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  • In Lithuania, Editor Investigated for Inciting Against Gays and Jews

    Lithuanian prosecutors are investigating a local newspaper owner after a press commission found him guilty of instigating intolerance against Jews and homosexuals. Nearly three weeks after the publication of several controversial letters and an offensive cartoon in the Respublika newspaper, Lithuania’s Journalists and Publishers Ethics Commission ruled last week against the paper’s editor in chief… More ▸

  • Arts & Culture Massive New Work Traces Fate of Lithuanian Jews in Holocaust

    Dr. Saul Issroff is a dermatologist by training, but his interest in genealogy certainly is more than skin deep. After five years of effort, Issroff and fellow genealogist Rose Lerer Cohen, have produced the first substantive record of the Jews of Lithuania who were murdered in the Holocaust. Lithuania’s Jewish community numbered 250,000 before World… More ▸

  • Shoah Memorial Goes Up in Latvia After Fierce Debate over Inscription

    After weeks of discord over an inscription, a Holocaust memorial was unveiled in Latvia commemorating the 1941 murder of 27,000 residents of the Riga Ghetto in a nearby forest. Following pressure from Jewish groups, the Riga municipality reversed itself and agreed to note in the monument’s inscription that members of the Latvian security police participated… More ▸

  • Reward Program for Nazi Criminals to Launch Ads in Latvia and Estonia

    A reward for information on Nazi war criminals has led the Lithuanian government to investigate possible war crimes in two of the country’s villages. In July, the Simon Wiesenthal Center and the Miami-based Targun Shlishi Foundation launched Operation Last Chance, a program offering a $10,000 reward for information that leads to the conviction and punishment… More ▸

  • Latvian Jews, Local Government Spar over Inscription on a Shoah Memorial

    Latvian Jewish leaders and officials in the capital of Riga are tangled in a dispute over the inscription on a Holocaust memorial. The Latvian Jewish community plans to erect the memorial at Rumbula, where the local Latvian Nazi police and collaborators murdered some 30,000 Riga Jews in 1941. The monument is scheduled to be dedicated… More ▸

  • Estonia to Mark Holocaust Day, but Jewish Issue Still Controversial

    After years of mounting pressure from Western governments, the Estonian Cabinet has designated Jan. 27 as Holocaust Day. However, the government did not make public observance compulsory — so it’s unclear how widespread observance will be — and the Ministry of Education has not yet announced specific educational programs. The date falls on the anniversary… More ▸

  • Reward for Tips on War Criminals Shines Spotlight on Estonia’s Record

    A program offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the conviction of Nazi war criminals has incited a heated dispute in Estonia that could hinder the country’s bid to join NATO. Two days after Operation Last Chance was announced July 8 by the Nazi-hunting Simon Wiesenthal Center, Efraim Zuroff, director of the center’s Israel… More ▸