came out in force yesterday, barring entry to the port area, appeared again this morning, in… More ▸

  • Forty Unemployed in Ashdod Declare Hunger Strike; Demand Jobs

    A group of 40 unemployed Ashdod residents declared a hunger strike today in the offices here of the Histadrut, Israel’s labor federation, to enforce their demands that jobs be found for them. The Ashdod port area is suffering severe unemployment. The local council and the local Labor Council are making special efforts to find employment. More ▸

  • Plans for Huge Potash Pipeline to Ashdod Port Completed in Israel

    The Dead Sea Works Company said today its engineers had completed plans for a pipeline to carry potash from the Dead Sea to the port of Ashdod. The pipeline cost was estimated at 16,000,000 pounds ($3,333,000). The potash would be converted to a fluid mix with magnesium chloride. After extraction of the potash, the chloride… More ▸