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  • Embattled Warsaw Jews Fly Flags of Britain, Poland, Russia from Ghetto Buildings

    The first detailed, eye-witness account of the uprising by the remnants of the Warsaw ghetto against the German extermination squads that came to conduct them to execution centers between Warsaw and Bialystok, was received here today by the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee from underground groups in Poland. From the highest buildings in the ghetto, the embattled… More ▸

  • Committee in Russia Criticizes Miss Szold for Statement Not Made by Her

    The charge that Miss Henrietta Szold, leader of the Hadassah movement, is disseminating “irresponsible” information on the situation of Jewish refugee children in Russia is made today in a statement issued by the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee here. The statement reads: “The New York Herald Tribune of January 31 carried an interview by Dorothy Dunbar Bromley… More ▸

  • Polish Jew Decorated by Soviet Government for Work in Munition Factory

    Aaron Berend, a Jewish artisan from Bialystok, is the first Polish Jew to receive a Soviet decoration. He was awarded a medal by the Russian Government “for excellent work in a munition factory in the province of Saratov,” the local press reported today. Evacuated from Bialystock shortly before the Nazi occupation of the city, Berend… More ▸

  • Nazis Stace “witchcraft” Trial of Gens, Sentence Teem to Death at Stake

    Charging a number of Jewish religious students with practicing witchcraft, the Nazi authorities in occupied Lithuania staged a “witchcraft” trial on the public square in the town of Havaredok and sentenced the accused youths to burning at the stake, it is reported in a number of German newspapers published in Vilna, Kaunas and Bialystok made… More ▸

  • Swedish Traveller Sees Long Columns of Polish Jews Being Led to Forced Labor

    Long columns of Jews being taken for forced labor can be seen on the roads in most sections of Poland although the number of Jews in the country is dwindling steadily, it is reported by the newspaper Dagens Nyheter in an interview with a traveller recently returned from Poland. Reporting on the widespread poverty and… More ▸

  • Russian People Deeply Moved by Report of Nazi Atrocities Against Jews

    Thousands of people, Jews and non-Jews, thronged the streets of Moscow, Tashkent, Kuibyshev, Sverdlovsk, Biro-Bidjan, and Ufa and many other Russian cities where large numbers of evacuated Jews have been concentrated, this week, to hear the broadcast by the Information Bureau of the Commissariat for Foreign Affairs detailing the atroeties which have been committed upon… More ▸

  • Russian Government Publishes Formal Statement on Nazi Massacres of Jews

    The Soviet Government today published an official statement reviewing the Nazi massacres of Jews in occupied territory and warning Hitler and his followers of ” severe revenge.” The review confirms that tens of thousands of Jews have been executed by the Nazis in the cities of Vilna, Brest-Litowsk, Bialystok, Minsk, Baranowice, and other cities. Sixty… More ▸

  • Evacuated Jewish Children Distinguish Themselves in Harvesting Russian Crop

    Jewish children evacuated from various sections of Nazi-occupied Russian territory to the Volga district have been organized into “children brigades” and have helped harvest the crop, the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee reported here today. The report states that the Jewish children, the majority of them of high school ago, have especially distinguished themselves on the collective… More ▸

  • Nazi Authorities Dissolve Judenrat and Jewish Police in Warsaw Ghetto

    Nazi authorities in occupied Poland have dissolved the Jewish Council in the Warsaw ghetto and have instead appointed a Nazi official to supervise Jewish affairs, it was reported here today by officials of the Polish Government-in-Exile. The dissolution of the Jewish representative body followed the death of L.M. Cherniak, president of the Jewish Council, who… More ▸

  • Miniature Yeshivoth Established by Polish-jewish Refugees in Siberia

    Miniature centers of the leading yeshivoth that were formerly in Poland and Lithuania have been established in isolated villages in Siberia where many of the Polish-Jewish refugees in Russia are concentrated, the office of the Agudas Israel here learned today. The reconstituted yeshivoth include those from Redzun, Kielce, Kamieniec, Grodno, Bialystok and Lomza. At present… More ▸