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  • New University Will Be Set Up in Beersheba, Will Have Variety of Faculties

    A new university that will incorporate various research institutions and organizations in the Negev region will be established in Beersheba, it was announced by the ministerial committee on science and technology headed by Deputy Premier Yigal Allon. Plans for the university call for faculties of technological and natural sciences, a faculty of humanities and a… More ▸

  • Mrs. Paula Ben-gurion Dies in Beersheba Hospital After Long Illness

    Mrs. Paula Munwess Ben-Gurion, wife of the former Prime Minister of Israel, died here today at the age of 76. Mrs. Ben-Gurion, who had been ill for several years, was rushed to Beersheba Hospital last night from her home in Sdeh Boker after suffering a hemorrhage. In addition to her husband, she is survived by… More ▸

  • Beersheba ‘hias House’ Sold for Use As Nucleus of Negev University

    United Hias Service sold its Hias House here today to the Institute of Higher Education in Beersheba, to be used as the nucleus of a new university to serve this Negev area. The keys to the building, which for the past decade was used to house thousands of engineers, scientists and technicians who helped reclaim… More ▸

  • New Industrial Plants Planned for Beersheba, Minister Reports

    Eight industrial plants which will provide jobs for 1,000 workers are in the advanced planning stage for commerce and industry in Beersheeba, Haim Zadok, Minister of Commerce and Industry, reported today in Beersheba. He said that the new enterprises are in the fields of textiles, printing, furniture and metalwork. Mr. Zadok, who participated in a… More ▸

  • Eshkol Cheered in Beersheba; Promises City Will Soon Get a University

    Premier Levi Eshkol, cheered by thousands of Beersheba citizens on a visit, declared yesterday that high school education would soon be free, and that the city would soon get a university. The Premier came to Beersheba for a ceremony in City Hall at which he was given freedom of the city. He said he had… More ▸

  • ‘care’ Leader Presents Printing Equipment to School in Beersheba

    Ben Touster, of New York, treasurer of CARE, today presented two gifts, including printing equipment and a technical library, to the Beersheba Comprehensive School and the Government’s Institute for Arid Zone Research here. The printing equipment, valued at 3,500 Israeli pounds ($1,166) was given to the school so that Beersheba youth could improve their studies… More ▸

  • 200, 000 Watch Israel’s Independence Day Military Parade at Beersheba

    Two hundred thousand Israelis and visitors from abroad Jammed into Beersheba today to watch a display on Israel’s 16th Independence Day of the deterrent power which has kept the Arabs at bay for those 16 years. A spectacular aerial demonstration by 220 military planes marked the start of the 57-minute parade in a mighty show… More ▸

  • Israel Army, Air Force to Parade in Beersheba, Display Latest Weapons

    Preparations were nearing completion here today for Israel’s 16th anniversary Independence Day parade on Thursday, the first to be held in this Negev metropolis. Among other displays, the parade will include the largest Air Force display, with a fly-past of some 220 Israeli aircraft, including helicopters and various types of jets, spearheaded by 48 Mirage… More ▸

  • Mapai Party Gets Mayor’s Post in Beersheba; May Get It in Ashdod

    The Mapai party obtained the Mayor’s post in Beer-sheba in negotiations last night with the Religious party and appeared likely to win the mayorship of Ashdod as well. Former Judge Eliyahu Nawai was elected Mayor of Beersheba. He will lead a coalition of Mapai, Mapam and the religious parties. In Ashdod. a Mapai-religious bloc will… More ▸