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  • Ashdod Port Reopened; Stevedores Return to Work; Load Ships

    Israel’s Port of Ashdod, shut down for several days by the Port Authority, after the stevedores at the port had called a strike following a series of slow-down actions, was reopened fully today as the result of an agreement between the management and the workers, made this weekend through the personal intervention of Prime Minister… More ▸

  • Ashdod Port Reopens Today;eshkol’s Personal Intervention Ends Dispute

    Israel’s new port of Ashdod, closed since Thursday because of a labor dispute between the facility’s 300 stevedores and the Israel Fort Authority, will reopen tomorrow due to Premier Levi Eshkol’s personal intervention. An agreement between the Authority and the workers was formulated here last night at a top-level meeting of all concerned parties convened… More ▸

  • Ashdod Port Closed Because of Labor Trouble; Ships Diverted to Haifa

    The Israel Port Authority shut down today Israel’s new port of Ashdod, and indicated the new facility would remain closed until labor peace is achieved with the port’s stevedores. The Authority announced that the decision was made by Chairman Zeev Sharef and director Chaim Laskov. Shipping headed for the port was diverted to Haifa, where… More ▸

  • Israel Port Authority Resists Ashdod Strikers; May Close New Port

    The Israel Port Authority was expected to announce tonight, at an urgently-called press conference, that it would shut down the new Ashdod port because of incessant strikes and slowdowns by port stevedores. The Authority also has indicated resistance to demands by the stevedores for the same or even lower work norms at the new port,… More ▸

  • 200 Stevedores Walk out on Strike in Israel’s New Port of Ashdod

    Two hundred stevedores walked out on strike at the new port of Ashdod today, insisting that a number of special payments be included in their new contract. The old contract had expired Friday. The strikers are the same men who had staged a slow-down in loadings at Ashdod last month. The Citrus Marketing Board immediately… More ▸

  • First Ship Arrives in Israel’s New Port of Ashdod; is Welcomed

    Israel’s new port of Ashdod, on the southern part of the country’s Mediterranean coastline, welcomed its first ship here yesterday, with the arrival of the Swedish vessel Vingeland. At this time, the harbor can accommodate only one ship at a time. A second ship is expected later this week, after the Vingeland’s departure. More ▸

  • Israel’s New Port of Ashdod Reported Ready for Use in November

    Israel’s new port of Ashdod is expected to be open for business in November, according to a Tel Aviv dispatch today in the Financial Times of London. Meanwhile, the Tel Aviv and Jaffa ports will be closed down completely beginning sometime in October, the report stated. More ▸

  • Mapai House in Ashdod to Be Named for Louis Segal; Cornerstone Laid

    The cornerstone for the Mapai house in Ashdod, which is to be named for the late Louis Segal, for many years general secretary of the Farband Labor Zionist Order, was laid yesterday in ceremonies attended by Farband delegates, Mapai leaders and representatives of Ashdod workers. Ashdod is expected to become soon a city of 250,… More ▸

  • Mapai Party Gets Mayor’s Post in Beersheba; May Get It in Ashdod

    The Mapai party obtained the Mayor’s post in Beer-sheba in negotiations last night with the Religious party and appeared likely to win the mayorship of Ashdod as well. Former Judge Eliyahu Nawai was elected Mayor of Beersheba. He will lead a coalition of Mapai, Mapam and the religious parties. In Ashdod. a Mapai-religious bloc will… More ▸

  • Local Election at Ashdod Upsets Israeli Political Party Alignments

    For the first time in Israel political history, an independent list, in a local election at Ashdod, surprised observers today by a successful bid for seats in the municipal council. Political pundits said that, if the parties regarded the elections in Ashdod as a test case for future political changes, they would have to take… More ▸