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  • Ewish Leader Urges Temporary Haven in England for Survivors of Nazi Horror Camps

    Hailing the imminent burning of the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, which is scheduled to be destroyed by British troops on May 21, as a symbol of the eradication of the forces of evil, Sir Simon Marks, prominent lionist and refugee aid leader, today appealed for the temporary admission into England of survivors of horror camps pending… More ▸

  • Lists of Liberated Jews in Europe Will Be Made Available to Relief Groups by Shaef

    Lists of liberated Jews in German camps or formerly occupied territory will be made available to relief organizations by Allied headquarters in Paris, the World Jewish Congress has been informed by the Civil Affairs Division of the War Department, it was disclosed today by Kurt Grossman, head of the orgenization’s rescue department. The Wer Department… More ▸

  • Parliamentarian Attacks German Refugees in Britain As Parasites and Dangerous Element

    A violent attack on German refugees residing in Britain was voiced in the House of Lords today by Lord Ailwyn who charged that there are 40,000 “Germans” in England occupying thousands of homes. He complained of “a sinister infiltration” of these people in the British Broadoasting Corporation, the press, universities and factories, adding that after… More ▸

  • Many Jewish Groups in Paris May Day Parade; Survivor of Oswiceim Among Marchers

    Exhausted and bruised, and still garbed in his striped prison clothes, Alexander Braun, a 48-year-old Paris Jew, yesterday marched in the May Day parade here, bearing aloft a placard reading: “I am a survivor of Oswiecim.” Braun, who headed the contingent representing the League Against Anti-Semitism, told his story to a Jewish Telegraphic Agency correspondent… More ▸

  • Over 100,000 Jews Deported from France by Germans, Ministry of Deportees Reports

    The first comparative figures concerning the number of persons deported from France by the Germans, which appear today in the newspaper Liberation, disclose that there were 108,000 “racial” deportees and 100,000 political deportees. The figures were obtained from a souree in the Ministry for Prisoners and Deportees, the paper says. The chances of the political… More ▸

  • Blockade Lifted to Permit 10,000 Pounds of Clothing to Jews Interned in German Camp

    The Foreign Economic Administration has lifted its blocade of shipments to enemy territory in order to permit 10,000 pounds of clothing to reach 9,200 Jews interned in Bergen-Belsen, Germany, it was announced today by the World Jewish Congress. This is the first time since the outbreak of the war that Jews in German concentration camps… More ▸

  • Nearly 10,000 Jews Confined in German Concentration Camp in Hanover

    The number of Jews in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in Hanover, Germany, is larger than anyone has heretofore believed, JTA learned today from an official source. A completely reliable report indicates it is one of the larger concentrations of Jews in Germany. At the end of last November, 9,188 Jews were at Bergen-Belsen, according to… More ▸

  • Renewed Panic Among Jews in Hungary; Anti-jewish Measures Intensified

    Panic reigns once again among the Jews of Hungary as a result of renewed mass-deportations and increased anti-Jewish measures, which had been cased for a few weeks as results of protests voiced by the United States and England, the Swiss press says today. The Budapest correspondent of the Swiss Telegraphic Agency reports that there is… More ▸

  • Group of 202 Jews Exchanged for Germans Arrives in Lisbon from Nazi Camps

    A group of 202 Jews who have been interned in German concentration camps arrived here today to be exchanged for Germans held by Britain. The arrivals were held by the Germans in the Vittel camp in France, and later in the internment camps of Bergenbelsen and of Kreuzburg. They were met on their arrival here… More ▸