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  • American Zionists Protest to Truman Against British Brutalities in Palestine

    The American Zionist Emergency Council today announced that it has wired President Truman protesting brutalities by British troops against undefended Jewish settlements in Palestine. The wire also charged that these activities in Palestine and similar brutalities reported against Jews at the British-controlled displaced persons camp in Bergen- Belsen were part of a plan to “coerce… More ▸

  • Truman Asked to Protest to Britain Against Arrest of Jews in Belsen Camp

    President Truman was urged yesterday by the American League for a Free Palestine to protest against the arrest of leaders of displaced Jews in the Bergen-Belsen camp by British military authorities. In a telegram to the President, the League drew his attention to the report by the Jewish Telegraphic Agency of the arrest of leaders… More ▸

  • British Troops Arrest Jewish Leaders in Belsen Camp for Protest on Palestine Policy

    Leaders of the Central Jewish Committee in Bergen-Belsen, in the British zone in Germany, have been arrested for protesting against the new British policy on Palestine, it was revealed in a report received here today from the committee. The Blue-White Zionist flag was mishandled by British military policemen and thrown onto a heap of garbage,… More ▸

  • 500 Jewish Children from Germany to Be Admitted to France; 25 Arrive in England by Plane

    The French Government today granted permission for the entry into France of 500 Jewish children and fifty Jewish orthodox teachers who are at present in camps for displaced persons in Germany. Mathieu Muller, president of the Agudas Israel Organization in France, and Isaac Lowin, special representative of the Vaad Haatzalah, Jewish orthodox relief group in… More ▸

  • Jews in Bergen-belsen Camp Treated Badly, British Correspondent Reports

    Displaced Jews in the Bergen-Belsen camp, in the British zone in Germany, have been forbidden to display slegans calling for the opening of Palestine to Jews, a correspondent of the Sunday Observer reports, disclosing that such a sign was torn down from the offices of the camp’s Jewish committee. He confirms that the Yiddish newspaper… More ▸

  • New Settlement Dedicated in Palestine on Site of Birthplace of Prophet Amos

    A new settlement, which will probably be named after Chief Rabbi Herzog, was formally dedicated today on the site of the birthplace of the prophet Amos. An advance party, including twenty youths who arrived in Palestine about a month ago from Bergen-Belsen, has been at work on the site for several weeks, erecting a stockade… More ▸

  • J.D.C. Will Accept Messages for Delivery to Displaced Jews in Camps in Germany

    The Joint Distribution Committee today announced the establishment of a department which will deliver messages from American relatives to displaced Jews in the American and British zones in Germany and will also accept messages from Jews in the camps for delivery to their relatives abroad, thus establishment direct contact for the first time between the… More ▸

  • Conditions of Displaced Jews in British Zone Reported to Be Bad; Yiddish Paper Banned

    The British officer in command of the Bergen-Belsen camp, where several thousand Jews are quartered, banned a Yiddish weekly issued by the inmates because "it was spreading undesirable Zionist propaganda," but the Jewish committee ignored the ban, it was revealed here today by Samuel S. Silverman, Labor member of Parliament, who has just returned from… More ▸

  • Harrison Urges Early Evacuation of Displaced Jews from Germany to Palestine

    The early evacuation to Palestine of all non-repatriable Jews in Germany and Austria who wish to go there is the principal recommendation of the 7,000-word report on displaced persons submitted to President Truman by Mr. Harrison, as a result of the inquiry which he made, at the President’s request, into the conditions and needs of… More ▸

  • Jews from Fifty Camps in Germany Discuss Their Problems at Conference in Bergen-belsen

    The most remarkable Jewish conference ever assembled opened here last night when 300 delegates representing about 50,000 displaced Jews held in fifty camps in the Anerican and British zones in Germany gathered to discuss their problems. The conference, which will last two days, was summoned by the Central Jewish Committee, which represents the Jews now… More ▸