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  • Soviet to Nationalize Textile Industry in Bialystok

    A Moscow broadcast announced last night that the entire textile industry in Bialystok will be nationalized. The industry, in which 500 enterprises operated until the conquest and partition of Poland, will be reorganized into 34 large mills under the direction of experts from Moscow and local engineers, the announcement said. More ▸

  • Flight of Jews from Nazi to Soviet Areas Continues; 53 Shot in Warsaw

    The flight of Jews from German to Soviet areas of Poland is continuing despite the fact that the frontiers have been ordered hermetically closed. During the past week, more than 3,000 Jews, chiefly women and children, crossed into Soviet territory near Jadowbrok Zaremby, south of Bialystok. The majority had been stripped of all belongings. Undernourished… More ▸

  • ‘fight Hitler’ Was Slogan of Soviet Troops in Poland, Mozes Reveals

    Our little group left Krzemienice in three peasant carts which brought us a distance of seven kilometers to the Ukrainian village of Horynka, where we decided to continue to the Rumanian frontier. Our decision was prompted by the fact that, although the trip to Rumania was more difficult, the nearer Soviet border had been hermetically… More ▸

  • Jewish Daily Founded in Bialystok is First in Soviet Poland

    The first Jewish daily newspaper in the Soviet area has been established at Bialystok, it was learned here today. Called the Bialystoker Stern, the paper is staffed by Bialystok and Warsaw journalists who work under the supervision of editors sent from Minsk. The novelist Zusman Segalowicz and the essayist Jehosua Rapaport are among refugees from… More ▸

  • Red-nazi Border in Poland Closed

    The Soviet Government, it was learned here today, has closed its frontier with Nazi Poland both to incoming and outgoing persons. The Germans, at the same time, are not permitting Jews to enter Nazi-ruled Polish territory but are allowing them to leave after confiscating their property. The Soviet measure is considered a severe blow to… More ▸

  • Mass Arrests, Property Seizure Continue in Warsaw

    Mass arrests of Jews and confiscation of Jewish property are continuing in German-occupied areas of Poland, it was declared today by a leading Polish Zionist who escaped from Warsaw 10 days ago and reached Rumania through Soviet territory. The Zionist leader, asking that his name be withheld because his family was still in Warsaw, gave… More ▸

  • Soviet Yiddish Press Hails Possibilities for Jews in New Red Areas

    The Soviet Yiddish press is conducting a propaganda campaign describing the unlimited possibilities of developing the economic and cultural life of the Jewish masses in the Western Ukraine and White Russia. Articles and poems by virtually every noted Jewish writer, including Itzik Fefer, Peretz Markish and L. Resnik, are published daily and are devoted to… More ▸

  • Polish Jews Reported Seeking Refuge in Soviet Territory

    A Moscow dispatch to the New York Times today quoted White Russian reports that Jews in Nazi-ruled areas of Poland were seeking to escape persecution there by crossing into Polish territory now under Soviet rule. The dispatch said that many thousands were taking refuge in Soviet-held areas and that the city of Bialystok was reported… More ▸

  • 2,000,000 in War Zones

    Approximately 2,000,000 of Poland’s 3,325,000 Jews are already under Nazi domination or are threatened by the rapidly advancing German Army, according to a statistical study prepared today. Polish cities with large Jewish populations already captured by the Nazi forces include: Lodz, 202,500; Krakow, 56,500; Czestochowa, 27,000, Kattowice, 5,700 and Poznan, 2,000. Cities immediately threatened include:… More ▸