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  • Latest Diplomatic Relations Tie Israel to Belarus, Sierra Leone

    Israel has rapidly emerged from diplomatic limbo in the wake of the collapse of the Soviet Union. In the past 18 months, it has established full diplomatic relations with the Soviet Union –which soon became defunct — with China and India, formerly hostile to the Jewish state, and with all the countries of Eastern Europe…. More ▸

  • Jews in Byelorussia to Have No Matzoh; No Baking Even in Minsk

    No matzoh is being baked anywhere in the Byelorussian Soviet Republic, not even in the capital city of Minsk, authentic information received here from the Soviet Union revealed today. The Jewish population of Byelorussia is 250,000. In addition to Minsk, one of the foremost centers of Jewish religion and culture in modern Russia, both under… More ▸

  • Cache of Ancient Hebrew Books Discovered in Byelorussian Church

    A cache of centuries-old Hebrew books has been discovered in a Greek Orthodox church in Byelorussia, it was reported here today in the Communist Yiddish daily Naye Presse. The Hebrew volumes, some of them dating back to the 16th Century, are all printed. They include a Hebrew Bible published in Leipzig in 1567. Parts of… More ▸

  • Drive Against Jewish Doctors Started in Soviet Byelorussia

    A campaign against Jewish doctors has been started in Soviet Byelorussia, it was reported from Moscow today in a cable to the New York Times. The report said that the leading Soviet newspaper in Minsk, capital of Byelorussia, charges seven Jewish doctors with malingering and giving each ether false excuses for illness, to cover each… More ▸

  • Ukraine and Byelorussia Demand Transfer of Palestine Mandate to United Nations

    The demand advanced this week by Soviet delegate Nikolai Novikov that Britain transfer the Palestine mandate to the United Nations Trusteeship Council was followed up today by the delegates of the Ukraine and Byelorussia at a session of the committee. The Ukrainian delegate, A.D. Voina, expressed “astonishment” that the British Government, while submitting to the… More ▸

  • Jewish Partisans Returning from Byelorussian Forests to Rebuild Destroyed Homes

    Jewish partisans from the critics of Pinsk, Bialystok, Baranovichi, Slonin and other liberated Byelorussian cities and towns are returning from the forests to begin rebuilding their homes and factories which were destroyed by the Germans, according to dispatches reaching here today. The partisans are almost the only survivors of the hundreds of thousands of Jews… More ▸