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  • Jewish Partisans Returning from Byelorussian Forests to Rebuild Destroyed Homes

    Jewish partisans from the critics of Pinsk, Bialystok, Baranovichi, Slonin and other liberated Byelorussian cities and towns are returning from the forests to begin rebuilding their homes and factories which were destroyed by the Germans, according to dispatches reaching here today. The partisans are almost the only survivors of the hundreds of thousands of Jews… More ▸

  • United States Charged with Failure to Fulfil Promise to Aid Jews in Europe

    Calling attention to the “shameless, ungodly beastly persecution of the Jews being undertaken in Germany and the territories which the Nazis dominate,” Rep. James M. Curley, Mass. Dem., today demanded vigorous and determined action by the United States to rescue the Jews of Europe. He asked that this country “transform into reality the promise of… More ▸

  • Jewish Underground Movement in Poland Sends First-hand Report to Jews of America

    The first comprehensive report from the Jewish underground movement ever to reach this country was made public here today by the World Jewish Congress. It describes in detail how Jews revolted against the Germans not only in the ghetto of Warsaw, but also in the ghettos of Bialystok, Czastochowa, Wilno, Tarnow, Bendzin and in the… More ▸

  • Settlement for Jewish Weavers from Poland Opened in Palestine

    The cornerstones for a textile factory and ten workers’ dwellings were laid today in the new colony of Ramath Yishai, in the Jedda district, which will be inhabited by Jewish weavers who formerly lived in Lods and Bialystok. The colonists will also engage in agricultural activities. Ishai Adler, whose name the settlement bears, has donated… More ▸

  • Underground Eye-witnesses Confirm All Polish Ghettos Have Been Liquidated

    Two representatives of the Jewish underground in Poland who reached Palestine this week told today how last September they witnessed the liquidation of the Tarnow ghetto during which the Germans flung aged persons and children from high buildings to their death on the pavements below. Addressing a press conference, the Polish Jews confirmed that all… More ▸

  • Jewish Guerilia Unit in Poland Avenges “liquidated” Ghettos; Kills Officials

    A unique Jewish guerilla unit, numbering more than young Jews who escaped from the liquidated ghettos in various sections of occupied and, is now terrorizing Germans in the Lublin district, it was reported here today Jewish leaders from Poland. The unit is known all over Poland as “Ghetto Guerillas” and publishes its own undestine newspaper… More ▸

  • Fierce Battles Between Jews and Gestapo Units Raging in Lodz and Bialystok

    Thousands of Jews and many Germans are reported today to have been killed in street battles in the Polish cities of Lodz and Bialystok, where the German authorities last week began “liquidating” nearly half a million ghetto residents, consisting mostly of Jews deported from Western Europe and Nazi-occupied Soviet territory. At Lodz, the report said,… More ▸

  • 300 Germans Killed, Many Others Wounded During Battle in Bialystok Ghetto

    At least 300 German soldiers were killed and several hundred were wounded during the liquidation of the Bialystok ghetto last winter, according to a report reaching here today. The report discloses that when German troops came to round up the ghetto inhabitants for deportation to execution centers, fierce fighting broke out. The Jews in the… More ▸

  • Gestapo Squads Hunting Fugitive Polish Jews; 30,000 Executed Since April

    Gestapo squads are engaged in a large scale manhunt for fugitive Jews who succeeded in escaping from many of the ghettos in Poland during the chaos resulting from liquidation of the ghettos and the execution and deportation of most of the residents, according to a report from the underground received by Polish-Jewish circles here today… More ▸

  • Representatives of Polish Jews in America Publish Reports on Nazi “death Camp”

    The American Representation of the General Jewish Worker’s Union of Poland, which maintains contact with the Jewish underground movement in Nazi-occupied Polish territory, today made public a detailed report on the mass-executions of Jews in the Tremblinka Death Camp which is situated in the village of Tremblinka, near the railway line running from Warsaw to… More ▸