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  • No Advance Agenda Drawn Up for Bermuda Parley

    No advance agenda has been drawn up for the Anglo-American conference on refugees in Bermuda since the parley is of an exploratory nature only, it was learned here today. The conference will open with a general review of the refagee situation, presented by the person who will be appointed chairman. It will then discuss details… More ▸

  • Governments-in-exile Urged to Ask for Observers at Bermuda Parley

    Jewish organizations representing the Jews of Nazi-occupied Poland and Czechoslovakia are making an effort to convince their Governments-in-Exile of the necessity of securing representation at the Bermuda refugee conference, at least as observers. The National Council of Czechoslovakian Jews in a resolution today asked the Czechoslovak cabinet to urge the initiators of the Bermuda Conference… More ▸

  • Three Members of Congress Included in U.S. Delegation to Bermuda Conference

    Two senators and one member of the House of Representatives will be among the United States delegation to the Anglo-American refugee conference in Bermuda, it was learned today. Their names and the date of the conference are expected to be announced soon. There was no indication which senators would make the trip, but it was… More ▸

  • Bermuda Conference to Occupy One Month; Fifteen Delegates Will Participate

    The Anglo-American conference on refugees which is scheduled to be held shortly in Bermuda is expected to occupy about one month, the British press reported today. Not more than fifteen delegates will participate in the conference, the report said. The delegates will be guests of the Bermuda Government, it was announced yesterday at a session… More ▸

  • Jewish Representation at Bermuda Refugee Conference Demanded by British Jews

    The hope that the forthcoming Bermuda Conference on refugee problems “will not be a repetition of the Evian conference” and that Jews will be represented there and Jewish views heard, was voiced today by Prof. Selig Brodetsky, president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, addressing a conference called by British Jewish organizations to… More ▸

  • Canada Will Not Participate in Bermuda Conference but Pledges Cooperation

    Canada will not take part in the forthcoming refugee parley which is to be held in Bermuda, it was announced today by a spokesman for the Department of External Affairs. In making the announcement, the government spokesman emphasized that he did not “want to convey the impression that we are not interested and not prepared… More ▸

  • Refugee Groups Disappointed at Decision to Shift Anglo-u.s.a. Parley to Bermuda

    Groups concerned with aiding Jewish and other refugees from Nazi-occupied territories to find havens in Allied or neutral countries expressed disappointment today at the announcement that the forthcoming Anglo-American refugee conference is to be held in Bermuda, instead of Ottawa, the site originally suggested by Secretary of State Cordell Hull in his note to the… More ▸

  • Nazi Paper Applauds Ban on Jews by Bermuda Hotels

    Echoes of the ban on Jews in most of Bermuda’s large hotels, first reported in New York, reached Berlin today and prompted Der Angriff, organ of Propaganda Minister Paul Joseph Goebbels, to express the hope that no hotel would accept Jewish guests The Nazi paper called attention to the fact that of 80,000 Americans vacationing… More ▸

  • Jews Barred from Five of Eight Major Hotels in Bermuda

    Five of the eight major hotels now open in Bermuda, island Mecca of American tourists, bar Jews as guests, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency confirmed today. Fred G. Heller, of Bermuda Hotels, Inc., agents for four of the five hotels, informed the J.T.A. that in the Princess, Inverurie and Cedar Lodge, and Belmont Manor and Golf… More ▸