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  • Four Jews Sentenced in Kishinev for Refusing to Testify in Trial of 9

    Four young Jews–three of them women–were tried and sentenced in Kishinev yesterday for refusing to testify against their friends in the Kishiney trial of nine Jews last month, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency learned today from informed Jewish sources here. The sources said that Eta Bondar, Alechsander Zhenin and Olga Treigerman were sentenced to six months… More ▸

  • Nine Convicted Kishinev Jews ‘cruelly Treated’ by Other Prisoners; One Beaten

    Jewish sources here reported today that the nine Jewish defendants in the Kishinev trial were “cruelly treated” by other prisoners after they were placed in cells with convicted criminals. The sources added that one of the Jews. Anatoly Moiseyevich Goldfeld, was severely beaten in the Kishinev jail. They also reported that the three Leningrad residents… More ▸

  • Kishinev 9 Sent to Labor Camp in Central Russia

    The nine Jews sentenced in Kishinev on June 30 for alleged anti-Soviet agitation and complicity in an alleged skyjacking plot have been sent to a forced-labor camp in Mordovia, in central Russia, it was reported here today by reliable Jewish sources. The camp is in the same region as Potma prison, to which five of… More ▸

  • All Nine Kishinev Defendants Convicted, Sentenced to Labor Camps

    All nine Jewish defendants in Kishinev were sentenced today to labor camp terms ranging from one to five years, Jewish sources here reported. The heaviest penalty was meted out to David Iserovich Chernoglaz, a 31-year-old agronomist with a wife and year-old child, who was arrested last June 15. Anatoly Moiseyevich Goldfeld was sentenced to four… More ▸

  • Report That Jews Implicated Kishinev Defendants Termed Travesty of Truth

    Jewish sources in the Soviet Union today disputed a report by the official Soviet news agency Tass that one of the Jews convicted in the Leningrad hijack trial last December has implicated three of the nine Jews presently on trial in Kishinev. The sources said Tass’ claim that Hillel Butman identified David Chernoglaz as one… More ▸

  • Ajcommittee Appeals to Kishinev Citizens to Protest Trial

    The American Jewish Committee, which was established in 1906 as a direct result of a pogrom then against Jews in Kishinev, today urged the citizens of Kishinev to protest the trial of nine Jews in that city. In a letter addressed to Ivan Vasiliyevich Kuskevich, chairman of the City Executive Committee, Philip E. Hoffman, president… More ▸

  • Hillel Shur, Kishinev Defendant, Says He Was Offered Bribe if He Admitted Guilt

    Hillel Zalmanovich Shur, one of the nine Jewish defendants who went on trial in Kishinev yesterday, charged today that “the head of the investigation department, Pliakov, in the presence of the prosecutor, Pluektov, offered me a judicial bribe to take the guilt upon myself in exchange for being released on probation,” a Soviet Jewish emigre… More ▸

  • Kishinev Trial Begins; Palatnik Trial to Start; Kukui Given Three Years in Prison

    The trial of nine Jews in Kishinev began today and the trial of Roiza Palatnik is scheduled to start tomorrow or Wednesday in Odessa, according to Jewish sources. The same sources reported that Valeriy Kukui of Sverdlovsk has been sentenced to three years’ imprisonment. The trial of Miss Palatnik, who has been held incommunicado since… More ▸

  • 2,000 Demonstrators Demand ‘free Kishinev Nine’; 1903 Kishinev Pogrom Recalled

    The cry of “Am Yisroel Chai,” and “Free the Kishinev Nine,” reverberated along the boardwalk in Brighton Beach as some 2,000 persons representing congregations. Yeshivas, Jewish civic organizations and university student groups gathered at this Brooklyn residential and resort community this afternoon to denounce the persecution of Soviet Jews. In an impassioned speech, Rabbi Steven… More ▸

  • Eight Kishinev Jewish Students Ask for Israeli Citizenship Under New Law

    Eight Jewish students from Kishinev, in Soviet Moldavia, have sent a letter to President Zalman Shazar asking for Israeli citizenship under a recently adopted amendment to the immigration law under which Jews prevented from coming to Israel can be granted citizenship in absentia. The signers said most of them had been expelled from Russian universities… More ▸