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  • Ben Gurion Opens Elath-beersheba Highway; Road Cuts Through Desert

    Premier David Ben Gurion today cut a ribbon and formally opened the new 155-mile Elath-Beersheba highway over which trucks will soon be carrying cargo from the southern Israeli port to the capital of the Negev and then, by railroad, to all parts of the country. The ceremony took place about 35 to 40 miles north… More ▸

  • Unemployment Rising in Beersheba Area; Work Project Planned

    Unemployment in Southern Israel, particularly in the Beersheba area, has jumped following completion of a major part of a project designed to lower costs of transportation of fuel from the area to the Haifa refineries. Several hundred workers were discharged. Work on another part of the project, scheduled to speed fuel transportation from Ashdot Yam… More ▸

  • Heavy Rains Form “lake” in Negev; Wash out Bridges Near Beersheba

    A number of Israeli settlements in the Negev were cut off last night as a heavy, half-hour long thunderburst overflowed normally dry wadies and washed out bridges in the Beersheba vicinity. The nearly one inch of rainfall, extremely unusual in itself, created a huge “lake” west of Beersheba. Meteorologists see the possibility of further rains. More ▸

  • Elath-beersheba Oil Pipeline Opened; Oil Moved to Haifa Refinery

    The first crude oil to come to Israel via Elath was flowing through the first Israel-built pipeline today to Beersheba, where it was loaded into auto and oil tankers for the Haifa refinery. The oil arrived last night, while workers checking the pipeline found no leaks anywhere. The flow of oil into provisional reservoirs took… More ▸

  • Tel Aviv–beersheba Rail Line Sabotaged by Egyptian Infiltrators

    A section of the Tel Aviv–Beersheba rail line was sabotaged today at a point 12 miles north of Beersheba Although the distance from Egypt at that point was nearly 19 miles and to Jordan only ten, an Israeli spokesman charged that Egyptian fedayeen (suicide squads) were responsible. The spokesman said that this had all the… More ▸

  • Latin Patriarchate Denies Charges of Conversions in Beersheba

    Recent charges in sections of the Israeli press that Jews were being converted to Catholicism in Beersheba and that some of them were encouraged by the proselytizers to leave Israel and send their funds abroad were denied here today by Msgr: Antonio Vergani, representative of the Latin Patriarchate here. Msgr. Vergani demanded that the government… More ▸

  • U.S. Ambassador in Israel Speaks at Beersheba Gathering

    United States Ambassador Edward B. Lawson was the principal speaker today at the ground breaking ceremony of the Sheber Cultural Center in Beersheba. The Center was established through a gift of $150,000 by Nathan and David Sheber, American philanthroposts. Ambassador Lawson lauded the Americans for their contribution and emphasized the importance of the Center in… More ▸