• Palestine Economic Corporation Co-sponsors Development of Ashdod

    Participation in the creation and development of Ashdod, an entirely new port city about 25 miles south of Tel Aviv, vas announced today by the Palestine Economic Corporation here. Ashdod is slated to service the growing industrial, commercial and agricultural needs of the Southern part of Israel, and to relieve the pressure on Haifa, the… More ▸

  • Israel Commissions New York Engineers to Draw Up Plans for Ashdod

    The Israel Government has signed an agreement with Frederic R. Harris and Company, New York consulting engineers, to draw up working blueprints for a new harbor at Ashdod, 15 miles south of here. The plans will cover the first stage of construction of a port to provide citrus loading facilities to cope with the increasing… More ▸

  • Palestine Economic Corporation to Participate in Ashdod Urban Development

    The Palestine Economic Corporation has joined Philip M. Klutznick, of Forest Park, 111. , and former Nathanya Mayor Ovid Ben-Ami in the urban development project at Ashdod, it was announced here today by Joseph Meyerhoff, of Baltimore, president of PEC. The Palestine Economic Corporation, Mr. Meyerhoff said, invested 500,000 Israeli pounds ($275, 000) in the… More ▸

  • Street in Ashdod Named “b’nai B’rith”; is Main Gateway to Port

    An avenue named B’nai B’rith was officially opened here. It is the main gateway to what will be a major Mediterranean seaport on Israel’s coast. The B’nai B’rith name was suggested by Oved Ben-Ami, former Mayor of Nathanya and one of the builders connected with construction of Ashdod, as a seaport city. Philip M. Klutznick,… More ▸