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  • Anti-jewish Terror Still Continues in Poland; Jews Killied in Several Towns

    Although the Government is taking energetic measures to combat anti-Jewish terrorists, a summary of anti-Jewish outbreaks which took place during the last month, which was published here today, reveals that attacks on Jews continue and that in a number of towns Jews are still being murdered by organized bands. The report discloses that Jews were… More ▸

  • First Two Jewish Survivors of Oswiecim to Reach South America Arrive in Paraguay

    The first two survivors of Oswiecim to reach South America arrived here yesterday, and were welcomed by representatives of the Jewish community and government officials. They are Esther and Sonia Brom, who were liberated from the Nazi death camp by the Red Army. They were enabled to come to Paraguay through the cooperation of President… More ▸

  • 80,000 Lodz Jews Killed in One Night at Oswiecim, Jewish Doctor Testifies

    Eighty-thousand Jews from Lodz were gassed and burned to death in one night at Oswiecim, Dr. Sigismund Bendell, a Jewish physician who was forced to work among the internees, testified today before the British military court trying 45 former guards at Oswiecim and Belsen. Dr. Bendell, who said that he had been deported to Oswiecim… More ▸

  • Jewish Witnesses at Belsen Trial Threatened; Testify on Atrocities in Camps

    British military intelligence agents were today investigating threats received by Jewish woman scheduled to testify at the trial here of 45 Nazis who tortured them in Oswiecim and Belsen. Several of the withnesses said that they had been apprcached outside the court and warned that if they testified against Poles among the defendants, their lives… More ▸

  • Jewish Girls Describe How Women Died at Oswiecim from Nazi Medical Experiments

    Experiments in artificial insemination which resulted in the painful death of hundreds of women in Oswiecim were described here today by Helena Hamermerz, 25-year-old Jewish girl from Poland, at the trial of Josef Kramer and forty-four other camp guards. Miss Hamermerz also told how SS men murdered women prisoners by injections of gasoline and disinfectants…. More ▸

  • Jewish Women Testify at Lueneburg Nazi Trial; Describe Horrors of Oswiecim Camp

    Two Polish-Jewish women who were among the few persons to return from Oswiecim testified today at the trial of Josef Kramer and 44 S.S. guards charged with murdering thousands of prisoners at Oswiecim and, later, Bergen-Belsen. The first witness was Dr. Ida Bimko, a physician from Sosnowice, who said that of the 5,000 Polish Jews… More ▸