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  • Anniversary of Destruction of Warsaw Ghetto to Be Observed As Day of Mourning

    July 22, which will be the second anniversary of the destruction of the Warsaw ghette by the Germans, will be observed as a day of mourning by Polish Jewry, the Lublin radio said today. The breadcast also reported that another mass grave of persons murdered at the Oswiecim death camp has been discovered at Pazczyna…. More ▸

  • Anti-jewish Terror Organized by Fascist Underground Raging in Liberated Poland

    Anti-Jewish terror, organized by the Polish fasciat underground movement, is raging in liberated Poland, the Lublin radio reported in a broadcast today, revealing that the terrorists are not even sparing Jews liberated from the Oswiecim camp. One group of terrorists broke into a Lublin hospital and invaded a ward filled with Jewish patients. Opening fire,… More ▸

  • Polish Jews in Liberated Camps Insist on Segregation from Poles

    Polish Jews in former Nazi concentration camps in the Allied-controlled section of Germany are refusing to be considered part of the Polish national groups within the camps, which are represented by officers of the Polish Government-in-Exile, according to a report received today by the Jewish Committee for Relief Abroad. The report adds that the chief… More ▸

  • German Plan to Kill All Jews in Theresienstadt Thwarted by Rapid Advance of Red Army

    A German plan to kill all Jews in Theresidenstadt in special “gas chambers” was foiled almost at the last minute, the London Times reports today in a letter from Theresienstadt. The letter reveals that “bathing establishments” for gassing the interned Jews had already been prepared, but the doors for these chambers were returned three times… More ▸

  • Destruction of Lodz Jews by Nazis Descrieed by Jewish Leader Who Escaped Death

    An eye-witness account of the destruction of the Jewish community of Lodz by a man who was deported from that Polish industrial center last August was given here today. The witness was Jacob Hirenberg, a leader of the Jewish Socialist Bund, who has just arrived in Belgium after being liberated from a German concentration camp,… More ▸