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  • Israel Army, Air Force to Parade in Beersheba, Display Latest Weapons

    Preparations were nearing completion here today for Israel’s 16th anniversary Independence Day parade on Thursday, the first to be held in this Negev metropolis. Among other displays, the parade will include the largest Air Force display, with a fly-past of some 220 Israeli aircraft, including helicopters and various types of jets, spearheaded by 48 Mirage… More ▸

  • Mapai Party Gets Mayor’s Post in Beersheba; May Get It in Ashdod

    The Mapai party obtained the Mayor’s post in Beer-sheba in negotiations last night with the Religious party and appeared likely to win the mayorship of Ashdod as well. Former Judge Eliyahu Nawai was elected Mayor of Beersheba. He will lead a coalition of Mapai, Mapam and the religious parties. In Ashdod. a Mapai-religious bloc will… More ▸

  • Sephardic Slate Captures Two Seats in Beersheba Council Elections

    A community slate, largely representing the Sephardic element, led by a former Mapai local leader, making its first bid in a Beersheba municipal election, won two seats today on the new 15-member city council. Mapai and Mapam retained their five and four seats respectively after bringing in their leading national figures to bid for votes…. More ▸

  • Minister Appoints Six-man Commission to Run Beersheba City

    Interior Minister Moshe Shapiro today appointed a six-man commission to run Beersheba until a new municipal government is elected. The move follows a decision by the Interior Minister to dissolve the present town council at the request of Mayor Zev Zarissi. A crisis arose last year when Liberal Councillor Avraham Fleischer defected from the Mapam-led… More ▸

  • Israel’s Interior Minister Dissolves Beersheba Municipal Council

    Moshe Shapiro, acting in his capacity as Interior Minister, decided today to dissolve the Beersheba Municipal Council and set up a commission to run the city’s tangled municipal affairs until new elections are held. A crisis developed when Mayor Zeeb Zarisi, a member of Mapam, lost his majority on the Beersheba Council after the Liberal… More ▸

  • Municipal Council of Beersheba, Capital of Negev, Faces Dissolution

    A stiff fight among various political parties has practically immobilized the Municipal Council of Beersheba, the fast-growing “capital” of the Negev. Minister of the Interior Moshe Haim Shapiro warned the Beersheba Council today that, unless it is reactivated in the next few days, he will order the dissolution of the municipal body and will appoint… More ▸

  • Two Israeli Arabs Sentenced in Beersheba to Six Years for Espionage

    Two 17-year-old Israeli Arabs were sentenced in Beersheba District Court today to six years’ imprisonment each on charges of espionage. The youths told the court that they were persuaded to cross over into the Gaza Strip by listening to Egyptian radio broadcasts which described Gaza as a “paradise.” When they got there, they said, they… More ▸

  • Archaeologists Uncover Israeli Town 2800 Years Old Near Beersheba

    An Israelite town dating back to the eighth century ECE was uncovered today near Beersheba. Archaeologists said that the diggers found fragments of an art figure, sherds, cooking and eating utensils, a fireplace and an oven in the site. They said the finds confirmed the town’s crucial importance in the area in the time of… More ▸

  • New Strategic Highway Linking Jerusalem with Beersheba Opened

    A 40-kilometer stretch of road, the first stretch of a new strategic highway linking Jerusalem and Beersbeba, the capital of the Negev in the south. was opened today. The new 80-kilometer road, when completed, will cut travel distance between the two cities by 30 kilometers. The new road traverses a hitherto will and unpopulated area… More ▸

  • Saboteurs Attempt to Derail Train Between Beersheba, Southern Negev

    For the second time in a week, an effort was made by saboteurs last night to derail a train between Beersheba and the Southern Negev. The engineer of the southbound train found that his locomotive had run into stones and sheet metal piled across the tracks. He stopped the train, and continued after the obstacles… More ▸