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  • Behind the Headlines: Austrian Jew May Represent Racist Party in E.u. Parliament

    In a bid to increase his acceptance at home and in the European community at large, far-right leader Jorg Haider has stunned critics by including a Jewish author on his party’s list for elections to the European Parliament. Haider’s Freedom Party, the strongest far-right party in Western Europe, already holds five of Austria’s 21 seats… More ▸

  • Austria Enables Heirs to Benefit from Restitution

    The Austrian Fund for Victims of National Socialism has decided that payments from the fund could be inherited if claimants die before receiving their benefits. The fund’s supervisory committee said an application for the fund must have been filed before the claimant’s death in order for the money to be inherited. “It’s very important to… More ▸

  • Exhibit from Vienna Honors Kollek

    The Israel Museum honored former Jerusalem Mayor Teddy Kollek with an exhibition that opened here last week. The exhibition, “Masterpieces from Imperial Vienna: Loans from the Kunsthistorisches Museum,” is a tribute not only to Kollek, who was born 85 years ago this week in Vienna, but also to Jerusalem itself, which is now celebrating its… More ▸

  • Behind the Headlines: Holocaust Survivors Welcome Payments from Austrian Fund

    Nearly one year after the Austrian government began offering compensation of Holocaust survivors, some 10,000 people from around the world have applied for the one-time payment. According to some of the recipients, the $7,000 payments was a welcome gesture. “This money will make our life a bit easier,” Saul Gottlieb of Florida wrote to the… More ▸

  • Behind the Headlines: Austrian Jews Express Relief over Far-right’s Election Scores

    Austria’s Jewish community breathed a sigh of relief at this week’s election setback for Jorg Haider, the country’s far-right political leader. “We are satisfied for the time being,” said Paul Grosz, president of the Austrian Jewish Communities. There is a clear sense of relief, he added, that “at the moment, the danger of destabilizing the… More ▸

  • Austria Pledges First Funds to Nazi Victims by Christmas

    The Austrian government has vowed to pay the first 100 beneficiaries of a national fund for Jewish victims of the Nazis by Christmas. The vow was reported by Elan Steinberg, executive director of the World Jewish Congress. The claimants will receive a one-time payment of $7,000 each from the National Fund of the Republic of… More ▸

  • News Analysis: Early Elections in Austria Boost Chances for Far Right

    The collapse of Austria’s governing coalition has created a significant opportunity for Jorg Haider, the country’s far-right political leader. The possibility of Haider’s strong electoral showing is particularly disturbing to Jewish observers, given the strong xenophobic and anti-Semitic views often ascribed to Haider and his Freedom Party’s supporters. After the governing coalition of the Social… More ▸

  • Trial Under Way for Wave of 10 Letter Bombs in Austria

    Under strict security measures, a trial has begun in Vienna for the wave of letter bomb explosions that occurred in December 1993 in the Austrian capital. Peter Binder and Franz Radl, suspected of carrying out the bombings, are the prominent Austrian extremists on trial as of last week. The two defendants, both 28, have been… More ▸

  • Austrian Chancellor Affirms Dedication to Nazi Victim Fund

    Austrian Chancellor Franz Vranitzky has affirmed his commitment to his country’s $50 million fund to compensate Nazi victims, according to a letter he sent this month to the World Jewish Congress. “It is a positive development in that it lends the prestige of the Office of the Chancellor to a commitment of flexibility with respect… More ▸

  • Photo of Austrian Extremist Stays Despite Campaign at Home

    A photograph of an Austrian far-right leader will remain on display at the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s Museum of Tolerance here, despite a retaliatory campaign by his followers against the veteran Nazi-hunter for whom the center is named. “The picture of Jorg Haider, who recently visited the museum, will stay in our rogues’ gallery of contemporary… More ▸